Top 16 Best Laser Measures (2020): Buyer’s Guide and Unbiased Reviews

Many tasks require precise measurements. Accuracy is essential. Laser measuring instruments are much more convenient than tape systems.

They are popular among electricians, contractors, painters and real estate brokers, as well as DIYers who do a lot of work around the house. Check out our laser measuring device reviews and purchase guide to find the best in the market.

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Top 10 Best Laser Measures

  • Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure 196 Ft Digital Laser Tape Measure with Mute Function
  • Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure, 120-Feet GLM 35
  • Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure, 65-Feet GLM 20
  • Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter, II Class
  • Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display GLM 50 C
  • Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer with 165-Feet Range and Backlit Display
  • DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer
  • Bosch Laser Distance Measurer, 825 Feet GLR825
  • Bosch 265-Feet Lithium-Ion Laser Distance Measurer GLM 80
  • Leica DISTO E7500i 660ft Laser Distance Measure

Laser Measures Reviews

To make it easier for you to make more informed decisions, I’ve categorized the laser steps into 3 sections. These are:

  • Home-use laser measure: Used for most indoor projects
  • Mid-range laser measurement: Used for most general construction work
  • High-end laser measurement: especially for professionals
  • Below is a review of the different laser steps to help you find the right model for different projects.

Best Laser Measures for Indoor Projects

If you are a homeowner working on a small-sized, simple home remodeling project and want the best results, here are a few things you should consider when choosing the laser tape measure.

  • If you do not spend most of your time working on projects, it is advisable to take a cheap laser tape system with the most basic features.
  • Choose a laser tape that is easy to use. Some of the best home laser systems do not come with many complex features that require you to spend a lot of time configuring the measurement.
  • When it comes to small-scale home improvement projects, you won’t need a laser measurement with a long-range. Instead, go for one for a short distance. Such a measure is not only convenient but also much cheaper.

1. Bosch Compact Laser Distance Measure, 120-Feet GLM 35 – Best Laser Measure For Home Use

The GLM35 is a Bosch laser measurement with all the necessary features, including the region’s option, length, volume, distance and multiple additional continuous sizes. GLM35 lets you adjust readings to suit your needs. This laser measurement features a backlit screen for improved visibility of conditions under different lighting conditions.

This is a step towards the best laser you can easily find on the market or online because it is economically valuable and offers several unique features. This pocket-sized laser measurement provides exceptional Accuracy and facilitates access.

It is capable of measuring up to 1/16th of an inch. The Bosch GLM has 35 second-class laser products and <1 MW output. It is 1.8in. X 5.2in. X 8in. And weighs about six and a half pounds. The laser measurement, powered by several AAA batteries, measures 5.5 hp and 4.00W equipment with a 2-year warranty.

It is one of the top laser distance measuring devices that you can buy at its price. The product comes with a variety of features and is quite economical.


  • The Bose GSM35 laser measuring device carries a 2-year warranty.
  • It is equipped with a fully functional, backlit screen for better visibility under different lighting conditions.
  • The measuring device is quite accurate and can measure up to 1/16 of an inch.
  • This Class-2 laser device is powered by two AAA batteries and has a <1MW power output.


  • Its beams slightly bow.
  • It does not work on any sunny door or outside more than 40 feet.

2. Tacklife Advanced Laser Measure 196 Ft Digital Laser Tape Measure with Mute Function Laser Measuring Device with Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area and Volume Black&Orange – Best Cheap Laser Measure For Homeowner

It is a digital laser tape measure with silent function and Pythagorean mode and can measure volume, area and distance. Taking different measurements around your home is now even more comfortable with a tackle of 196 feet.

This is possible because the device comes with advanced laser technology that you can rely on to provide fast, precise measurements.


  • Ratcliffe 196 feet Advanced Laser Measure is an affordable but effective measuring device with a range of up to 60 minutes or 196 feet.
  • It features an ergonomic design, including dust and water conservation.
  • It comes with a large and clean backlit screen with multiple measurement features.


  • It does not come with a triple mounting thread.
  • Its screen is quite hard to read in direct sunlight.

3. Bosch Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure, 65-Feet GLM 20 – The Most Compact Laser Measure

Bosch by GLM20 is another laser arrangement to consider when buying an affordable yet reliable laser measuring device. The laser is accurate from one inch to 1/8th, quite impressive for a compact model. This device is the best choice for small house construction and DIY projects. However, it considers that it has a maximum limit of 65 feet.

Using this device on a construction site may be a bit off. Other than that, however, there are no other significant shortcomings of the Bosch GLM20. Bosch GLM20 offers real-time measurement. The device can calculate the distance while the user is moving. Of course, its effectiveness is not limited to that. It has a backlit LCD that lets you work with it even in low light areas.

It is a single button operation laser measurement that makes it very easy and convenient to use. Bosch’s GLM20 can also adjust the sizes. It allows you to change units of measurement in meters, inches or feet depending on your needs. As a briefly designed device, it is laser measurement when measuring hard-to-reach angles and regions. GLM 20 will completely remove the supposed gaming.


  • Accuracy up to 1/8th of an inch
  • Durable and durable design
  • Backlit LCD
  • Extremely compact
  • Interchangeable measuring units


  • It will only work for home applications.
  • It has no carry-on snap, which is essential for small tools like this.

4. Klein Tools 93LDM65 Laser Distance Measurer, 65-Foot

The 93LDM65 by Klein Tools is a laser distance measurement capable of measuring up to 65 feet. Distance with Accuracy up to 1/16th of an inch. One of the central values we consider when measuring distance measuring devices with this kind of Accuracy is that we consider it and work efficiently.

This device makes it easy to operate by quickly reading and counting the region and volume buttons and its large size. The device’s key feature is that users must have the ability to provide fractional lessons in imperial and metric units. With this tool, you have the best single touch laser measuring device that provides real-time measurement and available distance reading.

The device also features a stand-alone backlit display that allows users to read the numbers displayed even in low light conditions. The 93LDM65, designed by Klein Tools, has 8in dimensions. X 5.5 In. X 2.5in. And weighs no more than 4 pounds. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries and includes a carry case.


  • 93LDM65 can measure distances up to 65 feet. With precision up to 1/16th of an inch
  • It provides fast readings in the Imperial and Metric units.
  • 93LDM65  features large buttons for advanced activity.
  • It comes with single-distance, one-touch measurement options for quick reading.


  • That is not effective outside the backlit.
  • Uses batteries quite quickly

Best Laser Measure for General Construction

When you are using it in your free time to complete your home improvement projects on weekends. Are you a professional who needs the best measurements in the interior of the house? You will find that you need a durable laser measurement and features more than what the key features will work best for you.

5. Bosch Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measure with Color Backlit Display GLM 50 C – A Time Saver for Indoor Projects

When you look at Bosch, you will notice that they make different measuring instruments and are in the middle of the GLM 50C road type unit. This will be a bit smaller and lighter, but it will measure distances that can reach one 5 feet and it will measure length, volume, volume and even angles, and length and it is one inch and .2 degrees 1 /.

Accurate up to 16 and allows you to connect to the Bosch application to save data via Bluetooth connection. You will find that it is practical and easy to use. The technology was used and some measurements were not ideally measured due to the inability to keep the GLM perfectly stable during measurement.

However, it is an item that can be used with or beyond the application you are receiving. Internally the device’s memory is only set to 30 measurements and these will not take time to measure without using the application or allow you to rename the measurement.


  • Easy to use and very accurate
  • It has larger numbers and a brighter display that is easier to use.
  • Already brings measurement modes into place.
  • The Bluetooth feature will make it easier for you to transfer measurements to the app.


  • Measurements can be complicated to see in sunlight.
  • Hard to use for some people who are using the app.
  • The batteries are terrible and drain quickly.

6. Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer with 165-Feet Range and Backlit Display

It is a laser tape measure that is variable. It is one that can work with other Bosch applications and allow viewing of documentation. Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer has also been mentioned that the display has been dramatically improved in the backlighting display. You will find that this feature will be easier to use than what is running outside.

You’ll see that you can access a lot of features with the Bosch GLM 50. This is going to make a few real calculations that allow you to look for multiple variables.

This is going to be easier for you for multiple projects. You can use it on larger construction projects and even on DIY projects. The Range you can measure is greater than the 165 feet mentioned. It can take up to 10,000 measurements without the need to change batteries.

You’ll see this is going to be an excellent feature for you to enjoy because it won’t leave you without doing the job. You will find that product durability is the best option.


  • Has a great battery life.
  • Can perform several functions simultaneously.
  • You can work in low light.
  • It is accurate up to 1/16 inch.
  • This will prevent a lot of water and debris that you can find on a job site.


  • Metric measurements are complicated to obtain.
  • The get out function you get is only decimal feet.

7. DEWALT DW03050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer

This is another excellent product that is going to make a list of our best-measuring devices. You will see that DeWalt is a brand that has been able to gain a reputation for great tools for building materials. It is a device that can easily measure up to 165 feet.

You will be able to quickly and automatically calculate the device for volume and field. It will have an indirect height instrument that will use the Pythagorean function to take measurements. This is a tool that will compare the last five measurements if you want. It has a double-lined backlit that will provide a great view that you can see.

It has a weight that can feel heavy as soon as it comes within the ten-pound mark. You will find that you only need to take two AAA batteries and get a measurement within 1.5mm to operate it. You will enjoy the present warranty.


  • This is the one that will automatically do the calculations you need for the region and volume.
  • This allows you to store up to five readings for comparison.
  • You’ll find 2-line backlights that make it easy for you to see in all situations.
  • You will see that it measures accurately within 1.5 mm.
  • It comes with a protective pouch and a three-year warranty.


  • You will see the device work best inside the house.
  • Accuracy seen as a problem in rare cases.

8. Bosch 265-Feet Lithium-Ion Laser Distance Measurer GLM 80 – Best Laser Measuring Tool for Construction

It is a device that makes it easy for you to measure angles and distances. You will see that it will use laser technology, which is very advanced, to give accurate measurements.

The battery is a lithium-ion battery that gives you 25,000 measurements before charging the battery but makes it easier for you to enable indirect measures. The backlit display will come with a tilt-display that makes it easy for you to see from all angles.


  • It is a device that will measure a lot before it is charged.
  • The covered distance is up to 265 feet.
  • It is very user-friendly and compact.
  • This tool allows you to keep indirect measurement tools, an excellent feature for getting estimates on some measurements.


  • It’s a tool that makes it feel fragile when you’re using it.
  • You will find that your reference point may need to be reset on a reasonably regular basis and it may quickly become obsolete.

9. Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red

This is one of the most expensive laser tools we have included in our review, but Licor has some great features. A 330-foot Disto D2 is available with Bluetooth 4.0 devices. It will come in two colors and have a Class 2 laser that puts out 1 MW of power.

It gives excellent readings in 1/16 of an inch. This allows you to transfer your data to the software quickly. You will see that the internal memory will store up to 10 measurements. The weight you get is going to be around the four-pound mark.

This is the part that will use the activity of Pythagoras to measure the width and height. It allows you to get an intelligent measurement of angles and space.


  • It will have a carry pouch, a warranty, a wrist lanyard and will only use 2 AAA batteries.
  • It is a second class laser that holds 1MW of power.
  • Uses Bluetooth technology to transfer readings.
  • You get a brilliant finish that makes it easier for you to get into more challenging spaces.
  • You get a brilliant finish that makes it easier for you to get into more challenging areas.
  • It can take indirect measurements to get the width and height of the space.


  • This is not a good sketch app.
  • It is not intended for regular use.

10. Bosch Bluetooth Enabled 330-Foot Lithium-Ion Laser Distance and Angle Measurer GLM 100 C

It is a laser device that allows you to syndicate measurement accuracy with a way to know Bluetooth wireless. It’s a great product that uses the best technology to create the best dimensions and instantly transmit it to smart applications using the Bosch GLM Computes mobile app.

It has a tremendous elongated measurement detachable device. It has a great memory storage capacity and angle dimensions for two axes but it also has almost all the measurement solutions you can measure.


  • It will have a function to use the remote control, making it easier for you to reach tough spots and achieve exacting dimensions.
  • It’s going to use Bluetooth know-how technology that allows you to send all your data wirelessly using the Fee mobile application.
  • It will have a two-axis to allow accurate assessment radar to measure 360 degrees.


  • The Range is not that long compared to other devices in the same class.

11. Leica DISTO E7400x 265ft Laser Distance Meter, Red/Black – Best Laser Measuring Tool for Appraisers

It is an excellent tool for interiors; you will see that it is a great brand known for optic products. As this is the case, it will be one of the best choices in this category. It has a range of 395 feet and will fit within 1/16 of a 1 inch and will work great for any of the built-in built projects you will work on.

With this product, you will see that it works outdoors but it can be challenging for you to see the display and is more suitable for indoor use. Some comments and answers say that it is only used outside at sunset or sunrise. It can be used better if you use laser glasses.


  • It is IP65 certified for water jet protection and dust resistance. Has a 2-meter drop rating. 
  • You will see it has an automatic end piece to reach the corner.
  • It weighs less.


  • There is no point finder for outdoor use which makes it difficult to find measurements outside.
  • It can only be expensive for interior use.

12. Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter

Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter is an excellent measure of distance to measure, not a blade. It is a 635 nm Class II laser with an output of 1 MW and will give you great readings up to 165 feet. It is a device that has one-button activity and will quickly find the distance between two objects.

Fluke 414D Laser Distance Meter has some of the best technology that will help measure distance. This will allow you to take text indirectly using the Pythagorean function. This is a tool that will work fast. It’s a tool that’s going to come around the ten-pound mark.

You will find that it allows you to get a three-year warranty from Fluke and it is very straightforward and easy to use. With features, it keeps some of the best balance for your budget. You will find that it is a tool that you do not want to spend too much time on the specifications of the instrument.


  • It is a 635nm laser that is rated as second class.
  • It can measure accurately with 50 / m +/- 2 nm.
  • This is going to be a single button operation.
  • You will see that this is not a warranty.
  • You will get pouches to carry air.


  • It does not have a Bluetooth option.
  • It would help if you separated the batteries.

13. Bosch Laser Distance Measurer, 825 Feet GLR825

The exact distance can be set up to 825 feet by Bosch GRL 825 with a higher degree within 1/25 inch. It has been rated as the most accurate and longest outdoor laser measurement available on the market so far.

Its Range of computing quickly implies that this product is designed for large tasks requiring higher precision.

Eleven measurement modes come with choosing what your needs depend on at the time. You can choose the one that fits best at any time based on its use. There are new functions that include great modes like coiled indirect mode.


  • It is loaded with a 1.6x stretch viewfinder that helps measure the door and stabilize over a long-range.
  • Further measurement modes are included for improved exploration of condition measurements.
  • The display is very stress-free to read and understand


  • The tutoring manual is not very clear or useful enough to help with more complex problems.

14. Leica DISTO E7500i 660ft Laser Distance Measure w/Bluetooth & DISTO Sketch iPad iPhone App, Black/Red

The Leica Disto E7500i is an excellent choice for both exterior and interior. With 1/16 inch (1.0 millimeters) of precision and a range of 650 feet, this is the ideal choice if you use it frequently for both exterior and interior.

Like the Bosch GLR 825, it is an exceptional device with many different functions. It may not be suitable for most architects. But it can also be a great choice if you need some of the skills that it provides.


  • Integrated with versatility, it is stress-free to use.
  • It provides incredible Accuracy of about 1 mm which is better than 1/16-inch wide at laser measurement loads.
  • The keypad and cover are well covered against dust and water so the discovery can be used in a variety of setups.


  • Its laser measurements disconnect large amounts of power from batteries, which means they need to be replaced every few hours.

15. Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter, II Class – Professional’s Choice

Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter professional-grade laser distance meters provide a much easier and faster way to measure in complex situations.

It provides you with external features that minimize errors and save time, making it easier to perform your daily measurement tasks.


  • It has a very high accuracy of about 1 mm and an impressive range of measurements of 330 feet (or 100 meters)
  • The 4-line display comes with backlights and is easy to read
  • Improved battery life with environmental protection to ensure stability


  • A bit expensive

16. Leica Disto D810 Touchscreen Laser Distance Meter with 4.0 Bluetooth, 650-Feet Range and 1mm Accuracy, with Red Glasses for enhanced Red laser beam visibility – Best Outdoor Laser Measure

With the Leica Disto D810, we are getting very serious. With a range of up to 650 feet (or 200 meters) with 1/16 inch (1.0 millimeters) of Accuracy, this is a great choice if you use it a lot more, both externally and internally.

The model will probably be very specialized for most architects but some who do the measurement work and have plenty on site will find it very useful. We think this is an excellent choice for both exterior and interior, but always keep in mind that this tool will be highly specialized and very special and expensive for most architects.


  • Very accurate
  • The Point Finder camera is capable of 4x zoom as well as onscreen targeting with a cross hair.
  • Measured up to 650 feet outside or inside the house
  • Bluetooth


  • The product is very specialized. Before buying the device, make sure that you have all the features.

What’s a Laser Tape Measure?

A laser tape measure is also known as a laser rangefinder and it determines the distance of an object using a laser beam.

Laser tape systems typically use the method of noticing narrow laser beams on objects and then return by measuring the time it takes to reach an ounce. The method may not be as accurate as others but it is incredibly effective for 3D modeling.

Why Should I Make the Switch to Laser?

Switching to a high-tech laser device can be quite complicated, especially after getting used to non-frills and hard tape sizes.

People are often reluctant to believe in new products and will continue to test measurements on tape measures just to make sure. But it is essential to know that you can find some high-quality laser systems in the market that offer several significant benefits.

1. It Requires Just One Person

If you want to tape your tape measure in the middle, you no longer have to risk squeezing on the ladder by trying to measure from a window frame to the wall.

Laser systems allow only one person to measure long, both easily and quickly.

2. Simple Operation

A regular tape measure may slip or bend, but a laser beam does not fall. You also don’t have to worry about removing any obstacles before you measure.

3. Easy Measurements

Some measurements can be difficult when using a traditional tape measures – for example, very high ceilings or long diagonals. Laser systems get rid of such problems.

4. Longer Distance

With a laser measurement, you no longer have to measure tape to take more extended measurements.

5. Accuracy

You never have to rely on your eyesight and judgment when trying to see if the smaller line marks the eighth or sixteenth of an inch. A laser measurement does this for you and lets you read the measure on its digital display.

How Do Laser Tape Measures Work?

There are different variants of the product, but the general idea is this: from the beginning, just point the laser beam towards the end point. When you see a red dot at the point you want to measure, press and click the button.

The device measures the length of the laser beam and instantly displays an accurate measurement on the screen. You can choose whether to take measurements in feet and inches, inches or metrics. Laser measurement also simplifies your task by calculating the amount of area and volume for you.

Buyer’s Guide: Important Considerations When You Are Buying a Laser Measure

Since you are now ready to measure the endurance tape and the pencil beforehand and have started using the modern laser measurement, it is important to consider certain factors.

Finding the best and acquiring the best qualities. So, what are the things you should keep in mind before buying a laser measurement?

1. Range

Like traditional steroid tape systems, laser systems have a limitation of the distance they can measure, but usually more distances are measured than foam tape systems. The ranges from one model to the next vary significantly.

Basic models typically have a range of not less than 65 feet or 20 meters, but higher end models can have up to 800 feet or 240 meters. Mid-range models are capable of measuring distances between 100feet or 30 meters and 300 feet or 91 meters.

  • A basic model capable of measuring up to 65 feet suits you perfectly if you need laser measurements for small tasks around your apartment, small business, or medium-sized American home.
  • A mid-range model of 2,400 square feet or more is ideal for large projects, large warehouses, high or angled roofed houses, agricultural property or large projects.
  • Field workers, construction contractors, and road workers will appreciate the Range of high-range and high-medium models capable of measuring longer than American football.

3. Size

The laser systems currently available in the market fit easily in the palm but some are still larger than others. If your hands are small and need a smaller unit that you can easily control, or if you have larger hands and need a larger laser measurement for ease of use, you can check the exact size of the buying model.

In addition to how the laser measurement fits in your hand, it is also essential to consider how it fits your tool belt or toolbox.

4. Memory

Many laser measurement models can store multiple measurements, which means you never have to worry about writing measurements while walking side by side.

Most models can store at least a few measurements. If you plan to use it for complex or large jobs, look for one that is capable of storing multiple measurements. For small jobs, memory is not an important consideration.

5. Screen backlighting

Working in dimly lit or dark conditions means you have to buy a unit with a backlit screen. However, the backlit screen will not be particularly important when you are working out during the day.

Again, it is important to consider the settings in which the laser will be used and determine if backlighting is a feature or an additional feature that you do not need to use.

6. Speed

Everyone likes competitive jobs as soon as possible. Technology is about efficiency, which loosely translates into faster implementation in the best effective way. We are all aware of how to save a minute in the process of working here.

You don’t need any tools that effectively slow down both and get you from one point to another. Switch on the button It is important to look for a device capable of producing results in seconds.

7. A Holster Can Be Useful

Some laser gauges include a holster that can be worn on an instrument belt, others will simply include the unit. Of course, if a holster is an item that is important to you, you should search for a model with it as a standard rather than buying a holster that will pay you a standard or extra price.

This consideration comes down to the frequency with which you are using the tool. If you use a laser regularly in your daily activities, it will be a very beneficial time saver if you have it nearby.

8. The Price

The cost of one piece of equipment is always a reason to consider; Therefore, shopping near you should not be avoided for laser measurements that come within your financial budget.

There are many more options available across the market at various price points and you may be able to find reasonable options within your budget without too much difficulty.

If you want to buy a less expensive model, you need to have some premium features in mind, so you should consider what laser measurement to use before deciding which option to buy.

9. Batteries And Battery Life

All laser steps have either rechargeable or replaceable battery, and the battery’s size depends on the level and type of use. Most units will require a new battery or about two or four hours of regular battery recharge.

If this laser is chosen, it may be helpful to keep extra batteries with you and charge the thing when you are not using it. Some units come with an automatic shut-off feature to extend battery life.

10. Noise Problems

You need to consider whether the term laser meter is of concern. If you are working with other people in an area, they may be annoyed if a laser beeps constantly; Therefore, in this situation, it is better to look for a laser meter with silent properties.

You can’t take care of this aspect but it is something that should be taken into consideration. Most laser units, but not all, have a mute feature and you should test it before purchasing if it is important.

11. Resistance To Water

You don’t want to throw your laser gauge into the water anytime soon, but if you’re working in a wet environment, it’s important to consider whether the laser has any water-resistant properties.

When buying the item, you are advised to consider your regular work setting and decide whether water resistance is important. For example, if you are working on an indoor construction project, water resistance will not be a problem; However, if you are working on an outdoor project, you may need to deal with damp conditions.

12. The Warranty

It is always helpful to have a manufacturer’s warranty as part of the product purchase. When investing a significant amount of money in a quality laser gauge, you are given a kind of assurance to get your money’s value in the long run.

Good products usually come with a one-year warranty and this is a good indication that manufacturers are confident about the quality of their products. You can discover that the price will increase in certain cases, but it will also increase the warranty price.

13. The Functionality Of The Laser Tape Measure

Most models of this type of measurement have different functionalities that show inches, decimal feet, feet and inches or metrics. Almost laser measuring models are able to calculate common distances, volumes and regions; However, specific models can calculate more complex geometries.

The average current, hobbyist or contractor has to calculate exclusively volume, distance and region. If you plan to use this piece of equipment for a more advanced project, it is important to review a summary of your performing functions.

  • Length – Used to measure the basic distance between two points, such as the length of a baseboard, the length of a wall, or the doors and windows’ width.
  • Area – Used to calculate the overall surface area from length to width, such as the need for painting for the wall’s surface area, for landscaping a floor or patio for tiling.
  • Volume – Used to calculate the size of space from the width, length and height, such as the amount needed to fill a garden bed, the amount of water to fill a swimming pool or the amount of concrete needed to build a driveway.
  •  Multi-surface Tasks – Used to calculate the overall area of multiple surfaces of common height or length, including garden plots or walls.
  • Continuous Measuring – Used for walking off a door, measuring along walls or other types of surfaces including lawn or property line edges.
  •  Max/Min Measurement Mode – Used for precise measurements at the longest or shortest distance from a specific reference point to a point.
  • Max/Min Measurement Mode – Used for precise measurements at the longest or shortest distance from a particular reference point to a point.
  • Pythagoras/Single Indirect – Indirectly used to measure height or width from a set distance. Do you remember the Pythagorean theory from high school geometry classes? You only need two measurements for indirect calculation of vertical or horizontal distance with any triangle.
  • Pythagoras/Double Indirect – Used to measure parts of overall height from a distance. You will need three measurements to identify the vertical and horizontal distances, including a triangle. It is useful for detecting partial height, such as window height or porch.
  • Pythagoras/Combined Indirect – Used to measure the overall height from a certain distance.
  • Trapezoid – Used to calculate angled surfaces, including roof opals, ceiling opals or trapezoidal-shaped front areas.
  • Stake-Out: Used to regularly measure the same length for placing a few junctions or stacks, such as a given post or fence posts.
  • Angle Measuring – Used to measure angles between two separate items such as slanted ceiling angles, roof pitches or angles designed to be wider or narrower than ninety degrees.

Laser measuring instruments are extremely useful for a plethora of purposes and there are plenty of options on the market. As can be seen from the list above, there are many things to consider when buying your own laser measurement.

Using this list, you are advised to weigh the points and be able to determine which laser is most beneficial for your needs quickly.

Tips For Using A Laser Tape Measure

A simple but revolutionary gadget compared to the general method of measuring a laser tape measure. It is precisely within eight inches of an inch up to 300 inches and it can, for example, measure distances up to 650 feet.

This makes a laser tape measure great for a variety of industries like construction but it is also a useful item for the homeowner. In this reading, we are going to mention a few tips for using a laser tape measure.

Using a Target

Your goal is generally not needed when measuring distances less than 100 feet unless the laser optics can hit an object. In this case, even a simple one like post-brick notes would work perfectly as a goal. When working at distances greater than 100 feet, a reflective target is proposed.

The new laser tape systems can operate up to 300 feet in sunlight without the need for a target. However, outside of this distance, a reflective goal is needed to get a measurement.


Using this device for measurement is quite straightforward, just position it against an item and notice the laser of the item you want to measure.

Just by pressing the “measure” button, you will instantly get a reading of the distance. Some of these gadgets will also give you an option in inch and metric readouts.

Measuring Longer Distances

When measuring longer distances significantly in sunlight, you may have difficulty seeing the laser dot on the distant target. It becomes harder to know if you measure the ideal distance.

If you are conducting this type of work, use a wide viewfinder which is often found in some laser tape measurement models. Others include an alchemical viewfinder that enlarges to a larger size.

Additional Keys

A standard laser tape measure will have addition and subtraction buttons. Most people will definitely not find the requirements for these and stick to the basics. However, these buttons can be very effective in cases like triangulation measurements, where there is no clear target.

For example, when you measure the front of your house you can lighten up with a dye and then press the plus key for another corner. Arrange this in the same step. Do this for all parties and will measure your entire home.

Subtraction keys can be used in the same way. You can read the device owner’s manual to discover more about digital laser tape measurement.


Since the gadget depends on any laser, the laser must be properly aligned and kept clean. Only then will you be able to make accurate measurements regularly.

Use it regularly Get a standard lens cleaner. Not only that, it should be stored properly when you are not using it. This reduces the chances of potential scratches from other items in your toolbox.

Check the alignment of the laser regularly, especially if the device is regularly moved around. You should find your alignment instructions in the manual of the model.

How to Measure an Exterior Wall?

Q: What Can I Do With a Laser Tape Measure?

The best laser tape model will be able to help you take measurements in a simple and precise manner. You can also use the device to measure distances as the technology involved is incredibly accurate. The devices allow you to store measurements for future reference that are ideally adjusted. Most of these models ideally help to convert the unit.

Q: What are The Features of The Best Laser Tape Measure?

The typical standard tape measure activities include length, field, volume, multi-surface, maximum and minimum measurement, real-time continuous measurement, angle measurement, trapezoid and stack out.

Q: What Is Covered Under the Warranty?

Not often, manufacturers offer a 2-3 year warranty on these devices. Warranties include anything related to the quality of the material used to make the gadget or the product’s manufacturer. Some companies offer a money-back guarantee and even a 30-day trial period, so you can be sure that any product doesn’t work or avoid any costs that don’t meet your needs.


Laser Measures Of course, By adopting an array of laser measurements in a more accurate, efficient and faster way than their common parts, you already see the benefit of power. You will not only benefit from higher Accuracy and an extended range as well as a more straightforward operation.

You no longer have to waste your time and energy with a simple tape measure because you will have a device that allows you to do the job conveniently.

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