7 pro tips for choosing a plumber in Canada

plumber in Canada

Review of all the criteria to be taken into account so as not to get the wrong professional

A plumbing novice can quickly find themselves at a loss when it comes to choosing a professional. Afraid of overbilling, delays, a job is poorly done? So many unpleasant surprises that can be avoided by choosing a quality craftsman. In order to help you find your way around, we asked Antoine Durand, a craftsman in plumber North York Aqualux Dp company, to give us all his professional advice. Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice with confidence.

1. Know the scope of the plumber’s mission

The main part of the plumber’s job is to take care of the sanitary installations and to maintain and repair the pipes. The heating plumber will also install the boilers and maintain them. Qualified craftsmen, they also work on corollaries to pipes and sanitary facilities, such as joints or valves. 

2. Find out about the craftsman

Do you have a list of plumbers in the North York area? Perfect! Now do not hesitate to inform yourself well before calling on one of them. Of course, word of mouth already allows you to make a first selection, but don’t panic if you don’t have specific recommendations because this method alone is not enough.

3. Make sure the plumber is on the move

Once the plumber has been chosen, it is imperative to meet him, advises Aqualux DP expert.. Indeed, a conscientious professional travels to take the measure of the work to be done and make the correct diagnosis.

4. Pay particular attention to the estimate

The estimate is a fundamental step in your journey to choose the right professional. Do not hesitate to have several.

“There is a very important element to which special attention must be paid, ” he explains. “In order to avoid moonlighting, it must be specified on the estimate that the professional does not subcontract his mission. Make it mentioned in writing to avoid possible disappointments. Another fundamental point: the ten-year guarantee. For an individual, it is insurance in the event of a problem. ” The year guarantee certifies in fact that the work has met all technical standards.

5. Understand the difference between two quotes

Regarding the potential differences from one quote to another, he explains: “Of course, inflated quotes exist, but this is often justified by the plumber’s experience, the time spent on. There are the same differences between two plumbing companies as between a luxury car and a first prize. These are two vehicles, but they do not have the same features or the same finishes. Beware of overly tempting quotes, which risk hiding a total lack of after-sales service or unskilled labor on your site. “

6. Know what jobs require a professional

While some things are within the reach of good DIY enthusiasts, others cannot be done without professional help. “In absolute terms, for a novice, all plumbing work can turn into a real hassle, even silicone gaskets. However, a handyman can try a few jobs, especially those relating to evacuation. On the other hand, I formally advise against touching food. With the pressure, the risk of flooding is too great. Never touch the shut-off valve either, as you won’t even be able to turn off the water.”

7. Avoid “scams ” 

There are a few tips that can help you do this. First of all, outside of an inextricable situation such as a flood, try not to choose your plumber in an emergency, even if it means scheduling your work. Then, discuss with him the different solutions offered, knowing that the best is not necessarily the most expensive. Finally, do not rely solely on flyers or good SEO on Google, which is not necessarily a guarantee of a quality craftsman, especially look at the comments of previous customers.

Professional tip:“Ask your craftsman to give you the price of the parts. If the price of labor is difficult for an individual to estimate, the price of parts is quite an objective element that is easy to verify.”


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