Top 10 Best Fluke Digital Multimeter Reviews 2021

There are several options that you can discover when buying a new fluke digital multimeter. But one of the sea of multimeter manufacturers stands as the most reliable name in electric metering.

This name is Fluke. Open the bag of any electronic equipment and chances are good you will see a fluke meter back at you. Known for their accuracy and reliability, fluke meters set a bar that is measured against all other multimeters.

Any multimeter with a fluke badge will provide you with accurate reading and excellent dependability. Still, they have different strengths, weaknesses and sets of features that can be applied more than once for a particular situation.

The following reviews will simplify the information and help you determine which of the Top 10 Best fluke Digital Multimeters will best meet your needs.

1. Fluke 116-Best Digital Multimeter For HVAC

If you are looking for a suitable enough multimeter for both regular home-use and professional purposes, the 116 Fluke digital multimeter is the right place to start!

The 116 multimeter is convenient and one of the most intuitive multimeters for users. It’s not rocket science to handle but it’s still with capabilities and features.

If you haven’t already guessed from the name, the Fluke 116 Best Multimeter meters A great feature about this multimeter is that it has a built-in thermometer that you can use to determine the temperature on their devices.

Pretty much, isn’t it? The 116 multimeter also provides you with microamp testing that can be used to test flame sensing which we think is quite necessary with HVACS.

In addition to these, this multimeter also uses Lodge. Lodge ensures that the multimeter is not involved in false reading through the misdirected voltage; Something common and common with most basic multimeters.

With a small, ergonomically framed, this device uses a lightweight body with a huge, white LED-backlit display weighing 2 pounds.

In addition to all these testing capabilities, resistance testing, continuity testing, frequency testing and capacitance testing, the Fluke 116 HVAC multimeter makes a great multimeter for both demanding and professional performance for electric people! And it’s comfortable and affordable! Not a bad thing, now what? Speaking of which, the Fluke 116 multimeter comes with a very generous 3-year warranty.

And for added protection and reassurance, the device comes with CAT III 600 rating!

Look for the recipe that makes the Fluke 116 HVAC multimeter in 116 HVAC multimeter among the best digital fluke multimeters for home-at-work purposes.

. Design-in thermometer
. Micro camp for testing flame sensors

2. Fluke 115-Best Fluke Multimeter for Automotive

If you are looking for a multimeter for an electrician, fluke 115 True-RMS Digital Multimeter is one of the best fluke multimeters to consider for mechanics! The 115 True-RMS Digital Multimeter is a dedicated device that every professional technician can appreciate.

It features true RMS to provide its users with the most precise and accurate measurements. Although the Fluke 116 has a lot in common with the HVAC in terms of performance and capabilities. Basic test capabilities such as: resistance, oscillation and capacitance; Record information, and more.

However, there are still several differences that make the Fluke 115 a slightly higher capacitance and capable than the 116. First, the 115 has a larger display screen that makes it easier to see. It has a maximum voltage AC / DC 600V.

More or less, they both share similar features, but the 115 True-RMS digital multimeter is undoubtedly more of an automotive multimeter than a home-use device. Another neat feature about this amazing multimeter is that it has NIST calibration feature which ensures that the device fills some manufacturer’s space and quality.

Of course, that’s what you were expecting from Fluke and to top it off, it comes with a Cat III 600V protection rating for added user protection.But that’s not all there is to this multimeter. The Fluke 115 device also comes with the company’s standard warranty. Cheers year and year of use!

3. Fluke 101- Best General Purpose Fluke Multimeter

We understand that everyone is looking for high capacitance and Herculean grade multimeters. Sometimes, all you need to do is do something. For those looking for the best fluke multimeter for beginners for home use, we have the Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter.

The Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter is called a basic, comprehensive and easily readable. It is the first and foremost, super compact, petite and lightweight that allows you to use it alone with maximum comfort and ease.

So small that you carry it in your pocket! It has a sufficient amount of screen size and is super portable. Despite the timid size, the Fluke Basic 101 is no less than a multimeter in terms of performance.

It is made for a very reliable device for multimeters working DIY electronics but it is powerful enough to serve as a go-to device for basic and residential or commercial electricians and heating and air conditioning technicians.

The 101 Basic Multimeter also has a power save mode which we think is a great way to ensure your runtime is as long as possible. It has an automatic ranging option for quick and easy testing and a data hold function to save your readings for later reference.

And to ensure maximum user protection for both you and your equipment, this device also meets IEC61010-1 CATIII 600V rating criteria. Packed several punches for size, we must admit.

However, this is not the end of the Fluke 101 Basic Multimeter. You also get a smart magnetic versatile strap, also known as a flutetrap, which carries the device and makes it more labor-intensive in situations where you can’t hold it. Small, but smart. Oh, and it’s also quite a budget multimeter!

4. Fluke 77 IV Digital Multimeter

With four inputs and minimum/maximum recording capabilities, the Fluke 77-IV is a great multimeter for any autonomous application. Although it doesn’t quite match the 88V, it does cost a bit less. A major drawback behind the 77-IV is that it is not a true RMS multimeter. If you really need RMS power, you’ll need to spend extra instead of 88V. Despite these errors, this unit is still very capable. It takes all standard measurements and provides an accuracy of 0.3 percent. The large backlit LCD display is easy to see in any situation, although we prefer the white backlight found in some of the other Fluke models.

5. Fluke 87-V- Best Fluke Digital Multimeter for Electronics

The next name to turn it into our list of the best meters in the world for review by electronics is one of the best around the fluke multimeter. This is the Fluke 87-V and Best multimeter for HVAC use. Yes, the 87-V multimeter is a bit expensive. When you slowly begin to realize how fast and great a device really is.

The 87-V is absolutely the best digital multimeter for DIY electronics who need something in the HVAC section. It can also measure very sharp design-in thermometers to accurately detect voltage, frequency, current, current and even temperature.

With the thermocouple included with the purchase, you can simply test everything from her to the liquid! In addition, the Fluke 87-V multimeter offers both auto and manual for the fastest and most accurate measurement. It has real RMS, which ensures that the reeds are free from false input due to ghost voltage. This device has a data saving feature that eliminates the need always to have a pen and paper by your side.

It automatically saves data so you can instantly refer to it again! And these are all displayed in very sharp dual display resolutions! One of the more advanced and high quality multimeters on our list today! And it is very common for users to forget to turn off a multimeter and discard its advanced life, the 87-V digital multimeter comes with an auto turn off at ease! One of this multimeter’s best features is its audible alertness that lets you know every time you do something wrong! A great way to make sure you’ve got the perfect measurement.

And last but not least, one of the best Fluke automotive multimeters comes with an 87-V digital with a lifetime warranty! Multimeters must be invested in engineering students.

6. Fluke 323- Best Fluke Clamp Meter For HVAC

Our 6th Pick on the best electronic multimeters list is a leap away from your generic and traditional thematic devices. The Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter is your solution for more convenient and modern electrical testing! The first thing you will notice about the Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter is its clamp.

The price is fair enough and the device is so easy to test and analyze electronically. How come? Well, unlike the alligator clamp that had to be pierced on the wires and other surfaces, the clamp (or jaw) can open around the wire and check the involved and electrical factors.

You can say that it has no touch method. All you have to do is get inside the wire and turn off the left! Your reading is ready! Great multimeter for computer repair. And having true RMS, the 323 clamp multimeter is not just fat, just as accurate and precise.

You are less likely to misread from any ghost voltage! Now let’s start with the user’s comfort. This is not a heavy and huge device. It is compact, super lightweight and portable enough for one-handed use. Having said that, the build is great and durable with a proportionally sized display screen, which is not disappointing! Oh, and it has an audible continuity sensor that can tell you that your circuit is conducting electricity.

Smart! And has met ICC safety standards 61010-1 and is rated for CAT IV Installation 30000 and CAT III Installation 600V. This device comes with all the protection and quality assurance you deserve. But again, you only get the standard warranty, just not bad. Not bad at all!

7. Fluke 117- Best Fluke Multimeter for Mechanics

If you are looking for a groove a multimeter above the 116 Fluke digital multimeter, the 117 True RMS multimeter is the best place to start! The Fluke 117 True RMS multimeter looks very similar to the first 116 devices.

It has the same body, the same build, the same construction, and the same feeling. And of course, 117 can do everything 116 multimeter can. But they do not doubt that the Fluke 117 True RMS multimeter is the most advanced device between the two. This device measures voltage, capacitance, oscillation and continuity as usual. However, the key to this is that it is very sensitive.

So much so that it can raise voltages as low as 0.0001V! In addition to these, the Fluke 117 also gives True RMS which the 116 does not. This allows the readings and tests from this device to be more accurate as it is less sensitive to manipulation from misleading voltages and other adverse conditions.

Combined with a bright screen, this petite device is perfectly portable and great for use on hard spots. It has memory, audio alerts and auto off! However, the Fluke 117 True RMS multimeter’s protagonist feature is its uncontacted voltage detection method; The clamp is like a multimeter. All you have to do is harbor the device that you are testing and voila!

8. Fluke 15B+: Cheap Best Fluke Digital Multimeter

The eighth name to put the best cheap fluke multimeter on our list is one of the best quality fluke multimeters for engineering students: Fluke 15B + digital multimeter.


The Fluke 15B + digital multimeter is a very rare and odd combination that you come across once every blue moon. This is the complete package: strong yet affordable, heavy duty but light weight and compact for single hand use. This device has a very well-built build which is true for Fluke with all the right features.

You have a large display screen and hip with experimental features. In addition to meeting the general requirements of testing voltage, high input impedance, continuity, resistance and capacitance, the Fluke 15B + digital multimeter can also run a test diode.

To ensure that you don’t always have to carry around with pen and paper, this device also uses the data hold feature which will save the data of the latest tests taken. Simple, easy, yet powerful and accurate. Perfect learner multimeter!

9. Fluke 113- Best Fluke Multimeter for Electronics

Next on our list, we have the best multimeters for electrical work, the Fluke 113 True-RMS multimeter. The Fluke 113 True-RMS Multimeter has everything you need on the device to be able to handle and test a huge spectrum of electrical factors.

It measures AC / DC voltage, capacitance, resistance and capacitance and also measures continuity and test diodes. One thing that is really clear about the testing process is that the device checks the voltage and continuity at the same time so you don’t have to test each separately.

How convenient is it? Apart from these, the Fluke 113 True-RMS utility multimeter features both manual ranging and auto for the most convenient and fast testing and reading. Guess moves away from work, and that’s great! And to make sure all your texts came out as accurately and as accurately as possible, the Fluke 113 Multimeter also uses its true RMS.

It provides accurate readings when measuring linear or nonlinear loads of current or voltage where there are sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal waveforms. Suitable for use in different genres, everyday things like medical machines, batteries, and cables and power outlets.

Its well-built body, a large LCD and featured packed device is rated for safety from grade III to 600V grade and category IV to 300V only after meter. Simplicity and minimal yet high efficiency and affordable.

10. Fluke 17B+ Best Digital Multimeter

And the last and final name to please our list of best true RMS digital multimeter is the very popular and reliable FLUKE 17B + digital multimeter. 17B + FLUKE  Digital Multimeter 15B + A groove on top of the digital multimeter that we reviewed earlier.

Though similar in appearance to the 15B +, this device can do 15B + cans and more! Initially, the 17B + digital multimeter can measure and conduct fundamental tests: accurate measurement of the microamp’s range, frequency, and capacitance.

But what makes this device a standard multimeter is that it can also measure temperature. It also has auto-ranging features that reduce the need for manual adjustment by estimating the range when examining an object. Very convenient, isn’t it? As for construction,

it is quite well built and beautifully constructed. It has a great hand feel and is light weight and compact enough for single hand use. Speaking of which you can probably use it even after gloves! A great and large LCD display with backlight and one of our very favorite features, a leg stand that allows the device to stand on a flat surface.

Great for hands-free use. A 17B + fluke digital multimeter is capable enough for both HVAC and utilities. It is simple, compact and manages to give you some very accurate results. There is no crowd that it is a crowd favorite!

Buying Guide: Best Fluke Multimeters

The purpose for the purchase

Even before you start looking at multimeters, the first and most important thing is the purpose of getting the multimeter in the first place.

Are you looking for something to test for some light duty family? Do you need a device to study? Are you looking for a commercial or professional-grade multimeter for your job? Ask, ask and ask away.

Multimeters form, size, shape and … Comes in piles of ingredients. And it’s only natural that higher quality and more commercial-grade devices will be more expensive than the more basic ones. There is no point in buying an A-class device if you are only going to use it every other month.

Similarly, if you are a frequent user, don’t skip high-quality topics. For professionals and experts, a multimeter not buying, it’s an investment. All in all, the bottom line is buying according to your purpose. Do not overindulge or avoid it.

Type of Multimeter


These types of multimeters are more of a traditional and old-fashioned type of needle to show your results that show up beyond your scale. However, thanks to how affordable they are and they are being widely used for fast acting.

Great purchase for people who don’t need too many multimeters and don’t want to spend too much on digital ones.


Speaking of which, these types of multimeters are more precise and accurate. Readings are conveniently displayed on an LED screen because they can examine various electrical factors, so they are often more feature-packed and versatile.

Yes, they are a kid but more expensive, but they are worth considering because they are more accurate and high efficiency than analogs.

Ease to use

Multimeters can run a variety of tests, depending on what you get. And sometimes, understanding the operation and functionality of this device can be complicated and confusing … especially if you are a beginner.

So you should always purchase a device that is not rocket science to operate. Don’t buy a multimeter with a pile of functions, buttons, scales, etc. You don’t know what to do! Instead, buy a device that you know you can use with your eyes closed.

Comfort factor

Almost everyone appreciates compact voltage meters. This is especially effective for people, both amateurs and professionals, in cases where electrical testing is needed.

Although this is not the end of the world, a multimeter is available that is light and compact great. Being portable makes the job so much easier and more comfortable, right? That said, don’t end up buying air.

Your device should have a good hand for it and is well-built for years of use. Also, try and search for a display screen that is relatively just the right size so you don’t get squinting. A quick suggestion we want to give you is to check the display screen from the angle.

Some display screens have a notorious reputation for blinding you from sides and corners. You want to be able to see it from an angle.



Manual ranging is when your multimeter selects a range or spectrum of values for you. This is definitely a more time-saving process and the best rest for professionals, if you ask us.

It takes several years of practice and experience to be able to choose the range correctly. If you are looking for a noise, drama-drama range detection, you are better off with a device that provides auto ranging.


Auto-ranging is what I like. Your device will automatically select the correct range. You don’t have to do anything; This is fast and absolutely no effort.


Now, coming to the accuracy factor. This is one of the reasons why it is very difficult to get it right and strategically. Why? Well, that’s because there’s no real formula for what makes a device more accurate than the next. Sometimes, a basic, inexpensive multimeter tends to be more accurate than high-end, expensive ones.

However, there are a few telling signs that differentiate between an accurate multimeter and a non-reliable multimeter. First of all, clean the cheapest devices on the market.

These are poorly made and manufacturers will often use lower quality materials to reduce costs. Second, pay attention to lead searches or clamps.

They should be new and they should be driven by anything. And finally, and most importantly, you absolutely understand that no multimeter in the world will catch your eye. It’s always off by a few decimals and that’s great.

Battery life

The thing all users expect and expect is good battery life in their multimeters. You must keep your device stable, if not, it should be done first. Most commonly, multimeters will use a couple or 3 AA or AAA batteries. However, there is a difference in the runtime of another device using the same battery.

Here is the packaging information. You will have all the information you need regarding your device’s packaging or manual, battery, and runtime. The rule of thumb is that the more commercial the device, the more durable it is.

However, you may not need the battery time that a professional electrician needs, so buy again according to your purpose. All you can do to save some extra juice is turn off the auto and buy a multimeter. It works like a wrist and saves a few different uses!


Lastly, the multimeter you are getting is not risky, unreliable and not worth buying. Look for devices that come with security ratings and certifications that can let you know that they only came to you after meeting certain safety and quality standards.

Try our multimeters and choose the one that gives you at least a Cat I, Cat II, or Cat III rating. If you’re extremely serious about it, go for a device with a Cat IV rating.


Warranty, great if you can get them. Duh!

But if you are looking for fluke multimeters, you may want to make some adjustments. Why is that? The fact is that most fluke meters in the United States still do not use their warranty policy. See our FAQ section to learn more about it.

That said, the company’s multimeters are highly reliable and durable, so it’s unlikely you’ll need a warranty anytime soon. Then again, warranties are important at the end of the day and if you expect a Fluke warranty in the US, you may remember your purchase.

Final word

Picking the Best Fluke Meter for You

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, having a multimeter in your hand is important these days. But there are several reasons to make a quality multimeter; landing the perfect device is quite a job in itself. And today’s article has come together specifically to serve as a solution to that problem!

Whatever you need, we’ve got it now. Our top 10 best digital multimeters are neutral and incredibly detailed, so get an idea of how you can potentially spend. Aside from the reviews, our simple purchase guide and answers to the most frequently asked questions will help you learn what you need to look for and why it works with fluke multimeters.

However, there is a winner in every competition. And for us, the fluke multimeter that stood out the most was the 87-V digital multimeter! This device is designed to win down. This is a more premium option but worth every penny.

Comes with durable, high-performance, accurate and lifetime warranty! What else do you need outside the multimeter? But hold your horses. There’s a little bit of something for everyone on our list: a hobbyist, a beginner, a student to a professional.

We have everything from simple and basic multimeters to absolute monsters and professional-grade. You will not return empty handed and this is a promise! That being said, this is our end in 10 of the best Flower Multimeter reviews.

We hope you find it informative and useful enough for your next purchase. Thank you for being with us and we’ll see you next time. Good luck!

Fact Check

We strive for fairness and accuracy of the Top 10 Best Fluke Digital Multimeter Reviews 2021. If you observe something that doesn’t look right, contact us!

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