Are the new aluminum cups recyclable?

From the wildly popular Super Bowl to the Phoenix Open, a massively increasing number of event-goers are now looking for options of aluminum cups to guzzle down fizzing beverages during interesting face-offs at the stadiums. So what is so special about this fresh wave of fashion to use aluminum cups as an alternative for live match events?

Popularly marketed as a “sustainability game-changer,” aluminum cups are manufactured using at least 70 per cent of recyclable aluminium that does not cause damage to the environment like plastic does. Among its other competitors like reusable plastics, single-use plastics, and unrecyclable aluminium, this one has been introduced very recently by Ball Corp that launched its pilot in September 2021.

A genius innovative element that can be singled out in Ball Corp’s latest inventory is that the company thought really out-of-the-box, picking up its new idea straight from the landfill, quite literally. Aluminum cups were refurbished from hundreds and thousands of landfill-bound plastic cups, giving them new life into USA’s hypermarkets.

If you are still wondering that this is only a marketing proposition about aluminum cups, please be well aware that this is the actual truth – the new Aluminum cups are recyclable and can be utilized in multiple ways for daily usage.

According to factual findings in laboratory environments, after three to four uses of it, the material Plastic eventually reaches a point where it is impossible to recycle it any further. In comparison, aluminium can be used a little more than that in its natural state. In fact, as per lab manufacturers, 75 per cent of all aluminium is still usable when plastic has can no longer bear any more usage. Hence, this new discovery in the market of aluminum cups are being dubbed as “infinitely recyclable.”

When tagged as “infinitely recyclable”, one must understand that aluminum cups can be recycled not just once or twice, but over and over without any visible damage, contamination or degradation in their quality, unlike its plastics counterparts, which tend to lose a considerable portion of its surface quality with each recycling. To that effect, several organizations are currently banking on this significant finding to produce more aluminum cups for gatherings and conferences. These companies also cite that 75 per cent of the world’s aluminium ever produced is in use today, technically speaking, owing to its proficient durability.

So the new alternative to plastic cups is easily the new Aluminum cups. Their other advantages are the following:

(i) The new Aluminum cups are lightweight for games and match evenings

(ii) Although lightweight, Aluminum cups are sturdier than single-use plastic cups

(iii) Due to aluminium’s shiny surface and glossy appearance, it can be an attractive choice for usage in birthday celebrations, outdoor events, tailgating and festivals

(iv) Aluminum cups can be held without the fear of cracking or breaking them while trying to get a “cool-touch” on the surface, unlike its plastic counterpart

(v) Aluminum cups are easy to wash as they are easy to hold or use. They can be washed by hands and very little soap usage and be readied for reuse without any contamination to the inner elements

(vi) Aluminum cup surfaces can be easily customized with brand logos, graphic designs and photographs, hence increasing its demands for suiting customer needs.

Due to their eco-friendliness and versatility, the new Aluminum cups are gradually taking over in response to increasing consumer preference for buying enviornmentally sustainable products.

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