The 10 Best Clamp Meters Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

The 10 Best Clamp Meters Reviews and Buying Guide

Electrical professionals understand how important a clamp meter is in their daily activities. These electrical instruments will help measure the current flow in a conductor without direct contact. Given how important this tool is, you can’t take any chances on its quality and there should be no compromise on choosing the best clamp meter. In this article, we will list some of the best digital clamp meters here and have compiled this list based on some key factors.

Safety: Safety is the highest and top factor that you need to check with a clamp meter. Since the entire point of a clamp meter removes physical contact between the hand and the conductor, ensure the clamp meter in question has the highest safety rating.

Convenience: The convenience of a clamp meter involves the smartphone’s adjustment, the size of the screen, and other factors that can improve the ease of use of the clamp meter—the better your choice.

Clamp Size: The third key factor you should consider is clamp size. Larger in clamp size, you can measure the conductor. Clamp sizes vary from 17mm to 45mm and your choice depends on how big your conductor is in your workplace.

In addition to these three factors, you can consider a few more factors when buying a clamp meter. We’ve included them all in the purchased guide section of the article. Be sure to check it out too. Now without further ado, let us jump in and review the best digital clamp meters.

1. Fluke Clamp Meter

The first on our list is the highest-rated and reviewed AC and DC clamp meters by Fluke. Fluke 376 FC 1000 A 1000 amp rated ratchet meter. This clamp meter is smartphone compatible.

Top Features:

  • .Bluetooth-enabled clamp meter that can be easily connected to a smartphone.
  • No need to wear PPE or read the measurements remotely via smartphone without near your meter.
  • The fluke clamp meter can also be connected to a smartphone by measuring the connection.
  • The clamp meter can capture intermittent errors while performing other tasks in real-time.
  • Recorded results are stored both on the phone and in the cloud.
  • Can share results via email and other modes in real-time.
  • Accurately measure true RMS voltage and current levels even on non-linear signals.
  • It comes with iFlex, which makes it easy to measure in hard places.
  • The pressure comes with a long wire for easy measurement outside the flash zone.
  • Has the ability to log in, which will help resolve any intermediate errors
  • Creating and sharing real-time reports without the need to leave the field
  • Comes with a neat dust-free cover case for storage

Warranty: Comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

Concerns: May include a tiny LED light for easy use in dark areas

2. Milwaukee Clamp Meter

Next on our list is a product from Milwaukee’s home. The Milwaukee 2235-10 is a mid-range and moderate charge at 400 amps per DC clamp meter rate with great reviews and ratings.

Top Features:

  • Easy to use and durable in construction, the clamp meter is made in Taiwan.
  • There is a 600-volt rating for both AC / DC and a rated CAT 3 for the protection section.
  • True RMS (TRMS) can count.
  • It has a current rating of 400 amps and a maximum resistance of 4000 ohms.
  • Automatic calibration is available which makes it easy to calibrate and use the machine quickly and quickly in the field.
  • Includes built-in flash LED work light which makes it easy to work in hard and dark places
  • The size of the machine’s jaw is 1 inch and it comes with a black on-white display
  • The package includes two AA batteries and an electrical test lead set (black and red)

Warranty: Brings a huge five year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • The screen may have a backlight.
  • Not so suitable for heavy duty management
  • There is no smartphone compatibility.

3. Fieldpiece Clamp Meter

The next item on our list is the Fieldpiece SC440, a true RMS clamp meter that can also measure temperature, the current involved and the conductor resistance of the connected conductor. Like most of the products on our list, it is also highly rated and reviewed.

Top Features:

  • Dual display clamp meter that displays a true RMS
  • Can display inertia currents on dual displays
  • Thanks to the heavy duty magnet can be hung on any metal surface and helps in measuring conductivity
  • Thanks to Satya DMS the device can read VAC and AAC readings correctly in VFDs
  • The screen is backlit and also has an automatic and manual ranger
  • It comes with a number of safety features, including a high-voltage LED and a beeper.
  • Can measure temperature and capacitance with DC micromaps.
  • The device can withstand strict HVACR standards and levels

Warranty: There seems to be a warranty available for the device but no mention of duration


  • Smartphones are not compatible
  • No mention of warranty period

4. UEi Test Instruments Clamp-On Meter

The UEI Test Instruments DL369 is a mid-level digital clamp-on meter that has the same design schematics and uses the case as the fieldpiece model mentioned above.

Top Features:

  • Meter mid-range clam with a maximum ampere rating of 400 amps
  • Can detect voltage levels from 24 volts to 600 volts in uncontacted AC
  • Can measure frequency and duty cycle
  • Good enough for continuity and diode testing
  • Dust free bag and several test leads (red and black)
  • Maximum capacitance for AC / DC is 4000 microfarads and 2000 microfarads
  • The maximum resistance stands at 40 million ohms
  • Automatic power on and off power
  • Packaging includes 2 AA batteries
  • Dual screen (but no backlight)

Warranty: Comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase


  • No smartphone connection
  • There is no backlight on the dual-screen

5. Etekcity Clamp Meter

One of the most affordable clamp meters, the accuracy is higher for a digital multimeter than a direct clamp meter. It is highly rated and reviewed and can test voltage, resistance, continuity and much more.

Top Features:

  • Digital multimeters are easy to use for home level small projects and medium level conductivity measurements.
  • AC and DC can measure voltage levels but when measuring resistance, the device can only measure AC current resistance.
  • Used to provide diode test and continuity test
  • A jaw-style opening clamp that is used to measure AC current. The 26mm large jaw can easily measure conductivity without a circuit breaker.
  • Can hold most text measurements and data.
  • Large single LCD screen (but no backlight on screen)
  • Turns off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity resulting in energy savings
  • The package also includes a pair of test leads (red and black), 2 AAA batteries (150 hours lifetime) and a dust free carry pouch.

Warranty: The device has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. It also has a 1 year buyer guarantee with a free option to extend it for another year. Also, it brings a lifetime free U.S.-based support team to California.


  • No dual screen
  • smartphone No connection
  • No LED accessories

6. Uni-T Mini Clamp Meter

The Uni-T B4Q094 UT210E is a Calculating capable AC / DC mini clamp meter with real RMS M and W capacitance tester. A highly rated and reviewed product, it comes with very reasonable price tags.

Top Features:

  • A mid-range machine with a 17mm jaw range of capture.
  • Diode testing and can also test continuity.
  • There is an input impedance of up to 10 million ohms for DC voltage
  • Can withstand resistance of 20 million ohms
  • Can measure a maximum capacitance of 20 ml farads
  • The package includes a pair of test leads (red and black) and a 2 1.5 volt battery.

Warranty: There seems to be no warranty on the product anywhere


  • Lack of heavy duty function
  • There is no warranty
  • There is no proper customer support

7. Tacklife Clamp Meter

Next to our list is a heavy duty clamp meter from Tackle Life’s home. Taclife Clamp Meter CM05 is a multimeter with an AC / DC voltage test capability of 6000 counts.

Top Features:

  • .Economically valuable budget-friendly clamp meter that can measure both AC and DC voltage levels.
  • The clamp head has a maximum holding capacity of 50 mm and whenever emitted or according to the intensity of different voltages it emits a rhythmic buzzer sound.
  • Also, NCV light will differentiate the intensity of voltages measured in this way.
  • It can also measure the capacitance, duty cycle, frequency and amount of resistance of the conductive component.
  • Can be used for continuity test and diode test
  • Cat III complies with 600-volt ratings as well as Level 2 pollution standards.
  • Overload skin protection is available through head-mounted pluses
  • Automatic power function that will turn off the device with 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Backlit high-resolution LCD display for better display of measuring units. It has the ability to hold and hold data to record and store measured data.
  • There is a low battery function that will alert you when you need to replace batteries.
  • There is a neat LED flashlight that allows you to work in peace even in the dark.
  • The package includes the necessary batteries, as well as a dustfree cover.

Warranty: The cramp meter comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Smartphones can have compatibility

8. Ideal Industries Clamp Meter

With 100 years of brand history, next to our list is a product from Ideal’s home. Ideal Industries Inc.’s 61-746 Clamp Meter is a Medium Charge 600 Ampere Device with Great Review and Rating

Top Features:

  • The device comes with a 600 ampere and 600 volt rating for measuring without contact.
  • Clamp meter jaws have tapered jaws that have a hook tip that makes it easy to use.
  • A nifty screen has a data hold feature to store measured data
  • Two 1.5V “AAA” batteries are included in the package.
  • Automatically shut down feature to save battery. The device will shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • The screen has low battery indicator
  • Cat III are loyal to protection

Warranty: The cramp meter comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • There is no smartphone compatibility

9. AstroAI Clamp Meter

Next on the list is another multimeter based clamp meter. In this one, the Astro AI multimeter can measure everything from resistance to continuity and temperature at nominal ratings.

Top Features:

  • The multimeter can measure true RMS voltage and current
  • Both AC and DC can be used to measure voltage up to 6000 times
  • This clamp meter can measure frequency, capacitance and also run diodes and capacitance tests.
  • The LCD is crystal clear and high definition is enough to read the standards. This backlit makes it easy to work even in dark spaces
  • Fast in activity and operating. The jaw opening size is about 42 mm and can easily clamp large conductors.
  • A high sampling speed of about 2 times per second makes it very fast in reading and measuring data.
  • As well as low battery level indicators.

Warranty: The cramp meter comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.


  • May have higher current rating
  • Smartphones can have compatibility

10. Btmeter Clamp Multimeter

Yet another Bluetooth-enabled DC clamp meter, the BTmeter BT-570CAP Appliance is a versatile device suitable for professional and indoor use as well as its mid-level measurement rating.

Top Features:

  • The device has a 4000 count automatic range AC and DC measuring capability
  • Can measure resistance, capacitance and temperature of conductor.
  • The device has an audible beep that will notify the user after measuring the device.
  • The device can run diode and circuit continuity tests.
  • The caliber of the clamp jaw is about 1.77 inches which is decent and fairly easy to wrap very easily over the conductor.
  • Compatible with smartphones, you can connect the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • With a mobile app you can read data and much more and then store the information in the cloud
  • Create spot reports and share them via email.
  • Automatic pairing support with both Android and iOS.
  • Both txt and Excel can save sessions while logging data.
  • Shut down automatically to save energy
  • Automatic ranging features on the device

Warranty: Although there is a warranty window, it is not specified correctly


  • There is no exact mention of warranty
  • Can improve customer support

Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best Clamp Meter

Clamp meters are electrical instruments that can measure the current flow in a conductor. These devices improve protection from the conventional method of measuring current flow (which is cutting a live wire and measuring current flow by inserting a test lead over the circuit). Due to the hazards associated with this procedure, a clamp meter was introduced. A clamp meter uses the principle of current transformer. The clamp of the clamp meter captures the magnetic flux and measures it and then shows you the reading of the current on a screen.

Basically, there are two types of clamp meters

  1. AC Clamp Meter

These devices are typically used to measure AC current

2.  DC Clamp Meter

Multipurpose devices that can measure both DC current and AC current.

A DC clamp meter mostly uses an effect sensor for accurate measurement of current. In this purchase guide, we are going to list a few important things you may want to consider before buying a clamp meter.

Factors To Consider While Buying a Clamp Meter

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