Auto Shipping – 3 Common types or their advantages and Disadvantages

Car Shipping Service

Deciding for auto shipping is not easy because it’s a matter of millions and even a little damage to the vehicles can take a lot from your budget for the fixture. The process itself is too costly especially when you chose to drive it by yourself for accomplishing the shipping goals or you go with closed carrier car relocation. However, for the safest relocation of cars, it is recommended to choose professional auto shippers. The reason is they take the vehicles from one point to the other safely as per their expertise.

Suppose you belong to San Diego but you want to take your car to Toronto because of your job there it’s better to look for an auto shipping service in San Diego. It’s because the distance between the two cities is too long approx. 39 hours, therefore, striving for your car by yourself is not safe at all.

What shipping options an Auto Transport Company Offers?

Open Auto Carriers:

The open carrier as the name suggests refers to car hauling in the truckers with no walls around. It is the most commonly practiced method of care relocation as it’s relatively cheaper and hauls up to 10 cars at a time. According to research, around 90 percent of the car freight is transported using open carrier truckers each year. An open carrier trucker can handle each type of car relocation from classic to salvage cars transfer each type of vehicle from classic to salvage cars. However, a pro tip is to use open carrier car hauling for standard models of cars and used or broken ones because they don’t need much protection during shipping.

Available Options in Open Carrier Vehicle Shipping:

  • Two-level, multi-car carrier:

These are the most commonly used truckers for open carrier car shipping because they carry more cars due to the two levels they have.

  • Single-level, multi-car carrier:

Single-level open car carriers are mostly practiced for the relocation of sports and luxury cars or when quick delivery is required. It’s because there is only a single level and a lesser number of cars which means less load therefore the truck moves with high speed.

  • Dual truck with single-level tow trailer:

This is a type of open car carrier with heavy-duty dual rear wheels. And is used for car shipping at shorter distances. In other words, it mostly deals with local deliveries.

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The open carrier shipping basically covers nationwide shipping with an average of 3000 miles every week or two. At this point, it’s also important to note that open carrier shipping has some drawbacks as well. For example

  • Your cars are exposed to dirt and pollution all the way because the truckers are open.
  • Cars are less secure from theft and other damages since there is no protection shield over them.
  • They take a little more time in getting the relocation process done.

Enclosed Car Carriers:

Enclosed carriers as per its name deal with vehicle shipping in closed and protective containers. It is the best shipping choice for brand new cars and luxury autos because the closed containers provide the ultimate safety to vehicles during the relocation process. For example, the vehicles are not exposed to road debris or dust and are also safe from theft and other breakages.

Auto Shipping service

Available Options in Enclosed Carrier Car Shipping

  • Multi-Car Enclosed Trailers:

This type of enclosed trucker deal with the relocation of 7 cars at a time. Therefore the least expensive one among all the choices of enclosed carrier auto relocation.

  • Two or One trailers:

These kinds of enclosed truckers refer to the shipping of luxury or antique vehicles. And, this is the most expensive one among all other auto shipping choices.

The closed carrier shipping costs you 30 to 60 percent more than open carrier shipping. As it takes a lesser number of cars at a time and there are more safety guarantees as well. Besides this, they deal with luxury cars as well therefore less fuel-efficient.

Flatbed Carriers:

Flatbed carriers are the car carriers with a flat level bed. And there are no sides or roofs available Flatbed car hauling is the least used mode of car shipping. The reason behind this is they take a lot of time for auto relocation. And also the cars are unsafe because of no protection shield over them during the relocation process. However, if it’s about the shipping of heavy-duty pickup a flat bad carrier is the best option to go with.

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