Anand Karaj – A Gala Step To Sikh Marriage

When you belong to a Sikh family, and your marriage is knocking at your door, you will surely know about the Anand Karaj ceremony that takes place is every Sikh wedding. Every Sikh considers the Anand Karaj ceremony as one of the purest and most pious ceremonies organized under a pristine dome in the presence of the holy book of the Sikhs, ‘The Guru Granth Sahib.’ Just like in any other religion, the Anand Karaj also has Saat Phere that solemnizes the wedding.

In the Anand Karaj ceremony, the families of both the bride and the groom celebrate the union of two souls and bless them to have a lifetime of happiness and prosperity ahead amidst the presence of God. However, before the Ananda Karaj ceremony is performed, there are a series of other rituals to be completed. They are as follows:

  1. Roka

The roka ceremony’s meaning is to cease the bride and the groom from seeing any other partners. This can be called the official announcement of the wedding.

  1. Kurmai or chunni ceremony

In the Kurmai ceremony, the mother or other elderly from the groom’s family visits the bride’s home and shows her blessings. Here, a dupatta is given to the bride, which symbolizes that the girl will soon be a bride.

  1. Engagement

Before the engagement ceremony begins, the priest performs a short puja, and then the couple exchanges a ring. Next, the bride’s family gifts the groom a Kada and a kirpan.

  1. Akhand paath

In the respective homes of the bride and the groom, the puja of Akhand paath is to be held before the wedding. Sometimes, this puja is held at the gurudwara, where the bride and the groom’s family merge to do so.

  1. Kirtan

Before the Anand Karaj, both the bride’s and the groom’s family believe that it is necessary to organize a kirtan at the respective homes to eliminate any evil omen.

  1. Haldi and Mehendi

A few days before the Anand Karaj, the family of both the bride and the groom make a thick paste of curd, turmeric, milk, and oil and apply it all over their body. After this, the Mehendi takes place.

  1. Gaana

This is a traditional ceremony where a red thread is tied to the wrist of the groom. The threads are tied on the right wrist of the groom and in the left wrist of the groom.

  1. Ghadoli

In Ghadoli, the sister-in-law of the groom visits a gurudwara to bring holy water in a Ghadoli.

  1. Chura ceremony

Chura or a set of bangles are offered to the bride, which is a mark of a married woman according to Sikh tradition. The groom’s maternal uncle gives this.

  1. Jaggo

As the name suggests, Jaggo means the family members of both the groom and the bride stay awake all night.

  1. Sehra Bandi

On the morning of the wedding day, a turban is tied at the groom’s head by his father. He is then handed a sword that he has to carry the entire day.


Therefore, before the Anand Karaj, these are the essential ceremonies conducted in a Sikh wedding.

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