Best Cheap Electric Skateboards (2021): Top 13 Budget Picks

E-skateboards are all the craze lately as it is both excellent for commuting and lots of fun for adults and youth alike. However, the cheap electric skateboards are not very affordable if you’re just looking to pick up the trend as a beginner.

Electric skateboards have held a reputation for being overpriced, but as the market gets more competitive, excellent cheap electric skateboards are available.

This guide breaks down the best cheap electric skateboards that still boast solid features and performance. Read on to find our 10 top picks reviewed, along with an in-depth guide with buying considerations that’ll help you make the right purchase.

Skatebolt Tornado II

Topping the list, we have the incredible Skatebolt Tornado II. This longboard-style electric skateboard is synonymous with excellent speed, comfort and control, and impressive range.

We tested this board for three months, through more than 120 miles. 

This is the best electric skateboarder if you want the best possible hardware and specs for the money and don’t care about the slightly high weight.

Maxfind Max2 Pro


The Maxfind Max2 Pro is arguably the best electric skateboard for riding around campus under $500. With a powerful 600-watt motor enabling it to reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour and three different riding modes, there’s plenty of enjoyment for beginners and competent riders alike.

Onboard W1S

If speed is a priority, you’ll love this cheap electric skateboard for under $400. It has a top speed of 25 mph with smooth acceleration, and it doesn’t skimp on other features either, like a great battery and riding modes. So if you are comfortable with high speeds or anticipate that you will be, the Onboard W1S is an excellent option.

Hiboy S11 Budget E-Skateboard

The Hiboy S11 is an excellent budget e-skateboard for beginners or kids. 4 different riding modes allow you to gradually increase the top speed until you reach the peak capacity of 12.4 miles per hour.

The main selling point of the Hiboy S11 is its highly slim build, weighing only 7.94 pounds, making it ideal for people who rely on a portable solution. 

Blitzart Mini Flash E-Skateboard

If all the boards we’ve talked about so far look cool but are still out of your price range, maybe the Blitzart Mini Flash will catch your eye. 

It’s a top pick for the best electric budget skateboard, thanks to excellent construction, a good motor and battery system, and a very lightweight body. If you are new to riding and worried about top speeds, or you’re buying an electric skateboard for a kid.

Backfire G2

If you’re looking for the best cheap electric longboard, consider the Backfire G2. It’s equipped with a powerful motor, so it’s got fast speeds and a decent range.  BLITZER X-Plore is the extreme best choice if you want to buy a good quality cheap skateboard.

There are also riding modes perfect for beginners and more experienced riders. If you love longboarding and want something motorized, this could be a good option for you.

SWAG Skate A.I. Penny Board

Swagskate A.I. Electric Penny Board is a cheap electric skateboard with a unique self-learning system and cool features that make learning to ride smooth and painless. ACTON Blink Lite Youth is a good choice if you want to buy

As a penny board, this affordable skateboard is only 23 inches long and still reasonably lightweight. So if you want an easy-to-ride board and you love technology, this is arguably the best cheap electric penny board you can get right now.

Meepo V3

Fast with a good range, and the extremely Meepo V3 is powerful and significant for all riders. It’s equipped with ESC software, which ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration. 

While jerkiness can make riding an electric skateboard hard, smoother braking and acceleration experience make it easier. 

Blizzard Hurricane

Our second worthy mention for a cheap motorized skateboard is the Blitzart Hurricane, a longboard. It offers both good range and speed, a solid deck, and two-speed modes. This model is also an affordable electric longboard.

Turbo Motorized Skateboard

Another good pick for riders not wanting to spend an arm and a leg, this low-cost electric skateboard from Turbo is also great for kids, thanks to its reasonable top speed. The range isn’t great, however, because the motor isn’t potent. BLITZART Huracane 38 is another good choice, and it’s a cheap skateboard.


There are countless cheap electric skateboards for sale, but many are too pricey for the average rider.


No matter what electric skateboard you choose, you should always keep specific buying considerations at the back of your mind.


Look at a board’s motor and battery system, which determines range and speed, as well as the braking system. Since best electric skateboards are controlled by a remote, give the remote a good look, too. You want it to be comfortable and easy to use.

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