HBO Go Vs. Netflix: A Brief Comparison, Quality & Pricing

Before comparing HBO Go and Netflix, let us define each. When it comes to HBO GO, there may be some misunderstanding due to the existence of HBO Now and the newly launched HBO Max/TV — all three are HBO-branded streaming services. On the other hand, HBO Go is only available to people who already subscribe to HBO cable television.

It was launched in 2010 as a streaming service as an add-on for consumers who already had cable accounts and desired certain additional channels not available on cable.

Netflix is another streaming service that charges a monthly subscription fee for access to television series, movies, and documentaries. You can access this information from an infinite number of devices via internet connectivity, from any location, and at any time.

HBO Go and Netflix both provide essentially the same service, so which one to subscribe to is totally upon your particular interests. Let’s compare HBO Go and Netflix to assist you in choosing between the two, or better yet, subscribing to both.

Packages and pricing

HBO Go is completely free for anyone who subscribes to HBO via cable. And, depending on the cable package you choose, your monthly payment could range from $5 and $20. Contact your cable company to request that the streaming package be added to your cable subscription. They will then verify that you are indeed subscribed before registering you. That is all.

Netflix provides new customers with a thirty-day free trial period, allowing them sufficient time to decide whether to quit or subscribe. As an interested party, you provide your credit card information upon logging into the app by visiting the Netflix login page, and if one month passes without you cancel the subscription, the second month’s payment will be debited from your card.

Netflix offers three different subscription options to its consumers. There are three tiers: basic, standard, and premium, the latter of which is the most expensive at $15.99 a month. The premium plan includes some 4K videos and allows up to four users to share one account, which means that all users can use it concurrently.

HBO Go does not offer such bundles to its users, and the sole one it makes offer includes all features. Unlike Netflix, it does, however, offer live streaming of the majority of its series. This means that when a new episode of Westworld becomes available on their cable package, you may immediately stream it to your device. Their live productions are an exception to this privilege. The live shows are only accessible for streaming one day after they air. HBO Go’s single bundle supports three concurrent users and provides high-definition video quality for the bulk of their episodes and movies.

Content Quality

The second critical factor in your decision is each platform’s content. Both Netflix and HBO Max, and “HBO Go” create exclusive content not available anyplace else. During the show’s heyday, a show like Game of Thrones for HBO was a massive market pull. Netflix also offered original programming such as Orange Is the New Black and diverse films and documentaries.

However, only Netflix sources content from other distributors to provide its users with a broader range of content. The availability of outsourced content is a significant selling point because it enables them to acquire classics. Netflix users enjoy a higher-quality experience with over 4,000 films to pick from, including classics and trendy shows, some of which are available in 4K resolution.

HBO Go content is only available in 1080p, assuming adequate internet connectivity. Additionally, both platforms allow you to download content for later viewing. These downloads are available solely through the streaming service.

Devices Compatibility

Both streaming services are available on most of your devices, and even if there is no way, the majority of you will find a way. For instance, if you do not have a smart TV, you may easily convert your non-smart TV to a smart TV using a Chromecast.

Nonetheless, the following devices are compatible with both streaming services: Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android and iOS smartphones, PlayStation 4, Android TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV. Apple TV is often the most recommended device for Netflix and HBO Go.

So, What Do You Think?

With Netflix’s free 30-day trial, now is the ideal time to sit back, watch, and determine if this is the streaming service for you. Indeed, the easiest approach to decide on any of them is to try them both out and then cancel your subscription to the one that does not appeal to you.

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