A Simple But Complete Guide to Make Gift Box At Home

Hand-made gifts are always the best idea to give your loved ones. People love to receive gifts that are made with intricate design and love. Moreover, it shows your artistic skills and the amount of creativity you possess. On the other hand, it tells your intimate relations the amount of love you do to them. As it bespoke the feelings and emotions. However, making such precious boxes is not an easy thing. As they require some special steps which have to be taken if you want to make such boxes. don’t worry! We are here to help you. This article will guide you to do the box designing easily. Moreover, if you are keen on customizing things than this article is best for you. As in this post, I have put a simple guide that will help you to make the gift box at home.

I have gathered this simple guide with lots of consideration. As I love to search online, so I have put all the ideas together. You must be amazed to see the different ideas in just one post. since I am naming these ideas as the handmade ones, so I will mention the materials which are going to be the household ones. This means many things will already be available at your home. In addition to this, these things are highly recyclable, so in this way, you will easily contribute to making the environment healthy and happy. If you are a lover of art and designing then making handmade gifts might be on your list. Before heading to their designing and choosing material. Let’s discuss the advantages which you will get on making the handmade gifts.

What are the Possible Advantages of Handmade Gifts?

Handmade gifts are aesthetically more beautiful than ready-made ones. since you add the element of your creativity, so it looks more beautiful. Moreover, it makes your loved ones feel more special. Another plus point is that they add more beauty to the environment. As they directly appeal to aesthetics.

Make your gifts more customized

The best thing about handmade gifts is that they are highly customizable. If you are a fan of a lot of customization then you should go for such gifts. You can add any kind of personal wishes and can customize it anyway. From choosing the materials to adding the relevant information you can make every inch of your box beautiful. For instance, if you have made a customized box for your friend, you can add a card on top of it. this way you can write lots of blessings and wishes to them. as this is the best way for adding the element of presentation. Moreover, they will look more unique among other gifts.

gift packaging

Another plus point about them is that they will show your love and effort to the receiver. Such gifts can easily utilize when you want to say sorry to your friend, or they are having a special day in your life. Since giving the other type of gifts is the trend, but if you give the customized one this will instantly lift their mood.

Keeps your environment healthy

Being a nature lover or a fan of a healthy environment, you also want to make your environment healthy. However, making such an environment becomes difficult when we opt the already made products. So, when you opt the customized packaging, you get the freedom to choose environmentally healthy material. Therefore, in this way you can easily make the recycled environment. moreover, you will indirectly contribute to the environment. hence, this way your choice matters a lot. On the other hand, if you choose the ready-made packaging, so it must carry the materials which are not good for your environment. hence, you are ruining the world. However, the customized packaging gives the chance to choose the material of your choice and makes the environment healthy.


Many times, people get out of budget. They do not carry the cash in their wallets. But they always want to make their loved ones feel special. Hence in such situations, custom boxes with a logo are the best idea. As they are quite budget-friendly. Since from deciding the materials to everything is in your hand. Therefore, you can choose any kind of range for them. Such boxes would not cost you much. Moreover, as you are making them from the already existing materials, so for such material, you do not need to spend money.

You can show the creativity

Another plus point of customized boxes is that you can show your skills and creativity easily. From gathering the material to designing it, it is entirely your choice to make your boxes. in this sense you can show your creativity easily. Moreover, you can add any kind of graphics and design to the box, as they will make your box more beautiful and elegant.

Relieves your stress and anxiety

Another plus point of making your customized boxes is that it relieves stress and anxiety. As many types of research have shown that creativity relieves your stress. Since you are involved in the activity, it keeps you away from any kind of stress level. In this sense, it is best for people who suffer from any kind of anxiety issue. They should involve themselves in making boxes, so their stress fades away easily.

Since you got to know about the advantages of handmade boxes. Now let’s discover some beautiful handmade gift ideas that you can gift to your friends and anyone.

Customized box for placing the candies or cookies

Your friend might be a lover of eating cookies or candies. If s/he is fond of eating them, so you can customize a box for her. But before the customization, you have to take out a few materials from your home. For instance, a box, a wrapping sheet, cardboard pieces, color papers, marker pens, and glue.

How much time would you require for wrapping it?

It will take around 45 minutes to make such an incredible box for your friend.

Material required

This handmade box required very basic material such as a box, a wrapping sheet, cardboard pieces, color papers, marker pens, and glue, a pair of scissors.

Gather all the materials together

Since this type of material already exists in the home. If you do not have it, you can easily grab it from the market, as it is easily available. Firstly, you have to take out the box, wrap the box thoroughly. You can utilize any kind of sheet paper on the box. Add glue to your box to make it stick. Wrap the box with the sheet. Then you can different stickers on it. once you are done with then you should wrap the lid of the box. Use the sheet paper and wrap the Custom boxes with the logo. You can use glue for fixing the corners of the box. Moreover, you can cut the sides of the paper, so the box would not face any kind of crease and other problems.

Add designing with pen

Once you are done with wrapping it then you can add a beautiful design to the box. You can utilize the marker and can make beautiful artistry designing on it. you can also cut the color paper into beautiful flowers and shapes then paste it with glue.

Idea-2: Make a painted bottle

This idea is pretty similar to the above one. As the materials used in it are quite simple. You just have to grab a bottle and beads and ribbons, etc.

Time duration

You will be required 30 minutes to design the bottle.

Material required

Take an old bottle

Grab the fabric colors/ you can also use a colored spray


Beads and pearls


Pair of scissors

Glue gun

Step by Step Guide to Design a Bottle For Gift

Just like designing the box, you can also design a bottle and can make it customized. It will take very easy steps. You just have to grab some materials and simply put them together.

  • Wash the bottle and soak it in the water for some time. This will remove all the sticky material from the bottle. Moreover, a clean bottle will easily handle the design.
  • Take out the fabric paint and use the brush for painting the bottle. If you are using a colored spray, so you would not require the paintbrushes. As you will directly apply the spray on it.
  • Once you are done with painting, let it dry for a while. Give some time to bottle.
  • Now you can design the bottle with different embellishments like beads and ribbons.
  • You can take the help of a glue gun and can make different flowers with beads. This will decorate your bottle and make it beautiful.
  • Another way to design the bottle is by adding glitters to it. You can add the glittery part and design the bottle to make it more beautiful.
  • This way you are done with your second handmade gift.

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