8 Real Estate Videos Smart Agents are Using in 2021

We live in an era with easy access to fast-developing technology. Real estate is one industry that benefits the most from it. Today, even without hi-tech gadgets, you can create footage with 3D shots for virtual tours; It is easy to do on your smartphone. Drones give you excellent aerial footage; For stunning real estate videos.

It is an advent of new high-tech marketing tools; The low-tech tools— are set aside to make way for the new. Video marketing is not a new concept; Marketers, are using it in their campaigns for decades. Marketers have been using digital platforms like YouTube to target their audience for the past 15 years. In recent times advanced avenues like Facebook, Instagram, and emails are increasing their creative use.

In recent times, people connect— through social media and digital platforms. Keep up with the emerging video marketing trends with real estate videos that smart agents use in 2021.

If you’re not getting enough leads on social media, try emailing videos instead. 

Emails as a marketing tool are not new, but it still rules in maintaining and increasing ROI. It is the best means to secure lead conversion.

People receive numerous emails a day; most of them remain unopened. The generic mail with Hello {name} was effective— in the past but not anymore. The receipt of the mail will open the mail only if they feel that you are addressing them in person. The solution is to send a personalized email.

Here’s how you can mail real estate videos to your prospective customers:

  • Create a short video with an updated listing of the local real estate market.
  • Shoot a walkthrough video of the best properties.
  • Share links of live streams on social media.

A video can perk up your real estate business only when you do it right. The trick is to send the video in a personalized email. Use a great subject line that the recipient can’t help but open, read and watch.

  • Premium Listing Real Estate Videos or Walk Through Videos

The real estate industry grows with technology. Most people search the internet for the property. They look for pictures or videos of the listings that catch their eye. That is why a listing without images or videos is never complete. Realtor websites with appropriate videos are known to draw more viewer attention to generate leads.

Walkthrough videos are a smart way to give prospective buyers a personal feel of the property. It makes them feel like they are walking through the property as they watch it.

Here’s how you can make them:

  • Get a professional to take shots and edit the video.
  • Strategize the video.
  • Buy a stabilizer for your phone to keep it steady as your shoot.
  • Get yourself a microphone of good quality for the shoot.
  • Shoot on a day when the sun shines bright.

3. Educational Real Estate Videos

An individual may nurture a dream to be a homeowner someday, may even save for it. But he may not know the various procedures involved in buying a property. Educate viewers to all there is to know— to buy their first home.

Videos that have information about how they will finance their purchase, guidance in securing a home loan, getting and comparing quotes are of great help to your prospective customers.

You can indeed give them all the information they need by writing a detailed blog. But can it compare to a video the explains all the complex procedures in an easy-to-understand manner?

Here’s a list of educational videos that can help increase your sales:

  • Introductory real estate videos for first-timers.
  • A guide to the neighborhood.
  • Explainer video of final costs.
  • Explainer video of various offers available to them.
  • Explainer video of the variety of houses. 

4. Introductory Real Estate Videos

People must know and trust you to do business with you. That is why you need to introduce yourself to them. It is not easy to meet every person who needs a house to buy. But an introductory video can go places.  

Start by introducing yourself as you would do when your met someone in person. But if you feel that isn’t getting your many leads, try a professional approach instead. Continue by showing the audience your workplace and introducing your team. The audience must learn of your certifications, awards, and success through the video. 

5. Drone Listing Videos

Stir up the emotions of the buyer with a drone listing video. The video should indicate that the buyers’ lifestyle will transform after buying the house. Pack the video with stunning music that the viewer can connect with to excellent drone footage. Start by showing the neighborhood and then zoom in on the house.

Have models to depict a happy family that eats, works, sleeps, and spends time together instead of only featuring the home. The clever show of schools and colleges, marketplaces, and hospitals in the neighborhood helps the customer decide.

6. Real Estate Marketing Videos—Use your Creativity

Realtors are many: And so are real estate videos. To captivate your audience, you need to make real estate marketing videos that are unique from the others. Use your creativity to improve your real estate video marketing to make a difference that brings you, customers.

7. Facebook Live for Real Estate Videos

Presently the best way of getting maximum views is to go live. To make it a success— first, inform your audience of the time of the live show. You can do so by sending emails, announcements to your local groups, or posting an ad on social media.

Think of a great headline and content to attract the attention of the viewer to the event. Prepare yourself for the show—make sure you don’t run a shot of matter to show or say. Start by introducing yourself, ask them to follow you to get notifications for the next live event.

Encourage them to stay—with great content. Push for an engagement— ask questions they can’t help but reply. Finally, make way for them to connect with you by inserting a CTA.

8. Instagram IGTV Real Estate Videos 

Instagram’s newly launched app, Instagram TV (IGTV), helps creators post long-form vertical videos on the platform. It is an excellent way for the real estate industry to secure free organic traffic.

All you need is a detailed video of your listings. Cover the neighborhood and each part of the property. Include a brief introduction of yourself in the beginning and a CTA at the end screen. Encourage your viewers to visit your Instagram page for links to pricing details.


Real estate videos help reach out to more people and get more leads that grow your real estate business. You don’t have to be at the site to show the property to every interested prospective buyer. You can save time by giving them a virtual tour.

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