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We all know that the mania for hoverboards has been on the rise and people are buying it at a larger scale with each passing year. There is cut-throat competition in the market which can leave you bewildered at the time of making a decision. Things look very cool when you see them in the picture but you need to be meticulous while executing your whims. There is a pool of things you have to cogitate about. To know in-depth about hoverboards, just visit eco hoverboard and you will find some good information about hoverboarding.


Hoverboard should be cost-effective, portable, and with a good battery. Here are a few things you need to weigh up:

1- Safety Standards

Everyone cares about his family and there you need to buy a hoverboard certified by UL (underwriters laboratory) because it’s a spectacular yardstick to see where a hoverboard company stands. We have come across many cases where hoverboards caught fire due to poorly manufactured products. On the other hand, products are sturdy and top-drawer because they can only be sold after passing the tests they have accredited the certification.

2- Speed Factor

Another touchstone that you must consider is the speed factor. We all crave badly for speed when we gradually become a pro and showcase our riding abilities. You will find plenty of hoverboards with speeds ranging from 6-15 mph but boards with speeds more than 10mph are widely considered to be in high-zone products. These boards are marvelous if you want to have an adventurous and striking riding experience. But it all depends on what you choose according to your requirements, even boards with 6 mph speed are great.


3- Price

How can you forget the price factor when something is breaking your bank you find it abominable and abysmal? You look at your budget and then determine the product you want to go with. This price can range between $1000 and $300 but it depends on the quality of the product.

4- Weight

Do you consider yourself obese and overweight? If yes, you need to look close to this feature as hoverboards come with different weight categories. In this case, you should go with 300 pounds but stand hoverboards come with 220 pounds. If you go above this category, the price tag can be heavy too.

5- Additional Features


You will surely be exhilarated and thunderstruck at the same time to know that the hoverboards are not just for riding purposes as there are other exciting features you should be looking for.


  •     First and foremost, people are literally crazy about hoverboards with Bluetooth features and go for them fanatically. At the start, this surprising feature was available in only the plush products or the Lamborghini electric scooter but it’s very common these days. How you can love a ride with good music? You surely want to listen to your favorite band when you’re riding your favorite board.
  •     Secondly, there is another mindboggling feature of LED. The trend has been both the rear and front lights of different colors to differentiate the hoverboard move.



Apart from these features, you should look for wheel size, range, and charging time.





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