Are There Long-Term Effects of Electric Shock?

Are There Long-Term Effects of Electric Shock?

When the human body encounters a high-voltage source, it can experience an electric shock. Unfortunately, thousands of deaths occur each year due to negligence with electrical equipment. With that in mind, it’s vital to follow all the required safety precautions when in close contact with any currents. However, you may wonder, “Are there long-term effects of electric shock?”

Electric shock can result in short-term and long-term effects and drastically change one’s life. Let’s look at a few of these potentially damaging issues.


An electrical shock can disrupt various parts of the human body, specifically the heart and lungs. Due to the power’s distribution through the body, one can become permanently disabled after experiencing a shock. A diagnosis of permanently disabled will change your life entirely.

Memory Loss

Typically, forgetting to grab milk at the store is not something to cause too much concern. But suffering from an electrical shock injury can wreak havoc on your memory and have you forgetting more than milk at the market. Memory loss is one of the challenging long-term effects of electric shock.


One of the more common long-term issues is post-traumatic stress disorder, accompanied by bouts of depression. In some cases, it isn’t consistent with everyday life and only needs a trigger. But in another instance, you could experience a rabbit hole of mental health issues because of the electrical injury.

Loss of Income

With all the physical symptoms you can experience from an electrical injury, you may be subject to a loss of income through a lack of employment. In addition, because the long-term effects can impair you mentally and physically, it could become difficult to perform day-to-day tasks or the same job as before.

If you or someone you know has recently experienced a loss of income due to an electrical accident, you must seek legal advice. Due to the potential of negligence on someone else’s behalf, it’s best to consider having an attorney look into the circumstances.

Understandably, falling victim to long-term impairment is life-altering and mentally damaging. Reach out to a friend or family member you trust to assist you in navigating the situation.

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