How to Fix the Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issue?

How to Fix the Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issue?

Do you know that your computer could go into sleep mode even when switched off? Have you ever thought about what actually causes such a situation? You probably have no idea that your computer is working in a lower mode while in sleep mode. It is quite possible that your system is under some critical condition which needs to be cured. But before you take any drastic action, it would be better if you could get to know all about the Windows 10 sleeping mode issue first. This article will tell you all about the different Windows 10 sleep mode problems encountered by the readers and how to effectively solve windows 10 sleep mode issue with various possible solutions

A common issue that almost every computer user faces at one point of time is the Windows 10 sleep mode issue. The users are not able to figure out how to fix this issue as it keeps on repeating itself. To fix this problem, it is recommended that the computer users should clean the computer using the best cleaner that they have bought for their computers. It is highly advised that you should avoid cleaning the computer using the free tools available on the internet. Those free cleaners usually cause more damage than cure to the computers.

What Actually Causes the Windows 10 Sleeping Problem and How to Fix it?

There are several factors that can cause the Windows 10 computer to wake you up even when it is in sleep mode. One of these factors is having too many programs in the startup menu. If you are not using these programs then they take up resources hence your computer gets slower as a result.

Method 1:-

You can always resolve the Windows 10 sleep mode issue in this case by adding the programs which are not installed. You just have to go into the control panel of your computer and locate programs and add the ones you do not have any. You can do this by clicking on Start, then Run and type in “control panel” and hit enter. This will open the control panel and you will see all the programs which are installed or uninstalled.

It is also possible that Windows 10 computers start acting up because of your Fix Windows sleep mode settings. It might sound odd but the truth is that some people’s Fix sleep settings cause their computer to wake them up when they are in sleep mode. To fix this you should go to the control panel and click on System and Maintenance. Once there you will see the item named Customize Sleep and the right click on it will open the Properties window. 

Method 2:-

If above options not help you to fix sleep mode issues  in Windows 10, then it is time to look for a professional. A professional is someone who knows what they are doing especially in regards to hardware configurations and device drivers. It is best if you do not try to tackle a technical problem yourself. You do not know how to change the settings and what specific device drivers need to be adjusted. Trying to make it work on your own could make the problem worse. If the device driver is not working properly then it could stop your computer from booting up.

Method 3:-

It starts with the power button being pressed on the desktop or laptop monitor. When the user tries to switch off the computer, the power button keeps on pressing until the computer shuts down. Such a situation can be easily avoided by pressing the power button several times. But if one has no alternative but to switch off the computer, then it would be better if one removes all the accessories like the speakers, USB drives, mouse, keyboard and the monitor and move them to another location like the basement or attic.

Method 3:-

Another possible reason behind the Windows 10 sleeping issue is the use of the keyboard focus buttons while trying to switch off the computer. Many of us use the focus keys to switch off or to switch on the computer. When we press these focus keys, it automatically switches the computer on or off. But if the user tries to press those keys again after having switched off the computer, the command prompt may come up again and this time, it would not be a simple command prompt as before but, it would be a full screen recovery screen where the computer would suddenly wake up and start working again.

Method 4:-

To resolve the Windows 10 sleep mode issue; one should remove all the additional hardware and software that was installed in the computer. It is also necessary to disable the auto restart feature in the system. All these steps would ensure that the computer is properly restart after it has been put into sleep mode. There are different registry cleaning programs that are available in the market. These programs are very much effective in cleaning the registry. However, one should make sure that the program he/she is going to use is capable of fixing all the errors in the computer.

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Method 5:-

One more possible reason behind the Windows 10 sleeping issue; due to the presence of some unnecessary application and device drivers in the computer. These additional devices and applications are use by the malware programs to execute their malicious tasks; when the system tries to process some critical operations. This can be fix by downloading some outstanding anti-virus and anti-malware programs for your computer. It would also be helpful to clean the computer of the embedded devices present in the system. Cleaning the embedded devices would fix the Windows 10 sleep mode problem.

Bottom Line

Sleep issues with Windows 10 can be frustrating but they can also be easily fixed. There are many users on the web that have posted their solutions on how to resolve this very common issue that so many users are having. If you do not know how to solve this problem; then you may want to search the web for a tutorial or a troubleshooting guide. Many users have learned how to fix this very common problem by following tutorials online.

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