5 Tips For Candle Boxes Design & Development

candle boxes

Candles hold an important place when it comes to celebrating different occasions. For example, they are used while celebrating weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. Many brands sell candles, and they package them inside eye-catching candle boxes. There are different ways to enhance the visual appeal of these boxes. Following are 5 tips for their design and development.

Utilize several custom shapes

Why do different brands need custom packaging for their products? The biggest benefit that a brand can get from its custom packaging is the improved presentation of the products. For candles, you may have to face severe competition. Therefore, your packaging must be different from others to help you get better results. The most important thing that you should focus on is the shape of the boxes. When designing your candle packaging boxes, you should utilize several different shapes. There are many shapes such as pillow boxes, pentagonal, octagonal, slipcase, or sleeve boxes. These innovative shapes should help in making your brand distinct. You should look for custom boxes because they are essential for making your candles prominent in the stores.

Consider engaging designs 

The design of your packaging should be engaging. What can you do to make it tempting? You may create a difference by using printing. There are different options for printing. First, you may print graphics and images. You may also print drawings or patterns. In the case of candle packaging, you should prefer printing drawings or artwork. They can help to enhance their catchiness. You may also print engaging drawings such as floral drawings. Perspective drawings can also enhance their catchiness. You may print graphics and images to relate the use of candles to specific occasions. For example, you may create boxes for packaging birthday or anniversary candles. Printing attractive and creative content on your packaging can make it engaging.

Focus on color schemes 

The selection of color schemes for your boxes matters a lot. You should select amazing colors that can set your products prominent among others. Colors are highly influential, and they may influence people’s purchasing decisions. They can produce psychological effects such as aggressiveness or depression. Warm colors produce a sensation of aggressiveness, including red, orange, and yellow. Cool colors produce the effects of depression, blue and green. Hence, it is very important to consider the demography and psychography of your customers while selecting color schemes for your boxes. You should ensure that the color of your boxes is vivid and appealing. Moreover, they should resonate with the brand. It will help to make your candles identifiable in the market.

List the uses and functions of candles

There are different types of candles, and they may have different uses. For example, ornamental candles, scented candles, or birthday candles. Therefore, it is important that before introducing the product, it is mandatory to introduce its uses. For this purpose, you should necessarily print the list of uses of candles on your boxes. For example, you may enlist different colors of your candles, such as red, green, or others. You may also mention if they are scented or not. You may also describe how long candles can last and how they can add fun to the function of birthdays. Providing these details can help to make people buy your candles.

Make use of custom embellishments 

Every brand needs to make the product packaging elegant and impressive for the audience. Different brands may go the extra mile to ensure this. In the case of candle boxes wholesale, you should also go out of the box. You may enhance their visual appearance by using different types of embellishments. You may also use different coatings, such as matte or gloss. You may also give them a metallic appeal by using silver or copper foiling. Embossing can help to give an outstanding appearance to your packaging. These embellishments will attract many new customers and boost sales of your products.

For making your packaging more robust, you can find numerous ideas. You have to consider what you can implement easily and what can be more suitable for your product packaging. For candle boxes, you may consider the usage of these tips. They can successfully enhance the catchiness of these boxes and increase the sale of your products.

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