Best Gas Grills Under $500

Warmer weather and longer days means grilling season is on the way. If you’re a beginner or an experienced BBQ professional If you’re in the looking for your next grill, you’ll be looking for one that’s worth your budget.

With numerous brands and numerous types We’re here to assist. If your budget is less than $500 for gas grills This is the post you’ve been searching for. We looked into dozens of gas grills within this price range and chose the top seven gas grills for under $500.

Here are our top, high-end and affordable grills.



Produced by Weber the famous grill maker known for its top-quality and durable machines The Weber Spirit II E-310 is our pick for the top all-round grill for less than $500. This grill is beautiful sturdy, long-lasting, and will provide many years of cooking that is high-performance.

Weber Spirit II E-310 Weber Spirit II E-310 is packed with features that allow grilling for a large group easy. It features an area for grilling of 424 square inches. That means that you can cook around 20 burgers at a at the same time. There’s more than enough space to cook enough food for a large group.

It comes with Weber’s revolutionary exclusive GS4 grilling system that features infinity ignition, robust burners, a grease-management system as well as Flavorizer bars. Two side tables to provide additional storage space, and six hooks for your spatulas and tongs as well as grill brush.

The performance is exceptional with three powerful burners that allow the precise control of temperature. The cast-iron cooking grates made of porcelain allow you to create perfect sear marks, but ensure that cleanup is quick and easy. The grill is available in natural gas and propane fuel versions. It is sturdy, reliable, attractive and stunning grill.


This four-burner Monument Grills grill provides a high-quality grilling at low cost. This grill can provide you with many years of premium outdoor cooking.

Offering 72,000 BTUs of unbeatable cooking power, the Monument Grill includes both a side burner and a sear burner. Four stainless steel burners perform exceptional. With its huge grilling space This grill provides ample space to cook enough food for large crowds.

A rare grill at this price and it has two burners on the sides. Sear is great for cooking steaks, or any other meat cut which requires a lot of temperature. The cast-iron grates coated with porcelain produce stunning grill marks that make the food tasty but visually appealing. You’ll be viewed as the best at grilling even though you’re just beginning.

The grill comes with the LED-lit knobs for an easy grilling experience at night or under other conditions with low light. The bright stainless steel finish looks amazing on any patio.


The smaller brother of the most popular grill in this list The Weber Spirit II E-210 provides the same grilling experience but in a smaller unit. It is a sturdy design and is an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient two-burner grill that is also high-end. The grill comes with all the features are required to cook great food time after time.

With a fairly compact footprint and foldable shelf, it can be able to fit in the tiniest the patios and decks. However, when it’s moment to cook, the main grilling area is large enough and provides enough space to accommodate every crowd. Side shelves add storage space, as does the open cart design. The six hooks for utensils let you keep your most valuable tools at hand.

Weber’s GS4 grilling system is constant and reliable heating. The cast-iron cooking grates made of porcelain are constructed to last and hold the heat for longer to cook food. Additionally, they’re easy to clean. The open cart design in general makes it easier to do cleaning and maintenance for your grill and gives you the space to enjoy the meal and unwind after a delicious dinner.


It’s possible that you don’t know that name Broil King But you ought to. The Canadian company makes top-quality but inexpensive grills. Its Broil King Monarch 320 model is among the tiniest three-burner grills available that are available, however it packs a punch for a small size.

With only 22 inches of width This grill is able to fit in the smallest of space. Don’t let the tiny dimensions fool you. The grilling space is large and will be able to feed the whole extended family.

With Linear Flow Valves as well as the the perfect Flav-R-Wave cooking method it gives you the complete control of the cooking experience. Die-cast aluminum lids provide high heat retention and the three powerful burners guarantee an even heating.

One of the most distinctive characteristics in this model Broil King Monarch 320 is its casting iron cooking grids that are reversible. On one side grids, they are pointed to provide you with best grill marks. On the other, there is a groove to help capture juices and cook your food.

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To back up their high-quality claims, Broil King grills come with a lifetime guarantee for the lid as well as cookbox. Because these are two areas most likely be the most worn and tear, this warranty is a significant benefit.


With four cook-tops, the dependable Kenmore name is the top choice for a grill with four burners under $500. Kenmore’s Kenmore Stainless Steel 4 Burner Propane Grill offers quality performance in a fashionable stainless steel box. The model is able to be converted to natural gas by buying the kit to convert natural gas.

The main burners produce an impressive 40000 BTU’s. It’s a grill that quickly heats up and is able to maintain the temperature. The grids for cooking are made from stainless steel. They assure an even distribution of heat and cook. They’re also simple to maintain. Additionally, there’s the side-burner, which produces 13,000 BTU more, which is more than enough for cooking your food or sauce.

Kenmore Stainless Steel 4 Burner Propane Grill Kenmore Stainless Steel 4 Burner Propane Grill is constructed of stainless steel and powder coated steel that looks nice but also makes it more durable and long-lasting. Even though it’s a weighty grill, it’s very easy to move due to it’s rolling casters.

Overall, it’s an excellent grill with four burners at affordable prices.

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