Fluke 323 true-rms clamp meter

Fluke 323 clamp meter

Many HVAC technicians have a wide assortment of multimeters, but the Fluke 323 true-RMS clamp meter is a great general-purpose meter for problem-solving. This meter has been dropped from great heights and dragged into numerous crawl spaces. We had one that was covered in paint containers sprinkled for hours and we thought it counted.

The next day the meter was driven and has never failed to work correctly since. We bought the first meter for field work. And this is one that is still used today.

Of course, a multimeter is an essential element in your toolbar for almost any task. Being able to get an accurate text about a system’s electrical aspects helps you pinpoint problem areas. This helps to isolate where problems may occur. Where does the juice need to go? Is it a component that is bad, or the electricity so far? Are the wiring enough to handle the amperage?

These are all essential functions. This helps ensure that the system serves its purpose to provide people with comfort or to provide refrigeration. More importantly, it is also essential to make sure that the system is working safely – preventing equipment erosion, or worse – fire or explosion.

What Can It Do?

If you haven’t used a clamp meter yet, the idea is simple: two jaws open so you can place the device around a cable or any other area you want to measure and clamp together. This means that now the jaws are just around him, and reading can be taken. It is the safest and fastest method of measurement and provides a greater accuracy level than a few other instruments.

Fluke is a manufacturer that provides clamp meters and other equipment. So you have the knowledge and quality advantage and lots of satisfied users who testify to the performance and value of this little tool. The general response is a precise and easy-to-use device that does the job designed to do this, including the entire board’s accurate reading.

The Fluke 323 has received a very favorable review indeed, with users pointing to its effectiveness in measuring AC currents with a high level of accuracy – be aware that this tool will not measure DC currents.

It is also noteworthy that this model brings the test lead; users and manufacturers strongly advise for the most accurate reading of voltage and resistance. The clamp itself must be used for reading. Other comments on the note raise concerns about digital LCD readouts, which are clear enough and large enough to give you the information you need. The Fluke 323 is not backlit, which can be a problem in confined or awkward spaces, but some models provide a backlit readout for very little extra expense.

Key Features

  • True RMS Detection
  • Soft Case
  • Audible Continuity Sensor
  • Meets CAT III and IV requirements

The Fluke 323 In-depth Review

The Fluke 323 is known for its great features and strong build. It consists of a true RMS detection meter and meets electrical safety standards. Because of this, the multimeter is capable of measuring voltage, continuity and amperage. It also provides accurate text when observing both linear and linear loads regardless of wavelength size. Also, it consists of a melody continuity sensor and a low battery sensor to make it more audio-friendly. This helps the user to quickly detect continuity, making it easier to save accurate measurements. When saving battery power for later use.

Packages and Accessories

If you are also interested in regular multimeters, you may want to check out Fluke’s combo pack that includes 323 clamp meters with 117 multimeters.

There are a number of products available to the right of the manufacturer that complement your Fluke 323 selection. They come in boxes of 6 or 50.

You can also buy electric lead with a clamp meter. The TL223 pack contains 3 test leads and 3 alligator clips.


The Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter measures blood pressure, voltage and continuity. The MPV meter is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of HVAC technicians for problem-solving. This may indicate whether a component has power on. It also helps to show how much the motor or compressor is running before you snap your finger twice.

This clamp meter measures resistance up to 400 ACP AC current, A / C or D / C voltage up to 600 volts and up to 4 kHz. The resistance feature also includes an audible continuity indicator to test ohms at hard-to-access spots that make it difficult to see the display.

Specifications: Fluke 323 True RMS Clamp Meter

AC current Range 400.0 A
Accuracy 2% ± 5 digits (45 Hz to 65 Hz)
2.5% ± 5 digits (65 Hz to 400 Hz)
DC current Range
AC voltage Range 600.0 V
Accuracy 1.5% ± 5 digits
DC voltage Range 600.0 V
Accuracy 1.0% ± 5 digits
Resistance Range 400.0 Ω/ 4000 Ω
Accuracy 1.0% ± 5 digits
Continuity ≤ 70 Ω
AC response True-RMS
Data hold Yes
Contact temperature
Size H x W x D (mm) 207 x 75 x 34
Max wire diameter 30 mm (600 MCM)
Weight 265 g
Category rating CAT III 600 V
CAT IV 300 V
Warranty Two-year


This meter is running a lot for this. Let’s look at some of its strong points:

  • This tool is a true-RMS meter. True-RMS meters are an industry standard due to their ability to read distorted waveforms due to nonlinear loads such as variable speed motors.
  • Ahold button to record the latest readings and an audible indicator for continuity make this meter easy to use in situations where it may not be possible to look directly at the display.
  • Clamp meters are easy to hang with the tool, allowing both hands to be free while solving problems.
  • It’s a name-brand meter at an affordable price – and they toss in a soft carrying case for boots.


  • This meter is not equipped with a backlight for easy visibility in low light conditions. And we all know that we are often in this situation.

Benefits of using the Fluke 323 Clamp Meter

Durable construction

This device will give you many years of use. This is because it is strongly built and can withstand the rigidity of the surroundings where electricians work. It comes with sturdy plastic housing. In addition, it has a strong portable case for proper storage of the device when not in use.

Ergonomic and slim design

If you are using a large or poorly designed multimeter, time is of the essence with your thin and well-designed equipment. The Fluke 323 is not only slim but designed as well. This makes the multimeter easy to operate and very comfortable.

Meets latest safety ratings

People are afraid to damage or damage the device while using it. This is why it is important to test whether the device meets certain safety standards in the test you want to continue. The 323 DMM matches the ICC safety rating standard 61010-1 and is rated from 300V for CAT IV installations and 600V for CAT III installations.

Accurate and fast device

Fluke 323 clamp meter provides accurate results and is displayed very quickly. This allows the user to take several tests and solve problems in a very short time.

Versatile tool

Using this device has the advantage of more than a few meters as it can perform a wide range of functions. Fluke 323 can test up to 400 MPa, AC and DC voltage up to 600 V, AC current and resistance up to 4 kHz. It doesn’t just run, it’s measuring DC current. But measures the conductor up to 30 mm without touching or interrupting the circuit on any conductor of the jaw opening.

Easy to use and carry

There is no great feeling like having a simple-to-use multimeter device. Whether you are a startup electrician, DIY or professional engineer, this device is easy to use and clear. All the details and information you need to know about the device are included in the user manual. Each port and button is easily labeled for easy use.

It is silent

Unlike a few multimeters on the market, the Fluke 323 multimeter is not silent or noisy. So, you don’t have to worry about the noise usually made by different multimeters. Just continue your experiment without any loud noise and solve the problem.

Fairly priced

Although this digital multimeter can test different types, it is offered at a very favorable price. So, you get value for your money when you buy it offers just as accurate and fast results.


The manufacturer has full confidence in this multimeter and they provide the buyers of the equipment with a 2-year warranty. Not all brands offer a warranty, so it’s a bonus to the customer.

Shortcomings of the Fluke 323 multimeter

  • It doesn’t come with screen light which makes reading the results in the dark a bit challenging.
  • You have to hold the probe and the device at the same time. Using it is a bit challenging. This is because the leads do not fit well and are somewhat loose.

Fluke 323 vs 324

What is the difference between Fluke 323 and 324?


Fluke 323

Fluke 324

AC Current Range: 0 to 400.0 A 0 to 40.00 A /400.0A
Voltage Range AC/DC: 0 to 600.0 V 0 to 600.0 V
Resistance Range: 0 to 400.0 Ω /4000 Ω 0 to 400.0 Ω /4000 Ω
Continuity: ≤ 70 Ω ≤ 30 Ω
Backlight: No Yes
Data hold: Yes Yes
Contact Temperature: No -10.0°C to 400.0°C (14.0°F to 752.0°F)
Capacitance: No 0 to 100.0 µF/100 µF to 1000 µF
Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.2 x 2.7 inches 9.5 x 4.2 x 2.7 inches
Weight: 265 g 208 g
Warranty: Two year Two year


If you want a clamp meter that measures voltage, resistance, continuity and AC current, you should try the Fluke 323 clamp meter tools. This economically designed and lightweight clamp multimeter will help you test and solve various electrical devices.

It is strongly built for longevity. Also, it has slim design and compact design to fit in tough places. The device has a casing case for safe storage and easy carrying from one place to another.

The device is safe to use because it matches various safety ratings, such as CAT III 600V and CAT IV 300V. For those interested in buying this DMM, the manufacturer will give them a two-year warranty. If you have any questions after reading this Fluke 323 review, please comment below.


Do you need the Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter for your toolkit? We’ve covered its capabilities and the benefits of one of these devices above and we think there’s a clear indication of who this device will work for. On the contrary, it is a fluke product that has a reputation for quality, precision and visibility that is accurate and reliable. All these features are present in this model.

It offers an understandable range of measurements and can be used for a variety of different measures. It is well-compacted and ready to use (unlike many products like this, the two AA batteries needed to power the 323 are included when you purchased). The only downside concerns the test tops – these are not universal concerns but a few customer concerns – and the lack of backlights. For the record, the Fluke 324 and 325 – the next two limits – are backlight-equipped. If you want a simple, efficient and accurate clamp meter that is not expensive and comes in handy for solving common, everyday problems, then the Fluke 323 is suitable for your consideration.

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