Domestic Carpet Cleaning – Is it worth it?

Most professional carpet cleaning companies are providing commercial carpet cleaning and domestic carpet cleaning services. All the big contractors are focusing more on commercials because better prices and less quality demand. But are they missing out on a great source of income by exposing themself to risky slow paying commercial contracts?

All carpet cleaning companies start small and the first jobs done are usually small contracts around their business offices. Over time there is a transition from domestic carpet cleaning contracts to big commercial carpet cleaning projects. Deep cleaning the carpets in a 3 bed house is a pretty demanding job while refreshing the carpets in a big office could be a 30 min project if you own the right tools. Also, the price per square metre is much higher when doing commercial carpet cleaning projects.

Our company has done the same thing. We have dropped most of our regular domestic carpet cleaning contracts to be able to deal with the “big boys”. The amount invoiced has doubled over time but the bank account has become empty. Commercial carpet cleaning contracts are very slow to pay and in some cases they never pay. While doing domestic work you were dealing with a nice lady or ama, when you do commercial carpet dry cleaning projects you deal with a number of local managers, directors, cleaners, etc. All of them have to sign off on the job before you can get paid. A nightmare.

This is the reason why Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has returned to its roots. We provide amazing customer services and our list of regular customers is growing. Of course, we are still doing many commercial carpet cleaning projects but we are not ignoring our domestic customers. Cash in your hand is worth much more than amounts on an invoice.

Our company provides extraction carpet cleaning services. Most commercial customers are usually looking for dry carpet cleaning services. We did a bit of dry carpet cleaning but the results weren’t amazing at all so we gave up. Our high quality extraction carpet cleaning systems will provide the deepest carpet cleaning possible.
Repeat customers is also a problem with commercial carpet cleaning. While most domestic people will love a personal touch, most commercial customers will be only looking for very cheap prices. Even if you deal with the same company for years, the minute they receive a better quote, you are gone. Read some insights on End of Lease Cleaning- A Special Requirement.

Unsuitable times can also be an issue. While most commercial customers would be pretty flexible about the hours, you will always find people that want 10k sq metre of carpet done & dry in 2 hours. It is always good to provide a 24/7 carpet cleaning service but you need to have the proper time to be able to get results. Most domestic carpet cleaning projects happen during the normal office hours. Much more suitable.

In an office with 500 people, there are so many people with different allergies. All our carpet cleaning shampoos are eco-friendly and safe to use around most people, but what do you do when 50 people in that office have 50 different allergies? Cleaning the carpet with only water is pretty ineffective while using proper carpet cleaning shampoos with high PH could trigger reactions from people with allergies? Well, usually you need to use 100% organic shampoos with no perfume. This organic carpet cleaning shampoos are not as good as the standard detergents

Book your next carpet steam cleaning project with your local carpet cleaning company. Keep the business local as much as you can do.

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