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There have been many changes around the world in the past few years. People and their lifestyles have changed a lot. As more and more people are working and are very busy they are not able to take proper care of their food habits which have resulted in many health problems such as heart problems, gastrointestinal problems, urinary problems, etc. Problems related to the excretory system are very serious as they may affect the health of the person badly if they are not treated soon.

Excretory systems of the body are mainly responsible to filter out the toxic materials from our body so that these materials do not have any harmful effect on the body. But, if there is any problem in the excretory system, the body cannot eliminate the toxic substances and they remain inside the body for a long time and cause harmful effects to different organs. Therefore, people can refer to a urologist if they feel that they are having any problem related to the excretory tract and organs.

What is urology

  • Urology is the branch of healthcare systems that draws the problems and diseases of the urinary tract and organs related to it such as the kidneys, urinary bladder, etc. It also deals with the problems of the reproductive tract of males and females.
  • The urologists are mostly concerned with genitourinary surgery. A urologists generally covers both the area, urinary tract, as well as reproductive tract as both these systems are nearby and problems in any of the systems may cause side effects or problems in the other systems as well. Hence, they are dealt with by the same person so that it is easier to look into the case.
  • Since the field of urology is very vast, therefore, it is divided into various subfields with specialized people in each field so that the people can get the right treatment at all times.

Conditions treated by urologists

Several conditions are treated by urologists. Some of the conditions may be mild conditions that can be treated with the help of medications whereas some of the conditions may be serious which need surgical treatment. Hence, it depends on the type of disease and the severity of the disease on which the method of treatment is decided. Here are some of the diseases that are treated by urologists.

  • Kidney stones are one of the common problems that people are facing nowadays. In this problem, a hard mass of materials is formed in the kidney resulting in the irritation and blockage of the tract. It can be diagnosed by a slight pain in the lower back and the lower abdomen. This can be treated with medications that try to disintegrate the large mass into smaller fragments so that they can be released out through the body. However, in severe cases, surgery is required to remove the stones.
  • Urinary tract infection is also one of the common problems in people. In this condition, there is a severe pain and burning sensation in the urinary tract during urination. This can be treated with some medications and a proper diet.
  • Apart from these are some serious conditions such as prostate cancer, urinary bladder cancer, and kidney cancer. These conditions are fatal if not treated at the right time. In these conditions, the concerned organ is enlarged due to the continuous growth of the cell that leads to the formation of a tumour. These conditions can be treated only by surgery in which the tumour cells are removed.

Therefore, it is better to seek the advice of a urologist if there is a slight indication of any urogenital problem so that it can be treated as soon as possible.

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