best gaming headset under 300

HyperX Cloud Stinger

When I was deciding on the top PC gaming headsets for under $300, I debated if I should consider a headset at this price. In the end, how much quality do you expect from an PC gaming headset for just a few dollars? A lot, in fact.

Cloud Stinger Cloud Stinger is the entry-level PC gaming headset made by HyperX. The entry-level gaming headsets on the market aren’t always low-cost also. If you spend a little you will get a gaming headset that’s extremely comfortable and has good audio quality. Cloud Stinger Cloud Stinger is lightweight, has a 90-degree rotating ear cup 50mm directional drivers an adjustable slider made of steel, as well as an earpiece that can be used as a noise cancelling microphone.

This means that you will get plenty of value for money. I know this because I use a pair of these as the primary headset for gaming on PC. After I moved, my Astros were destroyed and I was just building an entirely new gaming system. I rushed into the closest electronics shop to purchase a cheap headset. One year and an hour more later, I don’t have a major issue which would prompt me to replace the headset.

Steelseries Arctis 5

If you’re looking for gaming headsets that are concerned, this could be my top pick for budget. At a price of $100, Steelseries packed so much good things into a small package. Visit their Steelseries website and check the amount of occasions their marketing team participated on “award-winning” about this headset and you’ll have an idea of the product they managed to create.

The Arctis 5 is a cool-looking headset built with sturdy construction and the capability to modify it using Prism RGB Illumination. I am awestruck by that feature because my entire peripherals as well as my computer come with the same lighting scheme. In addition to aesthetics the Arctis 5 utilizes AirWeave fabric inside the ear cups, which means that there is no sweat in your ear and comfort for long-lasting playing sessions.

The microphone is a pleasure for this budget of gaming headsets. The ClearCast microphone on the Arctis 5 is one you would expect to find in headsets that cost twice the cost. It is also Discord-certified as an added benefit. The microphone is also retractable that can be used for positively or negatively. If you’re an adult and are able to take good care of your belongings this is an excellent feature. I wouldn’t recommend it to children or teen, since I have observed that they’re susceptible to breaking objects.

Arctic 5 Arctic 5 is the first headset to be featured with surround sound as well as mixer. These are two excellent features for any price, and especially priced under $100. The S1 driver for speakers as well as DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround audio This gaming headset delivers high-quality audio so that you can experience every sound exactly as the designers wanted to. In addition, the integrated ChatMix dial allows you to find the ideal mix of the game’s audio and chat audio specially designed for your.

Sennheiser GAME ONE

If you’ve not had the pleasure of hearing about Sennheiser then you’re not an authentic audiophile. There is no need become obsessed by the topmost level of audio. The only thing you should be aware of about this Sennheiser label is the fact that a majority think their products are as the top of the line.

Gaming headsets go, you’re going to have to compromise in this price range. The audio quality of this GAME ONE headset is as excellent as any headset available.

Sennheiser is an German company, which means that you can count on the best quality when it comes to technology. The headset is lightweight and comfortable, with each component carefully designed to ensure that the whole headset is more than all of the components. For lengthy gaming sessions the GAME ONE comes with a luxurious velvet earcups, a cushioned headband and an open design. This means that you’ll feel at ease and cool throughout your gaming.

The GAME ONE offers an exceptionally constructed microphone that has noise cancellation capabilities. Controls integrated into the right earcup and the microphone comes with the ability to quickly mute that allows you to lift the microphone to the vertical position, and then go silence on radio.

Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2

Wow. This is all. This headset is great and I’m shocked that I’m writing about two headsets which will be more expensive than the Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2. This headset Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 is amazing on paper and from my experience I keep telling myself that I don’t really need them.

Let’s begin in the music department. This headset is capable of 7.1 surround-sound. There are ten audio divers in the headset. This means that you’ll have inside each ear, a subwoofer that is 40mm, as well as two drivers of 30mm for center/left and two 20mm drivers for side and rear. In addition the headset has an audio controls unit which means you can do plenty of flexibility in the way of personalization.

In terms of looks and build the headset is both comfortable and looks fantastic. With ear cup covers that are removable You have some aesthetic options to think about. If you decide to use clear ones, you’ll take advantage of the internal LED lights that are powered through Razer Chroma. In contrast, if you prefer an elegant design, the solid cover are the best choice. The headband of the Tiamat is designed ergonomically to help balance the weight of the headset during lengthy gaming sessions. It also has the strength and durability of steel construction. The microphone is what you’d expect in this price. The only downside is that the earphones use leatherette, which can make my ears sweaty after prolonged periods of use.

Astro A40 TR and MixAmp

Astro and eSports both go hand-in-hand. In my gaming retail management days when I was managing retail, it was said that the Astro headset was by far the top choice by gamers of all kinds. It’s for a good reason too, as they’re high-end. My personal collection consisted of a couple A40s for a while and I understand is the main point.

The A40s are very comfortable, well-balanced and well-constructed headset. They are stylish too. If you’ve ever looked at the Astros They have distinct style and design that is extremely pleasing and gives off a distinctive “high-end gaming” vibe. These Astros are also well-known for their customizing capabilities, with the option of ordering unique earrings directly from their website. Even though the ear cups are made from fake leather, they’re protected by a cloth that protects the ears from sweat.

From a quality of sound perspective from a sound quality perspective, the Astro A40s are in the same league as everything other in this price range. The A40s come with Dolby Audio that provides a full immersive 3D experience. When using a PC you can choose between the choice for Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos. With the MixAmp you get an in-line audio card as part of your headset. Additionally, you get lag-free/interference-free Dolby Surround Sound with all of the controls over your audio levels that you would want. In addition, the audio you receive will sound excellent and clear, but the microphone also allows you to transmit it to the listener with the same high-quality.

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