Revive Your Dried-Out Eyeliner Pot by Following These 8 Handy Tips

Custom eyeliner boxes

Eyeliner Boxes are sturdy and resistant to heat and pressure. Manufacturing materials present in them include cardboard, kraft, and bux board. These materials are famous for their extraordinary strength. There are various printing methods available for printing purposes. These methods include screen printing, offset printing and screen printing.

Visual elements and images can also be easily added by using these printing methods. There is a variety of finishing techniques that are available to improve the texture of the packaging. Lamination resists the attack of dust particles, grease, and stains of oils. Embossing the logo helps in increasing brand recognition by using custom eyeliner boxes.

Eyeliner Boxes play an important role in maintaining the effectiveness of the products. They are preferred by beauty brands and cosmetic companies. It is a common observation that eyeliner pots usually get dry after some time. This can be an annoying factor for the users. There are certain ways to fight this problem. The following article will help you explain 8 tips to revive your dried-out eye-liner pot.

Shake It Well:

Custom Eyeliner Boxes with amazing designs are important to keep your eyeliners safe from drying out. If you are still facing this issue, you can use the shaking tip. This tip is simple and does not need much. Every time you feel the need to apply eyeliner just shake it well. This will help in increasing the regularity of the material. It will be easy for the eyeliner to come out. Just make sure you are shaking a closed lid eyeliner or otherwise it will cause leakage.

Use Hot Water:

Eyeliner Boxes Wholesale are available at reasonable prices. If you want to revive your dried-out eyeliner you can use ho water. It will help in melting the material. You can use a cup of hot boiled water and place the eyeliner in it. Make sure you are putting the eyeliner in the cup for only 5 minutes.

Keep shaking and checking if the dried-out eyeliner is melting or not. You can also open the cap and check it on the back of your hand. If it is still a sticky substance it means it will take some more time to melt. The consistency of the material is the only way to check if it needs more time in the hot water.

Eye Drops:

Eyeliner Packaging helps in preventing the drying out of the eyeliners. You can also use eye drops on a dried-out eyeliner. This tip usually works like magic. The dried material absorbs water and it becomes wet. If the eyeliner has become a hard rock material, you can use a safety pin. First, you have to break the hard mass and once you have done this you can add few drops. These drops will help in making the eyeliner soggy. You can now easily apply the eyeliner to your eyelashes.

Rehydrate The Pot:

Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes with instructions on them help the audience to know how to use the products. The best way to gain back the liquid of the eyeliner is to finally open it and take the ink rod out. Dip this ink rod directly into hot water. Once you have done this you need to apply it to check if it’s working. In most cases, retail packaging works and you don’t need anything else to do.

The Run Around:

Wholesale Eyeliner Packaging for small businesses is available in the market. The most used tip is to run over the ink rod in the eyeliner case. This will help in getting the most shimmer out of the case. You can also take the inkpot out of the case and put it in a wet towel. This also helps in providing enough moisture to the dry pot.

Mix Oils:

If you have oils available at your home then this s your chance to go. You just have to take a few drops and put them on the dried product. You can also use the powdered form of the product if it is extremely dried out. This will help you in providing an efficient layer of eyeliner. You can even use baby oil. Make sure that the oil you are using is mild and will not affect your eyes in any way.

Sanitize Your Brush:

If you are using a gel eyeliner and it is dried out, you can sanitize your brush. This will enhance the moisture level and will give you a smooth layer. The best thing about this tip is that it will also keep your product safe from eibik and the attack of germs. The sanitized brush will make it easy for you to increase the thin texture of the eyeliner.

Keep It Fresh:

It is important to keep your products fresh if you want them to stay longer. Always place the lid on the pot. You also have to screw the lid tightly on the pot. Make sure to place it downward so that it does not get sticky. If you are not sure about the quality of the pot you can use wrapping paper between the pot and the lid. It will protect the material from drying out.

Eyeliner Boxes help protect the effectiveness of the eyeliner. There are many tips to keep your products away from drying out. You can use oils and hot water to increase the liquid texture of the eyeliner. You can always use the sanitizer to keep the moisture of the eyeliner intact. Always place your eyeliner upside down so it does not get stuck to your pot.

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