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There are many contests for novice traders. The contest for novice traders offers virtual accounts with real money to withdraw if you win. Trading contests can be a fun and exciting way to learn more about trading. The trader contests for novices give you an opportunity to try your luck at real trading on virtual accounts.

Forex trading contest from Traders Union for novice traders is an opportunity for you to try your luck at real trading on virtual accounts. The prizes are real money and you can enter the contest for free. It is an opportunity to improve their trading skills, this is a perfect platform for both novice and experience traders.

Trader Union offers novice traders the opportunity to test their trading strategies on virtual accounts, using real market data, without leaving home. The objective is to earn real money, not to test a trading strategy but to make money.

The Traders Union’s contests for novice traders are open to everyone, free of charge. The entry conditions, the prizes, and the rules are simple and transparent. Open a demo account and take part in the contest and get a chance to win real money.

What Makes Forex Trading Contests So Popular?

There are many reasons for the popularity of forex trading contests.

  • First, forex trading contests offer traders the opportunity to exchange views on forex trading with other traders.
  • Also, forex trading contests provide forex traders with an opportunity to test their trading strategies and strategies against other traders.
  • The contests are the best opportunities for traders to build their strategies.
  • Forex contests have revolutionized forex trading.
  • Contests are popular among forex traders because they offer many rewards and incentives to forex traders.
  • Forex trading contests offer a unique way for forex traders to test their skills. They offer a sense of achievement to forex traders.
  • From the outset, forex trading contests have been a trade organization’s way of testing new strategies and helping traders to build their winning strategies.
  • The main objective of forex trading contests is to be able to showcase one’s trading prowess and one’s winning strategies. By winning such contests, the traders are able to position themselves for bigger cash prizes.
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How To Take Part In the Contest?

Traders Union is proud to present the new Forex contest for novice traders. The rules are quite simple:

  • First, select the broker holding the contest on the Traders Union
  • Open a demo account
  • Check out the broker’s website to see which recommendations they make.

Participation in the Forex contest is free. The prize fund is paid by brokers who take part in the contest. The Traders Union offers a rebate service for brokers who host Forex contests for novice traders. The rebate service is available to all traders on the Traders Union, regardless of their membership status with the union.

New traders may join the union and take part in the Forex contest, while participants who have already joined the union can also take part in this event. The size of the prize fund shall be distributed among all winners in proportion to the number of funds raised. If you are among the Top 10, you will get a prize. Therefore, invest wisely and never give up.

Winners of the contest will be determined according to the profit ratio received by participants, and if two or more traders have the same profit ratio, the winner will be selected by higher trading volume.

The results of the competition will be announced on the trading platform and in the personal account of each participant. The prizes are transferred to the winners’ accounts upon announcement of the results.

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Why Trader Union Contest?

If you are looking for a great forex contest to join, look no further. Trader union is the only forex contest that will give you what you need to improve your trading skills and become a better trader overall. It is an online forex contest that provides its traders with many unique opportunities to grow as traders.

Trader Union is a forex contest platform that offers traders an opportunity to join the real contests with real money prizes. The contest is conducted under professional traders who are running their own successful trading business.

Trading contests are designed to help traders sharpen their skills in a real market environment and learn how to trade successfully, the platform provides traders with the opportunity to compete against other traders in a real contest environment. The competition has been designed to help both newbie and professional traders.

Trader Union is a brand new contest, which develops to help promote and grow the Forex industry as a whole. It will raise awareness of the importance of trading with a regulated broker that has high ethical standards. The contest is free for everyone. You do not have to be an expert or professional trader to enter. Anyone can join and have a chance to win prizes. All you need to do is open an account at one of the participating brokers and start trading to enter the contest.

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