5 Tools to Assist you with staying connected during the Coronavirus Pandemic


During the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2019, health professionals and government officials have advised us to keep at least 6 feet away from people to help combat the virus. Social distancing (also known as physical distancing) is one of the most essential methods that may “flatten the curve” and decrease the development of COVID-19, alongside hand washing. Keeping a safe distance from others can be difficult for many people. Being social is as essential to an extrovert as food and sleep. An instruction to keep away from others, on the other hand, is a dream come true for someone who prefers time alone.

The truth is that we all require social interaction. Wellness is enhanced by connections. Human connection is critical for healthy health, especially when life throws us situations that can make us feel anxious.

While nothing can fully replace in-person hugs, hellos, high-fives, and joyous moments, here are 5 fantastic tools that help you keep connected to the rest of the world while staying safe and sound at home.


WhatsApp is the social media app that has seen the most growth as a result of COVID-19. WhatsApp is a great way to message, call, or video chat with almost anyone, and it’s available on all devices and all over the world. And, thanks to encryption services, you can be assured that your communications will remain secret. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, WhatsApp will use your phone data to make voice or video conversations.

WhatsApp plays a key part in online business in this Covid- 19 environment. It assists many people who have lost their jobs during  the lockdown condition . WhatsApp plays a significant role in the educational arena. WhatsApp Groups are used to connect schools and colleges with the students. Download WhatsApp for iOS or Android, or use it on the computer and stay connected with the whole world.

Google Meet and Zoom

As COVID-19 made our world a more physically distant place, many individuals turned to online video conferencing to keep in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. People began to adjust their daily routines as the globe became increasingly aware of COVID-19. Because of the virus’s expanding impact on how people worked, learned, and socialised with friends and family, more people are using services like Google Meet and Zoom to stay in touch.

The video calling capability has been enhanced with numerous features to make video communication more convenient. This can be utilised by office workers, instructors, students, and anybody else who wants to communicate via video. Teaching becomes easier on Google Meet now that it supports up to 100 individuals on a single video conference. Children and teachers can use the Education app to streamline their learning experience and manage their students for educational purposes. Teachers can easily distribute assignments and provide comments to students.

Other features include live captioning, which makes it easier to understand what someone is saying during a video chat, video and audio preview, the ability to customise layout and screen settings, screen-sharing, various controls for the video call host, and integration with Google and Microsoft apps, all of which are complemented by security and privacy features. Zoom, which was previously only used for business conferencing, has become a popular video chat hangout alternative.

Not only did this mean an increase in Zoom meetings for the millions of people who had recently started working from home, but it also meant an increase in Zoom birthdays and baby showers for everyone else. With a free option that limited calls to 40 minutes and an unlimited paid service that allowed individuals to perform many of the things they used to do in person, it became a vital lifeline to the outside world for many. Having a corporate Zoom account was the new car, as the joke went at the time. Zoom surpassed long-time favourites like Instagram and YouTube as the most downloaded iPhone and iPad app of the year. Microsoft, Cisco, and Google, for example, have mainly caught up with video chat technology and now provide far superior offerings than they did when Zoom entered the scene.

Stay connected with the rest of the world by downloading Google Meet and Zoom apps for iOS or Android or using it on your computer.


While video chatting is amazing, there are times when you just want to do something with your pals rather than just talk. Maybe you’ve found out a solid technique for playing a board game or other fun activity over a video conference, but there are a few online services that can make you feel like you’re just hanging out with your friends. Netflix is a global entertainment service that offers popular television shows, documentaries, and a large selection of feature films in a wide range of languages and genres. Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome plugin that makes viewing movies and TV with your friends easy and fun again by synchronising playback and providing a group chat function. You have entertainment in the palm of your hand during Covid time. Everyone can stay connected and enjoy the breeze of amusement without any hassles or physical contraction.

YouTube Learning Destination

YouTube Learning Destination was launched for students, teachers, and anybody interested in learning about a variety of subjects such as physics, arithmetic, and biology, as well as language skills, photography, yoga, and more. YouTube’s educational section is available in a variety of languages, including English and Hindi, as well as Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi, with more languages on the way. To use the functionality, simply go to YouTube on your Android, iOS, or web browser and search for Learning or YouTube Learning in the search field. The result will display at the top, and you may click it to view a selection of videos related to it. It’s also accessible through YouTube’s Explore section. YouTube Learning Destination does not provide films that are specific to a school’s curriculum; instead, it focuses on generic instructional videos. Currently, YouTube concentrates on themes that users may study at home, such as dealing with anxiety, coping with stress, wellness, and fitness, and so on.

Fun Keyboards

The keyboard is one of the most important components on a smartphone. In communication, the keyboard is an extremely important part.  The Malayalam Keyboard Online and the Hindi keyboard App are two useful resources. Because both Malayalam and Hindi are widely spoken languages. There are many people whose mother tongue is Hindi, and there are also many people whose mother tongue is Malayalam. There are many people in the south and in the north, people have a custom of using Malayalam and Hindi language.

Bobble is a great keyboard app for Android that includes tons of options to liven up your conversations during Covid time. Bharat keyboards have more regional keyboards, such as those for Bengali and Marathi. All you need to do is try out all the different options the app offers to make talking to your contacts even more fun.

It’s never been easier to communicate in Hindi during pandemic time. It’s completely free to use the hassle-free Hindi Keyboard Online for talking. You may type in Hindi or other languages rapidly with any of these Hindi keyboards for Android or Hindi keyboard apps. Writing Hindi SMS, commenting on friends’ postings, changing social media status, and other similar tasks can be very simple during Covid- 19 situation. Funny GIFs and stickers from Hindi movies, Emoji keyboard with a lot of Hindi characters – making your chat brighter.

With our App Search function, you can quickly find and open apps on your phone, as well as discover new apps that are relevant to you. On Android phones and tablets, a phonetic Hindi transliteration keyboard is available. There’s no need to understand the Hindi alphabet or layout. Download Hindi Keyboard Online and see your conversations transform into something magical.

During Covid -19 period, communication in Malayalam was easier with the Malayalam Keyboard.

You can choose from a variety of Malayalam stickers and GIFs in the Malayalam Keyboard App. Malayalam Keyboard Apk is a free Android application that can be downloaded and installed. You may customise your Manglish keyboard with this entertaining feature. BigMoji’s are a fun and colourful addition to the Malayalam Keyboard. They’re massive, bold, and intimidating. It makes your chats more interesting. Malayalam Keyboard Apk is available for download via the Play store app, as well as Malayalam Keyboard Online.

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