Fluke 15b+ Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 15B + is a rebuilt version of the preferred 15B DMM and one of Fluke’s cheaper devices. Originally built for Chinese users, it is available elsewhere and in snaps of other prices from US companies.

It looks and feels like any other fluke – trademark yellow holster, great dial, sharp display – though with limited features. But you get the reliability factor and it is highly rated on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Best for: Those looking for general testing work without a big budget or without the need for indifference and accuracy of heavy industry – but want a brand name.


Complete Review of the Fluke 15B PLUS

As mentioned, the Fluke 15B + digital multimeter is a replacement for 15B. The Plus version has all the old one’s functions, with a larger, brighter screen and a better range of capacitance, with a faster response time to continuity and auto-ranging.

It is Fluke in every sense, although it has been identified, basically it targets the Chinese market. Warranties can thus be a problem and you can download them from the Fluke site (see above) even if you don’t get any good guidelines. Basically, the Fluke 15B + looks like nothing more than a price.

It’s not a knock-off, it’s the real fluke meter; Having the look and feel of more expensive tools. While it’s probably not fantastic for high quality professional level testing, it’s still perfect for domestic and commercial work.

It has a better, cheaper, larger alternative than the Compact 110 series, with larger display and decent functionality. On the other hand, cheap flukes like the 101 may not cut it.

It’s an auto-ranging meter in terms of functionality – as it should be for all of them now – and has the essential features and test range, albeit without the bell and whistle of choice for the flagship 87V. You do not get maximum / min, for example, it is a very useful function. You get all amperage ranges – MP, milliamps, micro-amps – AC and DC voltage for individual position, millivolts and of course, for resistance, continuity and diode check. Another plus is the display and backlight.

Price: You see the $100 mark; Slightly cheaper than the 110 series multimeter, it is better to consider the brand.

NB: You will see this meter rated on specific sites – such as eBay.People who expect top quality when they see this badge can lower it, Only to interrupt at the Chinese manual.

Build Quality

Like the other digital multimeters in this Mac, it also has a bit of an IP rating of 40. It is easy to use with one hand in almost full size (longer than 7″), including gloves.

You will find a yellow holster and a solid case with a dark gray finish. Above the rear is a flip-out stand. The tops are fairly long and cut. The batteries sit in an easily accessible box from the back.

Display: The Fluke 15B + screen is bigger and brighter with improvements than the previous burning. The figures are large and the resolution is 4000 count, while the backlight is fixed for two minutes. It is longer than your average meter and can be disabled.

Function and Performance

You’re never going to get any flukes with $ 100 super performance, but the 15B + still did quite well in terms of consistency testing.

It is calibrated as standard and remains within the estimate. The auto power off feature starts after about 20 minutes of non-use and can be disabled.

Battery performance: The AA battery of 15 B + can last up to 500 hours. It will definitely depend on how much you use the backlight.

Wrapping Up

In short, the Fluke 15B + 110 series is a good alternative to the meter and for those who want to test the 1000V. It is also useful for low voltage work and has a range of semi-decent capacitance.

While you can pick up less branded meters with more features and functions, it’s a fluke above all. It was built for the Chinese, although it and the lack of English instruction included did not detract too much from the overall package.

While not ideal for professionals, it is a great way to get the most out of a cat-III level scene in most situations.

Alternatives: For about $ 20, there are also 17B + temperature, minimum / max and relative functions. There are also some good clean meters for this price, such as clean equipment MM700.

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