All You Need To Know About a Rental Party Bus

West Palm Beach Party Bus

Whether it’s about a special occasion or just a night out with friends, or family, a party bus is the best way to double its joy. It’s like having a warmth of celebrations before even reaching the venue. The reason behind this is these are not just the vehicles taking you from one point to the other but are loaded with luxuries including, luxury seating, refreshments, drinks, a music system, and a space for dancing during the trip.

Available Sizes of a Party Bus:

The size of a party bus is solely dependent on the number of people and the facilitations you want. Usually, it ranges from a standard limo bus to a charter bus. If it’s about a small party, you can have a stretch limo rental, or if it’s about a big event. Where a large number of people are invited you can book a charter bus for you. However, it’s important to note that a charter bus usually has fewer amenities. Because of the wide seating range it has to offer. And, if you are looking for a luxury bus rental for your business event. Where your team is also invited you can ask for a Hummer limo bus as it entertains up to 25 people at a time.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about a Party Bus:

Are Restrooms There in the Party Bus?

Many people wonder if party busses have restrooms, and the answer is a big yes! They do have restrooms as the concept is providing luxury transportation where you feel like home. Hence, you don’t need to stop on the way for refreshing yourself up as all can be done inside the vehicle.

What’s the Cost of Renting a Party Bus?

While purchasing or renting anything, the basic concept that hits the mind is the budget required for it. The party bus rates are calculated according to even hours like 4, 6, 8, or more depending upon your requirement. However, the minimum booking requirement of most luxury bus rental companies is 4 hours. And if you extend your trip time, the charges will be accordingly. These additional charges fall between 100$ to 300$ per hour.

When to Book?

Though a party bus can be rented anytime according to the need but for a smooth service it is recommended to have your booking at least 4 weeks before the trip. It’s because immediate booking might lead you to shortage and the chances of higher fares are also there. On the other hand, when you have a pre-booking. You get reasonable fares and feel relaxed as the major task is done before time.

Party Bus rental West Palm Beach

If you are renting a party bus at night, you might pay some extra amount i.e., 700$-1000$, as these are the peak hours, therefore, the fares are a little higher than normal. Besides this, the factors like the traveling distance and how many people are going also count in while calculating fares for night party bus rentals. On the contrary, for hiring a party bus for a day, approx. 8 to 10 hours the cost falls between 1200$-2400$.

Party Bus Hourly Service:

In case your trips are not day-long, you can go for an hourly rental service. It will require you to pay according to the trip hours and the facilitations you want during the ride. For example, you have to pay the block rate of 4 hours, and the additional hourly rate as per your ride requirements.

For which Events a Party Bus Can Be Rented?

As mentioned in the beginning, a party bus can be rented for any special event i.e., weddings, birthdays, holidays, sporting events, prom nights, or any other friends or family night outs. Besides these, you can also ask for a party bus rental just to have fun and a luxury drive around the town.

Can One Drink and Smoke in a Party Bus?

Drinking is one of the main charms of having a party bus for celebration day or night. Most of the party bus rentals even have lavish bars for meeting your drinking needs. However, it’s important to consider that not to drink over a certain limit as it is not good for health, further, in case of unusual situations, you might have to pay extra for cleaning purposes.

As far as smoking is concerned, it is strictly prohibited in a party bus. The reason is the bad odor that penetrates into the fabric of the seat and is problematic for future riders. Another reason for its prohibition is its inflammable nature.

Do and Don’ts of a Party Bus:

Since a party bus is all about adding an adventure to your special ventures. Therefore you can enjoy all the luxuries inside the bus. There are HD flat Screen TVs and gaming systems for entertainment. A premium music system for mesmerizing the soul from music, and a dance floor for having a party feeling during travel.

Besides the fun, you also have to take care of certain things. While you are on a party bus i.e., avoidance of unlawful activity. This concept of unlawful activities differs in every state, for example, if you have rented a party bus in West Palm Beach, you need to study the laws of the respective state first. It will help you avoid any charges of involvement in any illegal activity during the trip. Some of the rental services have their own rules that are must to follow when you are having your trip with them.

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