Exploring The Benefits of Modernity Infused with Traditional Copper

Six methods to purify the water at home

Tracing back the history, we could find out how copper vessels played an important role in the lives of Indian families. It is still considered a purification process that can kill all microorganisms like fungi, algae, bacteria, etc. It also helps in carefully maintaining the pH balance of the human body. Storing water in a copper vessel takes up to 8 hours, which goes through an oligodynamic effect. This entire process of purification is time-consuming for the fast-paced society that we are living in right now.

Copper is filled with antimicrobial properties that can help maintain a healthier lifestyle. Water purification systems are an essential part of our daily life. Its presence is important for a healthy and happy life. A copper water purifier is an amalgamation of modernity and tradition that catalyzes immunity and removes impurities with its antioxidant properties. In Ayurvedic tradition, it is known as “Tamara Jal” that helps regulate three doshas – Kapha, Vata, Pitta, which ensures proper functioning of our bodies.

What Are Purifiers Infused with Copper?

Copper water purifiers are life-changing examples and a clever blend of tradition with technology. These purifiers benefit traditionally acclaimed antibacterial and antiviral properties with a beautiful touch of water technology. The technological advancement provides copper-infused water on time and comes with a minimum of eight liters of water storage.

Many purifiers are impregnated with activated copper carbons that simultaneously remove smell and odor and evaporative organic compounds. As a result, prodigious brands are producing water infused with the goodness of water.

Consumption of Copper water comes with innumerable benefits. It is a boon for health-conscious people as the consumption of water from copper-infused purifiers promotes the body’s overall well-being by boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, neurological improvements, metabolism, and blood health. The goodness of copper can enhance your skin, yes! You heard it right. Water purifier treated water guarantees you glowing skin as it removes multiple ailments associated with your skin.

Copper Water: Blessing for The Skin

While discussing the overall health benefits of water consumed from water purifiers, it is also essential to look at the brighter side of its blessed benefits on the skin.

  • Immunity booster for glowing skin: The glow on the skin is directly associated with the proper functioning of the inner organs. Copper water consumption would guarantee healthy organs with glowing skin. It is very important to have an immune system that could fight back any disease and boost your health. Proper levels of copper would ensure a strong immune system as copper is an essential trace element required for the proper functioning of the body. Copper ions percolate into the water, leaving a healthy and positively charged ( alkaline), which would fight back any bacteria. A healthy body would ensure you with a long-lasting inner glow on your skin
  • Naturally anti-aging properties: Modern-day society is drawn towards the glamorous world of beauty, which makes them desire to sway away any signs of aging. Social media highly influence humans, but at the same time, they are creating a beautiful bond with traditional ways of healthy exterior and interior. Is auxiliary with the process of slowing down aging and reducing visible fine lines by playing a prime role in the production of collagen and elastin. Two of the major fibers are important for elasticity and firmness. Water consumed from a copper-infused purifier would help you in boosting up the levels of collagen and elastin
  • Goodbye to Acne: Acne-prone skin could be painful and irritating at the same time. The presence of acne creates a long-lasting effect on the face and a psychological level. Consumption of copper water helps to reduce acne breakouts by regulating thyroid hormones. The persistent presence of acne breakouts might cause hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid glands do not produce enough of the required hormones and thus, breakouts. Copper water plays an essential role in balancing thyroid levels. Consumption of copper water would ensure less inflammation within and ultimately result in the elimination of acne with its antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Vibrant skin: Regular consumption of water can help the skin grow more vibrant and plump. Apart from the water consumption, it could be used for washing your face, which would ultimately hydrate the skin, making it firmer. Copper water can also be used as a face mist for better results. The areas around the eyes, neck, and jawline would improve over time. In addition, the presence of hyaluronic acid would ensure vibrant-looking skin
  • Men’s Sana in corpore Sano: A healthy mind in a healthy body. It is essential to have a healthy body to ensure a healthy mind resulting in healthier skin with an inner glow. Body, mind, and skin are interrelated aspects of existence. Copper acts as a helping hand in the brain’s defense system and relay signal to the body. Therefore, to have balanced well-being, regular consumption of water from copper-based purifiers would ensure a healthy body, mind, and skin
  • Reduces face obesity: Drinking water from copper-infused purifiers enables weight loss in a natural process. It improves digestion and ultimately breaks down the fat in the body and on the face, hence reducing obesity

The benefits of water consumption have been visible since the days of Ayurveda. To have a balanced amount of Copper in water would guarantee you an improved immunity, detoxify the stomach, keeping a person sound physiologically and psychologically. Moreover, copper enriched RO purifiers are gifts from the world of technology to the world filled with rat-race.

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