Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise Gymnastics

One easy exercise that can be done by everyone is aerobic exercise. There is no minimum or maximum age to do this sport.

But don’t push yourself because coercion will only make your body tense, and the benefits will not be fully obtained. The benefits of aerobic exercise that you need to know, plus the basic movements for beginners.

Benefits of Aerobic Gymnastics

  1. Lose weight

The main reason people are willing to exercise is that they want to lose weight. Doing aerobics is the right thing to do. Because this sport encourages the whole body to move, so that fat will burn quickly, the weight will decrease.

  1. The risk of high blood pressure

Everyone is at risk for having high blood pressure. This disease needs to be avoided because it can trigger the development of other more serious diseases. Aerobic exercise can be done to maintain a healthy body, then reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  1. Maintain heart health

This work is certainly very tiring. By exercising such as doing aerobics, you will help your heart to beat so that it stays healthy.

  1. Lower cholesterol

Excessive cholesterol in the body will trigger chronic disease. Usually, cholesterol is found to accumulate in the blood vessels. Aerobic exercise movements are quite effective for lowering cholesterol which is harmful to health.

  1. Reduce stress

Aerobic exercise performs many healthy, active body movements. These movements trigger the brain to work better and calmer. Maybe because of the production of endorphins during aerobic exercise, which makes the mood and mind happier. Therefore, you can reduce stress in your mind. Many people choose to exercise as an escape in times of stress. In addition to exercise, talking to a reliable psychologist can also help deal with your stress, you know!

  1. Improves muscle health

Aerobic exercise is a sport that is useful for improving blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body’s muscles. Because of this, the muscles will be more healthy. Infrequent exercise makes the muscles lose strength.

  1. Maintain the respiratory system

The air around us is not always clean. Especially if you live in an urban area. Often the breath becomes heavier by the day. To overcome this, doing sports such as aerobics will help you maintain your respiratory system.

  1. Exercise joints and bones

Bones are hard parts of the body but help the body to stand up straight. The free movement is assisted by the joints. The work of these two body parts must always be maintained so that they are getting stronger, not weaker. You can do this by doing aerobic exercise regularly.

  1. Increase stamina and immunity

Aerobic exercise is known as a sport that can refresh the body. Doing it regularly will increase the energy in your body. All organs and tissues are trained to move a lot. It feels tiring, but it pays off with increased immunity, so you rarely get sick. cenforce 100 and vidalista used to treat ed.

  1. Avoid serious illness

A body that is not fit will be susceptible to disease. No exception serious diseases that can be life-threatening. But aerobic exercise has various benefits, as previously mentioned.

Such as reducing the risk of high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, maintaining heart health, and others. Therefore, routinely doing aerobic exercise is the same as avoiding serious diseases.

  1. The drug of youth

Frequent exercise can maintain a healthy body. A healthy body further encourages age to continue to grow. Doing sports such as aerobics can emit a positive aura so that your appearance will look younger. This is because aerobic exercise movements are vigorous movements.

Beginner’s Aerobic Gymnastics Movement

Because you already know the many benefits, now is the time to get to know aerobics further. The trick is to practice beginner aerobics directly.

  1. Heating

Do not forget to warm up when going to do aerobics and other sports. This is theoretical, but warming up is important to prepare the body not to be startled by more complicated movements. During this time, your body temperature will increase, as will your heart rate. Muscles and joints are getting ready to do more strenuous work.

 If you don’t warm up beforehand, the risk of injury during aerobic exercise will increase. Try warming up by walking in place, moving your arms, and stepping from side to side. A simple warm-up for 5-10 minutes is good enough before you get more active.

  1. Core exercise

This phase is the most important in aerobic exercise. Core exercises are performed for 25 to 55 minutes, as needed. The movements are very varied and vibrant.

Marching. The initial movement. You can move your feet as if you were walking. Make sure that your feet are at calf level, with your knees forming a 90-degree angle. Do it slowly because the next one will be more complicated.

Jogging. In this case, bend your legs back to balance. That is by jogging in place or jogging slowly. In this movement, the ankle and knee joints are also trained to move.

Kicking. As the name implies, kicking is a foot movement like kicking. Legs swing forward and sideways. But note that the minimum height reaches the waist. If it’s stronger, take a higher shot. Cenforce 200, Fildena 100, vidalista 60, and super p force also used to treat ed.

Double steps. Double step or step twice is also included in the core movement of aerobic exercise. Double steps are carried out to the left and right. It will be more fun if there is additional music during aerobic exercise.

Grapevines. Grapevine movement is similar to double step. But your feet are here, stepped while crossing backward. Combine it with hand movements or other movements to make beginner aerobics even more interesting.

Leg curls. Still around the legs, then there is the leg curl movement in the core aerobic exercise for beginners. The method is very easy, you need to bend your legs backward alternately.

Heel touch. Heel touch is the last basic movement for aerobics. The trick is to make the feet as a pedestal. The heel of the right foot touches the heel of the left foot. Then the knee is slightly bent. While bending and standing, one leg is straightened forward in turn.

  1. Cooling

Cooling down is just as essential as warming up. The goal is to relax the body slowly. The heart, which was previously moving rapidly, in this phase, the frequency is lowered to the normal stage gradually.

Cooling down is done by doing slow movements that stretch the body.

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