5 Tips to Prevent Kidney Stone Formation


Kidney stones are painful… and anyone who has suffered from this can surely relate to this.

Stones in the kidney are a common health problem and can affect overall urinary function. Kidney stones are very painful and can be hard to deal with.

We already know how difficult it can be to deal. All the pain and trouble it brings along can be worrisome for anyone. Though there is a lot we know on prevention of kidney stones and we can follow the right practices to prevent kidney stones. You may drink enough water, can eat healthy foods and what not but still suffer from the problem.

Despite all the efforts you make, there is still a lot you can’t do about these. Even a part of it comes from your genes. I remember one of my friends who was diagnosed with kidney stones at such a young age. After visiting many top urologists in Islamabad she was treated and the reason for her kidney stones was metabolic disorder she was suffering from.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones Formation?

Not only this, but many of your habits can increase your risk of suffering from kidney stones. Here is all you need to know about everyday habits that can increase.

1- Being overweight

Your body weight has a significant impact on your overall health and can increase your chances of suffering from kidney stones. For people who are overweight there is a chance that they can suffer from kidney stones. Excessive body weight compromises your body functions and your are not an exception to this. So, yes caring excessive body weight and being less considerate about your eating habits and physical activity patterns can increase your risk.

2- Consuming More Salt and Sugar

Salt and sugar is bad for your overall health and a part of these side effects include the risk of kidney stones. When you consume too much salt and sugar, it eventually affects the way your kidney works. If you consume salt and sugar above what your body is capable of processing, it adds to the burden on your kidneys affecting your chances of suffering from problems..

3- Not Drinking Enough Water for Kidney:

Water is important for your body functions and affects all your body activities. When you don’t consume enough water it is bad for your kidneys as well. This is because when less water is in the body, your kidneys require assistance to remove toxins from the body. Thus, it is better to consume sufficient amounts of water to support your kidneys with their functioning. However, while consuming water be mindful to be considerate and keep water quantities in check.

4- Not Consuming Enough Calcium for Kidney:

When you don’t consume calcium rich foods, it keeps oxalate in your free. Calcium is capable of binding with this oxalate and limits the amount of oxalate in urine. When there is lesser oxalate present in urine, there are little chances of it binding with the urinary calcium that ultimately reduces the risk of formation. So, you always need to consume sufficient amounts of calcium.

5- Consuming too much of Animal Protein

A part of kidney stone formation comes from the uric acid present in your body. Among many things that can affect the presence of uric acid in your body comes the kind of protein you are consuming. If you take too much of animal proteins it certainly affects the levels of uric acid in your body that can contribute to the formation of kidney stones.

Bottom Line!

Kidney stones are a common health problem and can take a toll on your urinary health. Not only does this affect your body functioning but can also take a toll on your routine life activities. Many ways can help you to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Alongside following all these tips, you should also talk to your doctor if you experience any signs of health problems. Keeping your health in check is one good way to prevent long-term damage.

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