9 Rules to Host a Successful Hybrid Exhibition

Host a Successful Hybrid Exhibition

After around 18 months of sitting back at home, people are finally getting back on venues to attend physical events. However, if you have noticed closely, there’s a new emerging way of hosting events that is becoming progressively prevalent in the modern post-pandemic event industry. Event planners have come up with the idea to broadcast all live events for their remote attendees, so they are not limited to only physical attendees and have a better reach. The combination of these in-person and virtual sessions is known as Hybrid Events. This fruitful blend of physical events and virtual technology has changed the way we perceive the events industry.

Hybrid Events allow you to bring all the advantages of both formats together into one and render a better event experience to both in-person and remote attendees. Even though organizing a Hybrid Event is like merging the best of both worlds, it comes with many challenges. To combat these challenges, event planners have further come up with ways to make the most out of Hybrid events.

Hybrid Exhibition is another innovative form of hybrid event that, although has various challenges, is still gaining increased relevance in the event industry. Businesses are now preferring to host Hybrid exhibitions that fulfill their ultimate goal of maximizing the reach of their products and services efficiently. However, there are various ways you can avoid any possible mistakes and host a successful Hybrid exhibition.  Let’s explore the top 9 rules to host a thriving Hybrid Exhibition.

How to Host A successful Hybrid Exhibition?

1) Set Your Goals Right

Determining the goal of your Hybrid Exhibition will facilitate you with a proper understanding of what you need in your event and what you do not. It is an essential rule that helps you know what you want to achieve by the end of it all. To ensure success, you should always be aware of your goals, so there is no confusion when it finally comes to the execution of your Hybrid Exhibition. It is also necessary to frame your further event plan and not deviate from your aim behind hosting the event.

2) Plan Everything Effectively

Planning is always the most significant rule in the process of organizing a Hybrid Exhibition. It essentially integrates all the elements of an event and ensures the overall success of your hybrid expo by mapping everything you need and want. While working on this rule, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions like:

  • what do your audience and exhibitors expect
  • what is your budget,
  • which engagement tools you want to incorporate in the event,
  • what is the most effective marketing strategy for the event,
  • what type of venue do you need,
  • which logistics are required,
  • what theme will your expo booths be,
  • and many more…

3) Choose the Right Venue/ Hybrid Exhibition Platform

Once you are done with planning and strategizing all the requirements of your Hybrid Exhibition, the next vital rule is to pick the best Hybrid Exhibition Platform for your Hybrid Expo. After determining all the essential details of your event, you can easily compare different options and go with the most suitable choice for you. An efficient virtual event platform will provide you with the best interactive tools that enhance the quality of networking, sponsorship, and engagement opportunities of your Hybrid Exhibition.

4) Ensure Good Production Quality

Comprehending the significance of production quality is very important to host a successful Hybrid Exhibition. You need to acknowledge the fact that your remote attendees require more attention in a hybrid event format. To keep them more involved and engaged in the event, you should make sure that the audio, video, broadcasting, and lighting quality has to be up to the mark. Hiring professionals like skilled exhibitors and expert camera personnel also comes under this rule. It is so because skilled professionals know how to keep your virtual attendees engaged. Poor production quality can make all your efforts go down the drain and you as an organizer wouldn’t want that!

5) Create Beneficial Networking Opportunities

Be it live or remote, all your attendees expect to generate leads, interact, maximize their reach, and network throughout the event. If the audience doesn’t get proper networking opportunities, it can lead to an unsatisfactory experience, further creating a negative impact on the success of your Hybrid Expo. You can add various networking elements to your website like chat rooms, hybrid networking lounges, hybrid breakout sessions, etc. Teaming up your participants to solve fun trivia or hurdles can also be a great idea.

6) Decide on the Right Pricing

While determining the registration or entry costs, make sure you remember that attending an event physically and virtually are two very different situations. Therefore, the prices of attending your hybrid event in these two formats should also differ. So, avoid making the mistake of charging the same amount from both your participants.

7) Keep the Platform Layout and Design Attractive

You need to design the virtual platform just like you design a physical venue. While hosting a Hybrid Event, you attempt to simulate the same experience for the attendees of both venues. Designing a well-structured event platform will help your virtual attendees have a better experience and feel more involved in the event. For example, an attractive expo booth with suitable interactive elements and a display with all the necessary information will help your virtual attendees not miss out on anything.

8) Send Swag Bags!

Sending swag bags to your Virtual attendees and providing goodies to your in-person attendees will motivate your participants to interact more in the event. It is one tool that always works like a charm for your Hybrid event’s success as who doesn’t like free stuff? You can also plan exciting giveaways or coupons for all your attendees. It will not only impress them but also gain their loyalty as your audience.

9) Never Forget to Rehearse and Test Everything!

Disregarding the importance of rehearsals and testing all the tools can be a big mistake. Practice always helps you improve and there’s no loss in it. While rehearsals can improve the quality of your exhibitor’s performance, testing every online tool, system support, internet quality, etc., will ensure that there will not be any glitches or mistakes in your virtual Exhibition.

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