Choosing the Best Home Office Rugs

Office Rugs

With a sudden increase in people working from home, there has been a rise in demand for home office rugs. For boosting productivity at home, the creation of a cozy and peaceful space is necessary. And, nothing adds better warmth than rugs.

Your workspace at home can look aesthetic with rugs comforting you. However, for creating a perfect home office with rugs you need to consider a few aspects apart from availing area rug cleaning in Australia. Here’s a guide on choosing the best home office rugs!

Choose Your Style

Your rugs should be as per your style and the décor of the room. You can create a unique space or go with the theme of your house. Thankfully, there are numerous ideas for creating a great home office using rugs.

You can go for traditional rugs that blend well with your home office. Traditional rugs create a welcoming and warm environment that is ideal for home offices. If you want to create more of a traditional yet elegant look, then consider placing oriental or Persian rugs on wooden flooring.

Just make sure to hire handmade rug cleaner expertsfor taking care of your traditional rugs.

For creating a more formal look you should go for modern and minimal rugs. Single-colored rugs can be another great option for home offices. Consider flatweave rugs for creating a contemporary look.

Space of your Home Office

Your rug’s size should be suitable for your home office. So, before purchasing a rug, make sure to measure the dimension of your room. If you want to cover the entire flooring of your home office, make sure you leave 18 inches of the gap from the walls.

Ensure the rugs go well with your work desk. For round desks go for circular rugs, and square tables consider square rugs. Keep your rugs cleaned with professional area rug cleaning in Australia.

Protect your Floors and Rugs

Rugs are slippery and can cause accidents. Rugs can damage your floorings and their backing as well. You need to assure the safety of your rugs, flooring, and your loved ones as well. Apart from hiring handmade rug cleaner experts  make sure you install rug pads for preventing accidents.

Importance of Rug Pads

Rug pads are associated with the safety of your loved ones, and your property. Rug pads are more important for your rugs as it provides strength to the rug preventing them from early thinning. The rug pads prevent rugs from continuous slipping that prevents accidents.

Just make sure the padding is somewhat smaller than the size of the rugs. Get your rug pads trimmed so it isn’t visible to the guests. Ensure your rug pads are 2 inches beneath the rugs.


Are your home office rugs getting dirty with high traffic? Contact us for availing professional services of area rug cleaning in Australia. Give your home office a clean and professional look with regular cleaning. Call us now and get your bookings confirmed!

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