Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter Review 2021

Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter Review Summary

Portable, a beat and provides the accurate text for a long time. This, in short, gives the sum of Fluke 115. It’s a great surround multimeter for basic use at home or in the workshop and the price is just right and it’s small enough that professionals will find it as a great complement to their existing possessions.

However, it has lost the kind of features that would make it an attractive first-line multimeter for professionals. For example, it does not have a dedicated micro-amp reading, which is common for meters in this price range and which limits the accuracy of 115.

If you don’t put your finger on the hold button, you lose your reading. One of its best selling points is the Fluke name. Professionals in every business recognize Fluke as a brand that provides durability and quality. The names of the 115 Flukes have come a long excellently.

Key Features


  • Multimeter
  • Probe lead (4mm silicone)
  • Trademark Fluke Yellow Rubber Holster
  • 9V Battery
  • User manual (Fluke 115 manual)

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In-depth Review of the Fluke 115

This strongly built, compact True RMS digital multimeter is part of the reliable 110 series and one step from the 115.

Fluke 115 digital multimeter can perfectly depict voltage, current, resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance and features proper diode check function. After all, it has been produced by the industry leaders of multimeter manufacturers, who provide unmatched build quality, protection and peace of mind.

Fluke is a major US brand that manufactures a wide variety of pocket and portable test devices, including clamp meters, insulation testers, calibration equipment and more.

The ability to measure up to 600V AC and DC can measure frequencies up to 10A continuous amperes, up to 40MΩ resistance and 50kHz (very accurately).

Note: Frequency bandwidth exceeds 50kHz although accuracy is not specified.


Design & Build Quality

This multimeter’s most notable features are its compact size and rugged construction; An impressive feat for the comparatively low price considering the prestige of the company.

Temporarily designed, including broom cut case, it is rigid in and out with a rigid roller and case and a neat, intuitively designed, well-protected circuit board. The meter comes with a standard rotary input selector dial – allowing easy operation with its small left-handed thumb.

The compact and lightweight construction allows quick measurement on running systems and fits easily into overall pockets, tool-kits or kitchen drawings.

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This Fluke 115 review details the unit’s larger display, which comes with a backlight for dimmed working conditions – good for exploring control panels or roof spaces. The 6,000-count display contains easily readable numbers and includes a responsive bar graph at the bottom with clear unit icons.

While not a major detriment, if it is damaged in any way, it is the solution to the display and vice versa. When viewed in a corner, it tends to look a bit washed out. The dial and buttons together with the backlight buttons are simple and user-friendly with simple hold, minimum / max, range and function functions. The dial is large, prominent, accurate and effective one-handed opera

Function and Performance

The nine-position dial includes DC / AC volts and amps, millivolts, resistance and diode checks. The quick continuity check of lead, cables, fuses and diodes comes with a beep, while the function button extends the use to include frequency and capacitance measurements.

There are three standard input jacks for connection: voltage, resistance, and continuity to the main terminal + common + amps. The downside is a milli / micro-amp jack socket, which is often found in other multimeters. Response time is fast and it covers most measurements consistent between home and industry.

Above all, this multimeter is innately portable, light weight, comfortable in hand and easy to use.


Similar other meters in the fluke range of multimeters, the 115 digital multimeter also has a strong case and holster, offering great resistance to drops, general wear and tear and moisture.

The operational temperature window varies from 14 degrees to 140 degrees (Fahrenheit) -10 to 60 degrees centigrade, respectively. It features overload protection and an inline fuse (accessible by removing three underside screws).

Battery access is equally easy and the board has sturdy wired terminals.

Who is it Best Suited To?

It is a general purpose multimeter, good in most situations of home, field and light industry.

Although ideal for elementary electricians, it also suits technicians as a secondary, more portable, meter, although it falls short in electronic circuitry tests.

Suggested uses:

  1.  Light industry
  2. Apprentice electricians
  3. Field service engineers
  4. Home / property maintenance
  5. Auto industry – audio and diagnostic

Note: Technologists focusing on electronics will want to get more out of it as there is no system for measuring milli or micro-amps.

Fluke 115 Pros and Cons


  • Compact
  • Solid build quality inside and out
  • Durable and accurate (DC volts: ±0.5%)
  • Large screen
  • True RMS
  • Auto ranging
  • Track signal fluctuations
  • Auto power-off
  • Smooth, responsive bar graph display
  • Good continuity tester
  • The battery bogie is easy to access
  • One-handed operation

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  • Somewhat disappointing display resolution
  • Lack of dedicated milli amp/micro-amp range
  • Lacks Touch Hold® mode


This Fluke 115 review covers one of the corporation’s base model multimeters, good for homeowners to electrical engineers. Accurate, rugged, very portable and featuring most standard tests it would be suitable for most tasks, although a full service multimeter is lacking.

Although relatively expensive and lacks the milliamp/micro-amp range – where it may be included in other meters – it is a very simple tool owned by many electronics experts. In short, general use, compact design and standard function make it a winner and best seller.

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