9 Best Tools to Create Animated Videos for Business

Animated Video create

With a wide area to discover, video advertising leads the business. If it’s a brief clip that describes the company/product or a sort of user guide, there’s nothing better than illustrative illustrated videos when you’re up for market explainer videos.
Those very videos help to clearly and successfully illustrate the main points about the business or commodity. If you’re interested in marketing a product, illustrating a principle or idea to a wide crowd, animated videos are a sure shot to keep your target group focused and involved in what you do.

Be it a cartoon video maker or a free animation video maker, there are lots of tools for creating videos for your business online. Explainer videos are a perfect way to bring concepts out and convey information to the viewers quickly. To put it in plain terms, it will build directions on websites and landing pages for improved user experience.

All you must do is find just the right animation tool or animated video company for business animation and pass your message to the audience properly.

Here’s the collection of best video explainer tools for making convincing animated video and optimizing the content.

  1. Animaker

    Animaker is a free beginner animation software with easy drag-and-drop functionality and an intuitive matching interface. There are six types of core videos that you can make with Animaker: Whiteboard, 2D,  Infographics, Handcraft, 2.5D, and Typography
    With different video styles and different animation types, Animaker allows you to create a beautiful video explainer for your product. Also to use this Do-it-Yourself software.

  2. GoAnimate

    GoAnimate is an important platform to support businesses do professional animated images. Companies can start making a video straight away without any setup required. This do-it-yourself method doesn’t need a big team or budget, ensuring companies can produce convincing low budget video material. GoAnimate Subscriptions include unlimited hosting, creation, and download. Businesses from nearly every industry will reach their customers by selecting editable scenes from GoAnimate, covering hundreds of businesses and occupations.

  3. Wideo

    It lets you edit, create, and share animated videos intuitively for business among 2D animation video makers. For business, you get more than 80 ready-to-edit video templates or you build them from scratch to suit your business needs. These templates are fully customizable to your needs and make Wideo a much-appreciated tool.
    You can effortlessly create amazing animated videos. You’ll just spend 5 minutes selecting the template and drag-and-drop customizing it, and you’re sorted out to create a professional-looking animated business. You can share it on social media or download it as an MP4.

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  4. Moovly

    With Moovly it’s possible to be in your budget and still create fabulous videos that are intuitive and simple for your business. Using this tool you can create an animated video, banners, ads, whiteboard animation, intro on YouTube, and an engaging video explainer.
    You don’t have to download it, because it can be achieved directly on your screen. You don’t need to do a video for longer than 15 minutes. There are various free clips, images, animations, and sounds available and you can create your own devices too.

  5. Renderforest

    Renderforest is an interactive video creator making slideshows, tag videos, and company picture explainers. The website is fully free to access, and consumers can create and sell an infinite number of high-quality videos created to efficiently and engagingly advertise a company and its goods.

  6. Blender

    Blender is yet another right tool for skilled editors and developers for video animation. The free open-source 3D animation framework facilitates the modeling, design, painting, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion control, video processing, and 2D animation pipeline. This video game animation software is a collaborative initiative and creatives from all over the world are contributing to its ongoing maintenance.

  7. Animiz

    This is a free animation drag-and-drop tool that can be downloaded and installed in desktop Windows and Mac. It helps you to develop 2D animations and text-based animations of all sorts. Animiz’s paid version can deliver lots of stock vectors, music tracks, and other animation elements. This tool is more useful for professionals or people who are exposed to creating videos and editing.

  8. Toonly

    Toonly is also a software program built to build excellent videos and animations. But it’s not free, with an annual membership you will pay $20 / month. The biggest explanation Toonly stands out from other animation applications is due to its easy design and the ease one can make videos with.

  9. OpenToonz

    OpenToonz is one of the very best free 2D video animation software. The open-source program is safe for commercial and non-commercial use, and you can use it to build the brand’s advertisement images. It offers stunning features like:
    Digital modeling software: vectors and bitmaps drawing tools
    Indexed color palettes: Quick paint and color change
    Effects and compositing: dynamic visual effects and composite scenes — pick from blurs, background, buttons, masks, and more than 100 other effects.
    And much more.

As these software and free online tools provide you with a lot of features and templates, you won’t have complete control over the video or output the script the way you want to convert your audiences to buyers.

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