Benefits and Drawbacks of Fat Motorcycle Tires

Benefits and Drawbacks of Fat Motorcycle Tires

Every motorcycle modification comes with its own considerations, and switching to wide motorcycle tires is no different. From bump absorption to tougher corners, here are the benefits and drawbacks of fat motorcycle tires.


First, you need to consider whether you want to upgrade the back, front, or both tires on your bike. Swapping out the front tire for a wider option gives you the ability to take corners better, albeit with more twitchiness. Changing the back tire from thin to fat provides better alignment, but less agile cornering.

Switching both the front and back tires gives you the best of both worlds, including the following advantages:

  • Better bump absorption, leading to a smoother ride
  • Increased safety when riding in the rain due to better traction
  • Upgraded handling for bikes with strong engines


Not all changes are positive when you switch to fat tires. If you have a smaller frame on your bike, you may want to reconsider this upgrade altogether. A small frame coupled with wide tires can lead to scraping between the frame and tire when you run over bumps. Instead, riders with small-frame bikes can consider upgrading to carbon fiber wheels.

If you don’t have a small frame, you’re not out of the woods yet. The wider tire may require alterations to the belt, chain, and drive gear to make them fit around the tire, with these components winding up off-center. This can damage the transmission over time.

Finally, leaning and turning are tougher with wider tires because the contact point with the ground is flatter.

Who Should Switch to Fat Tires?

Riders who value power over precision should have no trouble making this modification. If you want a smoother ride that makes you feel like royalty, fat tires are an easy switch. However, if you’re searching for modifications focused on quicker turns and higher speeds, this upgrade probably isn’t for you.

Now that you know the benefits and drawbacks of fat motorcycle tires, the choice is yours: are the tradeoffs worth the powerful look and improved traction?

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