Air Duct Cleaning: Myth or Necessity?

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We have read over a hundred times that air duct cleaning is essential. Further, we also know the benefits of using ProAir duct cleaning equipment for your HVAC. But, is an expert cleaning service always necessary? Find out.


Several sites suggest duct cleaning is a necessity. However, not at all times. We know the benefits of keeping the HVAC system in our homes clean. But it is also critical to know the need for cleaning before actually performing it. Today people unnecessarily clean their ducts and waste valuable money. However, this is because they fail to understand the need and follow guides without apt knowledge. The article will tell you every detail about air duct cleaning and its necessity. Keep reading to unfold the myths and know the facts.


Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary Always?

The simple answer to this is no. Duct cleaning is needed but not every month. This factor can be analyzed better by considering a few points. A few aspects that will help you recognize the needs for air duct cleaning are:


1.      Your Machine

The machines in your residence will certainly indicate to you when it’s cleaning time. Wondering how? It’s simple. If your machine is not performing at its best, it is time to give it a clean and boost its efficiency. Machines usually fail to perform when they are either old or have too much dust accumulation inside them.


Dust and mold can lower work efficiency and put additional load on your machines. Thus, if you notice any slight change in them, immediately consider cleaning. For instance, if your AC takes longer than usual to cool a space, you need to check or inspect it for better use.


2.      Dust

Another factor that will indicate filthy ducts is the formation of random dust on your surfaces. People often think dust only invades your homes via windows and doors. But this is not very true. There is another effective way by which dust can make a home in your residence. Filthy ducts are the main sources of dust entry. Thus, cleaning them is very important.


So, if you notice dust build-up on your duct very often, it is time to take a quick scan and get your HVAC system cleaned. Effective cleaning is only needed when there is frequent dust accumulation.


3.      After Renovation

Once you renovate your house, always opt for a cleaning service. It is certainly a necessity. Renovations make use of excess material, and these small particles often get stuck in your HVAC systems. Thus, it is important to remove them for the betterment of your machines.


Also, before shifting into your new space, you would want a cleaner and breathable environment. So, ensuring a clean-up is a must for accurate results. If you fail to clean your HVAC systems after renovation, you will notice your residence getting dusty quite often. Also, the foul smell from your home will not leave soon. Thus, ensure you take up a professional cleaning service before shifting.

4.      Use

Lastly, the primary factor is used. The frequency with which you use your HVAC system decides the cleaning needs. So, if you are a commercial space that uses the HVAC system 24×7, you will require cleaning. However, if you do not use them often and only operate them for a few hours in a month, you do not require regular services. Thus, calculate your use and take action accordingly.


Is a Regular Service Needed?

Another major myth several cleaning services will put in your mind is that you need regular cleaning services. However, this is not always the case. Cleaning services are only necessary when needed. We have certain factors that will help you understand this factor better and opt for efficient services that do not make such false claims.


Every month cleaning may be a good income for cleaning service providers. However, only authentic ones will suggest you not opt for such services and waste your valuable money. An expert cleaning is only necessary once in four to five months, depending on your use.


Certain reasons why you do not require regular cleaning services are:


1.       ACs have In-built Cleaning Systems

We all know that AC has filters that are also known as in-built cleaning systems. These parts block maximum dust and prevent it from entering your homes. Further, it is the job of an air filter to eradicate all the harmful pollutants from the air entering your residence.


Air filters do not capture all particles. However, if any particle manages to get through these filters, it is considered measurably tiny. Also, such particles are usually not very effective in polluting the air. Thus, you do not need a cleaning service until and unless your air filter is not filthy. Replacing and manually cleaning the air filters can also help for long-term uses.

2.       Regular Services Can Damage Ducts

If your HVAC system has a high-quality filter, then it is certainly designed for minimal cleaning. So, if you are cleaning your ducts, often you are damaging them. Also, if the duct cleaning process is not completed properly, it may result negatively.


Flexible ducts are more prone to damage than metal ones. Thus, try to opt for cleaning services that use ductwork built from metal sheets.


3.       Just Cleaning is not Enough

Some people opt for cheaper services considering them to be effective. Less prized services can give you added benefits like monthly cleaning. However, it may not be effective. If the duct cleaning is not completed with expert tools, it can cause damage to your machines and also carry more dust.


A poorly cleaned HVAC system is less likely to perform well. Also, the debris left in it will easily invade inside your home causing health issues.



Cleaning your ducts every month is certainly a myth. Instead, identify and recognize points to get the most out of your money. Also, do not opt for cheap services that claim high and give inadequate services. Just like an SEO Consultant knows all about a website ranking. Similarly, experts know the HVAC system well and treat it accordingly.

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