Is Your Education Mailing List Healthy?

Education Mailing List

Are you looking for a way to improve your school’s campaign marketing ten folds? An education mailing list can help you as it contains information on prospective students, parents and teachers looking to progress their academic careers. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before deciding whether the list is healthy or not. Many organisations fall for buying a list that overpromises and under-delivers. Some signs can tell you if a list is a good marketing tool for your educational institute.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Five ways to check if your Education Mailing List is healthy or not:

Performance of the list:

The first thing you need to do is make sure the list performs. If it doesn’t, then don’t buy it. Asking for proof of performance can help you in this case. You can also check the “open rates” and click-through rates of the list. If you don’t get good numbers, then it means there are issues with it. It is perfectly reasonable to ask the list supplying company to allow a testing period to check if the list has any turnover for you.


A thing called “sender reputation score” is used to check the sender’s reputation to decide if the email should go into spam or the primary folder. A good mailing list will always target inboxes actively reviewed by their holders and those that don’t send everything to junk.

That perfectly leads to the importance of list quality.

Quality of the email address:

The quality of email addresses is another thing you need to consider. The list should contain valid mail ids that are formatted correctly and frequently used by their holders. Using a list with wrong or inactive emails can lead to your campaign being marked as spam resulting in it failing. Moreover, there have been cases where another company incorrectly used lists, and due to that it was marked as spam. In such a case, the email marketing tool may not allow you to send emails from that list at all. Always buy your college mail list from a well-known supplier like LISTGIANT to avoid such inconveniences.

Email Rendering:

Another thing that can lead to your campaign failing is email rendering issues. These emails usually appear in the inboxes of their holders that have no special formatting or branding requirements from you at all. Some of the problems with a poorly rendered email include inappropriate content, weird design holes, and photos that don’t open. Make sure you check this detail before buying any list because it can lead to a lot of trouble.

Next up is the compatibility of your mailing list.


The final thing you need to check is the compatibility of your email list. That means checking whether it can be used with all types of email marketing platforms and software or not. Compatibility issues usually arise when mailing lists contain information that any platform cannot read due to structural differences from HTML, ASCII, etc.  Always make sure the list you are buying is 100% compatible with your email marketing tool.

There are a lot of things to consider before you get your hands on an education mailing list. It’s easy to fall for traps and end up with lists that are good for nothing. We believe this blog post can help you prepare for your list buying decision and bring you a good return on your investment.

For any further questions, visit the FAQs section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a good education mailing list?

A good educational mail list would have a high open and click-through rate. It should also contain valid email ids that are formatted correctly and frequently used by their holders. A healthy marketing campaign can always be marked as spam because of incorrect rendering or compatibility issues with the target inbox.

What are opt-in mailing lists?

Opt-in mailing lists are emails collected from the contact forms of websites and web pages that offer an opt-in subscription. People can subscribe to these lists by filling out a form with their email addresses and name. That is usually done, so people get notified when there’s new content on the site or if someone wants more information about particular topics.

Why do I need an email list?

Email lists are very useful for any business or website owner who wants to reach out to their audience more efficiently than the traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Email marketing is usually done by sending newsletters with information about new products, offers and services, and promotional content that is of interest to the subscriber.

What is a double opt-in mailing list?

Double Opt-In Mailing Lists contain only the emails of people who confirm their subscription by clicking on an email verification link sent out automatically after submitting their information to a website or web page’s contact form.

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