Designing Windows Decals? Here are 5 Tips for NYC Printers

Designing Windows Decals? Here are 5 Tips for NYC Printers

Creating the ideal window decal can be a difficult task, you must highlight the brand in the limited space available with an attractive design that grabs the attention of every passerby. NYC printers are constantly looking for tips and tricks to design the perfect eye-catching decal that stands out among all the competition.

Hence, if you follow our useful tips appropriately, you will undoubtedly end up with the most attractive design for your custom window decals in a short time.

In this blog, we will guide you through why window decals are the best option for advertising. Highlight the necessary considerations you should keep in mind while designing a window decal.

Window Decals

Window decals for your business vehicle or office space are an excellent way to advertise at a fraction of the cost that no other type of advertising provides. The Window decals are commonly known as window stickers or window graphics, they are images, graphics, or lettering that are printed or cut out of self-adhesive vinyl material and adhered to any type of window or glass surface. Each style of the decal is long-lasting and engineered to endure rain, sun, and other elements.

Following are the examples of different types of window decals used for branding business space windows and automobiles:

  • Vinyl lettering
  • Transparent window decals
  • Opaque window decals
  • Perforated window decals
  • Frosted window decals

The option of what type of window decal you should use depends on the type of business, available space, and the surface of the window/glass. Regardless of the sort of decal you use for printing, some basic practices should be followed. For example:

  • Choose colors with a strong contrast – especially if the window is tinted
  • Ensure that your sign’s design and size are large enough to be seen from a distance.

The following are some of the best designer tips that NYC printers can use to design the perfect window decal for any business space:

  1. Prevent Cluttering the Decals

One of the most common mistakes that printers make when designing window decals is that they include too much information. A window doesn’t have a lot of surface area and people are tempted to fill up to the brim.

Most passing audiences will not even have the opportunity to read the various information. Including relatable images, visuals, and logos work better than cluttering with varied sentences and texts. So be careful to include only what is require and leave out the rest of the less important information.

Prevent Cluttering the Decals

  1. Design According to the Shape of the Window

Most people assume that the windows are rectangular, however, this is not always the case. When making window decals, be sure to take accurate measurements of the surface where you intend to adhere it afterward.

It is an extremely common mistake of printers to design decals in such a way that they do not completely fit the windows when the time arrives. It will appear unprofessional. So, appropriate measurement is always the first step, then design according to the shape, size, format, indoor/outdoor use, lighting availability, and the surface of the window.

  1. Highlight the Primary Products and Services

The highlight of the decal is most commonly the brand name and logo but you must also demonstrate what your company is all about. If you are unable to feature the main products or services that you offer, some view might not be interest to visit your business.

You can choose from a variety of styles, such as silhouette graphics or full-color images to visually display your sales, promotions, special prices, holiday decorations, or prominent products and services.

  1. Use the Flood White Technique

When printing a transparent decal, which has less contrast than an opaque or perforated decal, printers should employ a method known as “flood white.”

This simply means that a white print will be placed behind your design to guarantee. The colors in your design remain brilliant and attractive. This is not visible on your sign, but it guarantees that the printed area is clear and sharp because it is printed on clear material.

  1. Get Assistance from the Professionals

Whether you need assistance finalizing existing designs or designing something altogether new. They always take guidance from a team of skilled graphic designers. They have the required expertise to design any business icon to fit the specific branding requirements. The design of a window decal can make all the difference between an excellent and a terrible business sign.

Designing signs in a competitive market can be difficult, and determining what you need can be even more difficult. At Signs NYC, we are always willing to assist. We provide free design services, allowing you to acquire exactly what you need with the assistance of our world-class design staff. Get in touch with Signs NYC today!

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