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Smart watches

Wearable devices such as smart watches 2 are designed to be worn around the wrist. The touch screens on these devices run apps and record your vital signs, just like smart phones.

A Brief History of Smart watch 2

Despite the existence of digital watches for decades, some of which could convert units and serve as calculators, it wasn’t until the 2010s that tech companies began releasing watches with smart phone-like capabilities.

Apple, Samsung, Sony, and other significant players offer smart watches on the consumer market, but it was a small startup that popularized modern-day smart watches. Its first smart watch was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and raised a record amount of funding. Its first million smart watch 2 were sold within six months.

Meanwhile, technology advances allowed for the development of other types of dedicated smart watches. Garmin, for example, sells rugged smart watches like the Fenix with sensors and trackers that can be used during backcountry excursions. Companies like Suunto have developed smart watches explicitly designed for scuba diving that can survive extended periods underwater.

How does a smart watch 2 works?

No matters whether a smart watch 2 is intended for regular use (as with the Apple Watch) or a specific purpose (as with the Garmin Fenix), it usually includes the following features:


You can receive notifications from your smartphone about important events or activities. Announcements differ according to the devices’ connection to your smartphone. Some smart watches display notifications that can only be displayed by wearables, such as notifications from your phone. A fall sensor is one feature of the newest Huawei Watch. The watch detects subsequent movement if you fall while wearing it. It sends escalating notifications if no motion is detected. The watch assumes you are hurt if you do not respond, alerting authorities on your behalf.


Smart watch 2 is only as good as the apps they support, beyond showing notifications from your phone. Depending on the ecosystem, apps can be integrated with Google or Amazon’s platforms. Smart watches designed for specific purposes, such as hiking or driving, usually support the apps needed to achieve the goal without allowing additional app options.


Most smart watches include a GPS for tracking your location or receiving location-specific alerts.

Long battery life: 

The batteries in modern smart watches are long-lasting and provide enough power to get you through the day. Battery life varies between devices, with the Apple Watch holding a charge for up to 18 hours and the Pebble lasting for two to three days.

Fitness tracking: 

For hard-core athletes, fitness bands are a better option than smart watches. Yet, many smart watches also have heart rate monitors and pedometers.

The Smart Watch 2 series is always looking for ways to extend the battery life of smart watches. Powered by Huawei’s smart wearable chip Kirin A1 and intelligent power-saving technology, you’ll have the battery life you need all day and night.

Monitoring your heart rate without a phone is possible thanks to the integrated GPS and continuous heart rate monitoring.

The HUAWEI TruSleep sleep tracking app tracks light, deep and REM sleep stages during sleep to bring you the best rest ever.

With Workout Coach, you can monitor recovery time and heart rate while working out. Your wrist becomes your voice assistant with Google Assistant and NFC. Battery life is over two days*, and you can extend it even further by using the Watch Mode, where the watch still counts your steps.

With Google Play Music on your watch, you can download and listen to music. The settings can be optimized to maximize the power consumption of your device.

Long-lasting battery

Battery settings are customizable; watch mode can run for three weeks, the smart method can run for two days, and GPS can run continuously for 7 hours.

Smart Assistant

Upon calling or texting, and other apps, you’ll receive on-screen notifications. With Android Pay, you can make payments with your phone using NFC.

Perfect Sports Watch

Real-time coaching evaluates performance, aids recovery, and helps reach fitness goals by guiding workouts in real-time.

Built-in GPS

Running tracking and outdoor navigation is achievable with the dual-positioning systems of GPS and Glonass.

Heart Rate Monitoring

With 5HR ranges for heart rate measurement, you can measure the intensity of your fitness routine.

Scientific Sleep Tracking

Huawei TruSleep monitors the stages of light, deep, and REM sleep so you can get the rest you deserve.

Offline Music

Without a phone, you can listen to music on an independent storage device. Take advantage of convenient access to audio files while running or working out.

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