6 Thrilling Adventure Sports near Mumbai for Adrenaline Junkies!

Adventure Sports near Mumbai

Always on the move, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Young people from different places and different backgrounds migrate to this city chasing after their dreams, and this “City of Dreams” is always bustling with activity. The thing with the young is that they seek diverse experiences, and naturally, adventure is their favorite. Fortunately, this city which provides endless opportunities to make your career and ‘fill your pockets,’ also offers several adventure activities that ‘fill your soul’. So, adventure lovers, here are the six thrilling adventure sports near Mumbai that you must try!

Bungee Jumping:

Watching people bungee jumping can send chills down the spine, but not for hard-core adventurers who are physically fit. Imagine the thrill of jumping from a height of about 45 meters and then bouncing back in the air! Can’t wait to experience it? Go visit Della adventure in Lonavala, the best bungee jumping spot near Mumbai. The lush green surroundings of Lonavala are quite refreshing; take a deep breath and jump! Feel the surge of adrenaline as you free fall and then rebound, oscillating up and down in the air.

Scuba Diving:

Interested in discovering (more) about the secrets of the underwater world? Go scuba diving! Malvan Coast is the hub of water sports, and scuba diving here is a must-try adventure sport near Mumbai. Explore this less-explored diving spot with the help of trained instructors. You’ll also find several diving schools here. If you are serious about scuba diving, you can also get scuba diving lessons and become an instructor.

Jet Skiing:

If you prefer water sports other than underwater adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, etc., then try jet-skiing. Riding a jet ski on the water at high speed and soaking in the showers created by your watercraft as it zooms along is indeed a lot of fun, and so this is a very popular recreational activity among the locals. Listen to the instructors and test your balance and coordination skills with this high-speed water sport. The perfect places for this adventure sport near Mumbai are Alibaug, Mandwa, and Girgaum Chowpatty Seashore.



Seeing the birds fly up against the skies has always fascinated us since childhood. So, if an adventurous activity lets us experience what flying like a bird feels like, how could we give it a miss? Maybe this is the reason why paragliding is so popular, besides the fact that it is extremely thrilling to soar high in the sky and catch the breathtaking views of the ground below. The beautiful hill stations of Kamshet and Panchgani (nestled in the lush Sahyadri Ranges) are two of the best places to enjoy this adventure sport near Mumbai.

White Water Rafting:

Also known as river rafting, white water rafting is an extreme adventure sport that makes you both excited and nervous at the same time. A small village named Kolad, situated 120 km from Mumbai, is known for offering an unforgettable white-water rafting experience. Navigating the fast-flowing waters of the Kundalika River and crossing the wild rapids on an inflatable raft sets your pulse racing and adrenaline rushing. Follow all safety precautions and take proper care, and you will totally love river rafting at Kolad!

Waterfall Rappelling:

Waterfall rappelling is one of the exhilarating adventure activities every extreme adventure enthusiast must not miss out on when she or he visits the city on cheap flights to Mumbai from New York. Also known as waterfall abseiling, it involves participants sliding down the gushing waterfall as you rappel steep cliffs. The adrenaline-pumping activity is gaining more and more popularity these days, and an ancient waterfall at Kondana caves is the best spot to enjoy this adventure sport near Mumbai. This scenic spot attracts a lot of adventure junkies during the monsoon season when the rains invigorate this waterfall having a height of 100-120 feet and water rappelling is more fun.



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