Fluke 116 Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 116 compact multimeter is part of the 110 series budget. It is aimed at HVAC electronics and although relatively primitive it has all the tools to solve an array of heating and cooling errors, including flame sensors and capacitance problems.

This device has some useful touches such as auto-volts for troubleshooting boards with both AC and DC signals, as well as a low impedance limit. Professionals and trainees will enjoy 116 because it is easy to use, reliable and accurate enough to handle most tasks. Its smaller size is a bonus for going to tough places.

Key Features


116 is a neat meter that includes a responsive bar graph with a relatively large 6000-count display. With the help of bar graphs, you will get an analog look at the signal with full range (32 sections) of the current syllabus. Bar graphs do not work in capacitance and temperature range.

Although the backlit (40-second timer), the overall display lacks the clarity that you would normally get with other brands in this price range. Seen from an angle, it looks faded and lacks contrast. The rest of the front is straight, with most of the positions of the dial having their own limits.

You only need to confuse once when the frequency (in AC volts), DC millivolts, diode test at the capacitance range position and AC micro-amps are selected. A row of straight buttons to add MIN / MAX and ranging modes gives extra functionality. Like most of the 110 series, the Fluke 116 has only two inputs.

Build Quality and Performance

All fluke multimeters are built to last and this range is very strong. It is made in China to reduce overhead and price but may stand out as offensive as any other model. With the offset dial switch, it can be driven by the thumb while holding the left hand which is a big plus when scratched inside the HVAC unit.

Unfortunately, this uses the 9V battery in contrast to the better performance AA; However, battery life 3-400 hours is quite good. Asleep mode helps save use that starts after non-use for 20 minutes. It can be disabled without being in MIN / MAX mode.

Input Protection

Although one of Fluke’s cheapest multimeters, 116 brings high levels of input enhancement protection. This protects the user’s scope from power spikes, which can occur at any time through inclusions from lightning strikes, circuit breakers and motor controls. The protection has 6000V, 600 levels (on the ground) level Cat-III energy. This means it is safer to measure single and three-step installation (post switchgear).

In addition to a high-quality circuit board/components a solid case that can stand up to drops and splashes. It has an IP rating of 42, which is basically particles larger than 1mm as well as dust particles that slowly drop water. The leads that come with this meter are also well rated with finger guards, probe-end caps and cut plugs (Cat-IV 1000V) and fleshy-silicone type.

Best For?

HVAC technologists will certainly benefit the most, but general-purpose electronics can also use it as a standby meter as a standby. Electronics work will also benefit ham radio enthusiasts, although the limits of resistance, frequency and capacitance are narrow enough for sensitive work.

Pros and Cons of the Fluke 116


. Measures most ranges, including capacitance and frequency
. AUTO-V LoZ functions
. Auto and manual ranging options
. Temperature range
. Beautiful and compact
. Tough case with individual battery bogie


. Not on board amp
. Auto Range may be slower (Manual may be faster)
. The hold function is manual only
. Better performance on cheaper meters


With a review of the Fluke 116, we have a very capable, compact multimeter for HVAC trades. It has micro-amps, capacitance, frequency and temperature range which will cover many HVAC functions. It has micro-amps, capacitance, frequency and temperature range which will cover many hobbies functions. There is no amp range, but you can include an amp clamp as an amp addition. Others in the 110 series focus more on electronics.

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