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Hotstar is a great streaming service similar to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. However, Hotstar can also stream live sports and other events such as live IPL at Hotstar. This is a free service, but there are subscription-based plans for accessing Disney and VIP content. The best alternative for free access is Hotstar MOD APK.

The most amazing thing about the Hotstar MOD APK is that it’s completely ad-free. Annoying ads don’t get in the way while streaming. Finally, the updated version of the Hotstar MOD APK fixes a previous black screen bug. But, can you safely download these Hotstar Mod APKs to your device? You will get all the answers in this article.

Does the Hotstar MOD APK contain a virus or malware? 

Most of the modified APKs were developed by third parties to add functionality. For Hotstar Mod APKs, the developers have added free access to the Premium content.

Therefore, in theory, it is safe to download modified APK files from trusted sources and developers. However, almost 10% of mod files contain viruses and malware, so it’s a good idea to run a virus check every time you download. Such viruses and malware can seriously damage your device and invade your privacy.

What can I get with Hotstar MOD APK? 

The Hotstar mod apk contains a variety of features that may be of interest to you. Key features include access to all premium content without paywalls. Other features are:

Unblocked VIP Access: Hotstar MOD APK allows you to easily activate VIP access and enjoy all your premium content without an active subscription.

Pause or No Ads: All ads and unwanted pauses will be removed with mod apk free access.

No login required: Hotstar Mod apk does not require a user login. This means that your account is protected from system locks.

 Live Streaming Sports Channels: Users can stream live content on the various channels available on Hotstar.

Unlimited Downloads: Watch and download movies, TV shows, and various other media consumption.

Where can I download the Hotstar Mod APK? 

Hotstar MOD APK is a modified version of the official Hotstar app that provides access to all restricted content and features. The Mod APK Free can be downloaded from various third-party websites. However, be sure to check with an antivirus before downloading. The main advantage of the MOD app is that you don’t need a Hotstar account to log in. No registration is required for the current update of Hotstar MOD APK.


MOD App may embed malicious files. Downloading or installing such Mod APK apps can put your personal information at risk. To prevent this, you can use the antivirus app (in this case Hotstar MOD APK) to see the Mod APK Free App.

In addition, you can use some online antivirus checker sites to verify that there are no malicious files. If you’re still concerned, you can use FDROID to verify the HASH signature of your Mod APK app. You can also match the signature to the same MOD APK and download it from another source.

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