Fluke 17b+ Digital Multimeter

An Asian-made multimeter, the Fluke 17B + is an upgrade to the 17B And again a model of 15B, 15B +. This includes several improvements over the original to have a higher capacity scale, a minimum/max function, and better responsiveness.

There is also a temperature input, which is not near 15B +. This is a cheap, Chinese-made fluke digital multimeter; You are not as polished as ordinary, American-made fluke and have no desire to sell outside of China. Most notably it lacks refinement and there is no English hard manual.

In-depth Review of the Fluke 17B+

It’s for those who may really like Fluke but don’t have the budget or justify the extra expense. It works just as well as any other of these brands, although you don’t have the ultra-fast consistency for which they are known, or have a higher level of refinement and accuracy.

Still, the 17B + works really well and is strongly built. We like that Fluke 17B + can be used to measure its temperature. This is great for electronics because they can decide that it is very dangerous to use any tool at the moment.

Fluke 17B plus digital multimeter can look up to AC and DC measurements up to 10 A current. With its minimum / maximum feature, you will find it easier to find high and low within a certain signal. It allows users to identify any errors and fix them instantly.

For this reason, electrometers use this multimeter to ensure that the wire signals are observed correctly. Plus, the accuracy of the Fluke 17B + Plus is required when measuring currents.

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You can use the included thermocol to determine the temperature of the cable. Since it weighs only 1 lb, professional electronics experts will appreciate its compact size when working.

Its data hold feature helps it to stand against the competition. When used, the device stores the memory of your previous heat test. So, reduce the need for electronics to use pens and paper to keep an eye on their measurements.

Overall, this is a good budget multimeter, as it is designed for everyday use in the electrical industry.

Improvements over the previous one

As mentioned, it is a more responsive model than the 17B, with a fast-acting continuity check and fast auto-range time. It still lags behind this score’s standard fluke, including the time to create results of resistance and capacitance ranges.

Within the capacitance, the range is extended tenfold to 1000uF, enabling the detection of larger capacitors. Mini / Max mode is also included. It is a substance larger than the old meter and the new 15B + in itself. Minimum / Max is able to point (and hold) the low and high brightness over time to observe and pick up errors on a particular signal.

You will get a relative mode. This function can be compared to a previously saved value from a given signal. This allows you to zero in on your lead resistance before performing measurements for more accurate results.

You can also measure the charge cycle/frequency while checking the current / voltage of the circuit. The size and weight of the Fluke 17B +, both heavier and larger than the original, is also significant.

What else?

It measures all standard ranges – voltage (1000V), amperage (below 10A 400μA), resistance (from 40MΩ). Millivolts, milliamps and micro-amps are in separate dial switch positions and can measure both AC and DC.

Capacitance and temperature also have their own positions, although this unit can only be displayed in degrees Celsius which can shrink some imperial aficonadogs. 17B + Average RMS as opposed to RMS only.

This only really matters if more accurate measurements of AC drives and variable voltage systems are required.

What’s with the manual?

In addition to the 15B and 18B + meters, 17B + was meant for the Chinese market, so the manual was in Chinese.

It may not be very important for those who know how to use a digital multimeter, but new users can fight. But most of it should be fairly self-descriptive

Build Quality

For example, it doesn’t end up as the Fluke 77IV, but the Fluke 17B + multimeter’s overall building is good. It is strongly felt and will accept some abuse, such as drops and bangs. The strongest case is the trademark yellow, although their logo subtracts.

There is a risk guarantee on the back (kickstand). The circuit board has been upgraded from 17B + and the dial can be used with one hand. Saved to make test leads, which is PVC, but you may not have it all.

Display and Labels

The Fluke 17B + provides a stunning first impression. It has a clear LCD screen that is large enough to display the exact measurements easily.

An enhanced sleep mode function extends battery life while giving door access to adjust the battery without tampering with the calibration seal quickly.

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Function and Performance

Other brands vs. price ranges can beat this meter in speed, like the time to latch on to continuity over time (though not scratch). The lineman will be served as a faster model, with resistance and capacitance also taking the time. The Fluke 17B + Plus is known for high-quality performance.

For example, it can measure current below its µA range, measure temperature with a K-type thermocouple probe, and measure capacitance. With an IP40 rating, you can stay safe when working with small wires below 1cm. When it comes to performance, it survives according to Fluke’s reputation.

This multimeter is capable of testing multiple ranges and is easy enough for any novice electrician to figure it out. Get the Fluke 17B + Plus as the ability to test from 1000 volts (50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V), which is more than its competitors.

Other functions:

  • Min/Max mode
  • Relative mode
  • Auto power off (after 20 minutes)
  • Backlight auto-off (after two minutes)
  • Overvoltage warning

Safety Protection

The circuit board has been redesigned and has more safety features with the help of MOV. It has good quality high burst type fuses, rated at 11 A and 440 mA (two current inputs).

The meter is protected in CAT-III, so you can safely test the back of the building installation’s switching gear on most systems. Lead protection at 6 kV. Mechanically; It is tough with a rubber holster and has an IP rating of 40.

Fluke 17B+ vs 18B+

If you want a slightly more premium option, the Fluke 18B + has more features than the 17B +. Alternatively, if you don’t need a minimum / maximum or temperature sensing, you can save some money and take the Fluke 15B + with you.

For others, consider the cheaper Flux, Compact 110 series, which is a bit more refined (although still made in China). Or for a better-priced option that is higher for both the Fluke 17B + and 18B +, the Fluke 117 is a great option.

It comes with great handy features like a great non-contact voltage detector and True RMS meter. If you need more information, we have put together a comprehensive guide to the best multimeters for electronics that we are sure you will find useful.


This is a fluke meter made for the Chinese market, meaning Fluke does not sell it in Europe or the United States, but can be purchased from Amazon. It has input protection, making it safe to use in signal-marked CAT ratings. This DMM is fairly cheap for the fluke, but it does not make any cheap meters. It has the general range for a good DMM but nothing extra.

Alternatively: The 18B + has more features again, or if you don’t need the temperature or the minimum/maximum, you can save some and go with the 15B +.

For others, consider the cheaper Flux, Compact 110 series, which is a bit more refined (although still made in China). For example, the Fluke 117 digital multimeter has a contactless voltage detector.

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