Fluke 325 Clamp Multimeter

The Fluke 325 Clamp Multimeter is a durable and reliable digital multimeter suitable for serious electrical enthusiasts and professional HVAC technicians. Sold by Fluke Corporation, it is a powerful tool that performs a variety of tasks.

Fluke is one of the best multimeter brands on the market with many years of experience and equipment in its belt. Read this Fluke 325 review to learn more about this multimeter. If you are a professional looking for affordable but accurate and fast digital multimeter, then you should consider getting Fluke 325.

Given the addition of two other models of the Fluke 323 and Fluke 324, the Fluke 325 is the most advanced of the three Fluke 320 series.

In-depth Review of the Fluke 325

As the top model of the Fluke 320 series of clamp meters, the 325 has the overall best feature. 323 can only measure AC current and for example without temperature, capacitance and frequency. Despite the extra functionality, it is still small and powerful, allowing the user to tweak hard space and wire ducts.

This device is ideal for setting load current of motors, mains voltage in home circuitry and continuity in switches etc. The Cat-IV rating means you can measure systems even in industrial environments and the inclusion of capacitance and a temperature input makes it useful for many HVAC work.

Users can also test current draw and ignition systems in the automotive world. Fluke 325’s jaw size 30 mm is relatively standard; When true RMS capability allows you to diagnose non-standard waveforms. DC amperage can be measured below 100mA.

The search leads are about 4 ½ ft long and with good quality, a detachable shroud for extra protection. The included thermocouple (which plugs into the same jack socket) is below 3 feet and the display can read in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

You’ll also get a backlit screen where lower models don’t have it. Modes include a minimum/max and data hold to record low/high readings on a signal. The clamp is okay for the meter and the accuracy between the tolerance of most electrical work With a Type-K thermocouple, this meter is included with a soft carry case.

There is a manual for essential use and you can download and download the complete manual online for free (see above).


Build Quality

The brand produces some of the best meters and the Fluke 325 review includes a well-built and rugged device. You will get a guaranteed clamp, open easily and get a steady dial selector switch.

Plugs are plugged into the top with less chance of snagging while taking current measurements. The thermocouple has a tight plug that captures the same jack inputs that lead to the probe.

Display: You don’t get the excellent resolution – the clamp meter isn’t known as high-res – but it does display at 4000-count and 0.01A. Some of the comparable amp clamps have a screen as big as the Clean CL1000 but it has a backlight.

Function and Performance

It performs fairly well. Being an auto-ranging device you don’t need to select individual ranges like manual ranging meters. The speed of the auto-range is fine for one meter of this standard, but there is a latching beeper in continuity mode and it is quite fast.

As AA batteries power it, the overall efficiency is good and they are cheaper to replace than 9V batteries.


The Fluke 325 has rated protection levels CAT-IV at 300V and CAT-III at 600V. You can thus work on everything behind the circuit breakers at building source voltage (300V) and 600V. Intense protection at these ground voltages up to 6 kV.


In addition to performing a wide range of functions such as a True-RMS multimeter, the Fluke 325 provides very accurate measurements.

This means it provides linear signals and even precise results which is extremely important for professional technicians and engineers. So, you can never be wrong or record bad quality while using Fluke 325.

Hold Button and Auto-ranging

This device is fun to use because you can pause or hold the value gained from a test while you are busy and record it later before overwriting it.

All you have to do is press the hold button and you’re good to go. Additionally, it has an auto-ranging feature which means you can decide to use manual ranging or auto-ranging function as per your requirement.

Intuitive User-interface

If you are new to digital multimeters, this unit is easy and simple to use as it has well labeled buttons and the dial selector is very stable. All ports are well guided and you can refer to the user manual if you don’t know what to do.


In terms of price, I can say that this unit is optimally priced compared to other high-end digital multimeters with the same features. What I can suggest is that beginners and diapers who only want to perform basic functions should consider going for a cheaper DMM instead.

But if they intend to perform more functions in the near future, the device is worth every penny.


In terms of reliability, Fluke is one of the oldest multimeter brands on the market and many have complete confidence in their products. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the Fluke 325 So, this is a safe investment. We liked the fluke which is about 325 meters

Pros and Cons


  •  Can measure DC as well as AC current
  • Includes typical multimeter ranges
  • Can measure temperature (probe included)
  • Backlit display
  • Not bulky
  • Includes a carry case


  • Expensive to compare with other brands
  • A few other cons, though a hanger would be nice

Who is best suited for the Fluke 325 Clamp Meter?

This is a great multimeter for measuring current up to 400 in a small space. Since it is somewhat more expensive than most basic DMMs, the Fluke 325 should be taken by professional technicians and HVAC service electronics.

This does not mean that startup electronics or DIY enthusiasts cannot use it. However, it will be a bit expensive because their work is only for solving problems if they do not need some features.


With the Fluke 325 digital multimeter you can be sure that you will get accurate measurements for both residential and commercial electrical problems. This multimeter is designed for the toughest conditions and it provides accurate results.

It is easy to use and the backlit display makes the result of reading in the dark possible. So, you can always do various electrical tests even in contaminated places. At such a high price, it is a tool that you will use for many years to come.

The carrying case will keep it safe if not used and a two-year warranty assures the user of support in any issue. I hope you got a clear idea after reading this Fluke 325 review.

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