5 Most Expensive Hotels in the world

most expensive hotels

Vacations are the personal time we find for ourselves. People often search for different hotels to stay at while planning a vacation. Many people prefer to keep a low profile while some of them want to stay in top lavish resorts. There is nothing wrong with booking the most ridiculously luxurious inns, I mean if you cannot always live there but you can still experience what living a queen life feels like.  If you are someone who idolizes luxury and comfort as a priority and money is not a big concern for you, we bring to you the top 5 most expensive hotels in the world. 

1. Lover’s Deep-Luxury Submarine Hotel:-

It is the most expensive yet elegant hotel in the world, as it requires you to go beneath the water. The hotel is a submarine located in St. Lucia in the Caribbean sea to give you the most amazing experience in the world. You would be surprised to know that this submarine offers all the features you would get in a 5-star hotel, and some other features like beach landing and helicopter transfers. You can even ask the captain to change the location according to your choice. Amazing right! This would be truly an experience you would never forget in your lifetime. You can explore further details on The nest Tulum

2. Ty Warner Penthouse-Four Seasons:-

This luxury hotel suite is situated on the 52nd floor of the building in New York. The 400 Square meter suite offers you one bedroom with a spa, a private elevator, and even the most desirable Rolls Royce at your disposal. You can easily get a glance of uptown, midtown, and downtown of the romantic New York City. If you are looking for your next premium getaway, don’t forget to try this luxurious hotel and enjoy your unlimited massages during your stay here. Check out the holiday dates in the December global holidays to plan your next holiday. 

3. The Penthouse Suite-Hotel Martinez:-

Making its way to the third most luxurious hotel in the world, The Penthouse Suite-Hotel Martinez is situated in Cannes, France. The suite offers a large private wood-paneled terrace with a  panoramic view of the ocean, king-size bed,  living and dining room, and Turkish bath. If this is not enough for you, then sit back and enjoy the several artworks of Picasso and Matisse decorated over the walls of the suits making them the most artistic hotel suites in the world. 

4. The Bulgari Villa, The Bulgari Resort:-

The Bulgari Villa is situated on an island in Dubai, UAE. The island is in the shape of a seahorse wherein the exclusive hotel offers you the most spectacular view of the sea. The suite comes with a pool, private home cinema, and hydromassage making it the most relaxing luxurious destination of your vacation. You will have a relaxing vibe with your family and friends here. 

5. Rambagh Palace, India:-

The Rambagh Palace situated in Pink city Jaipur, India is a stunning structural beauty hotel to spend your vacation. It is the most expensive hotel in India which has been a home to the kings and queens of Rajasthan showcasing the generations of royalty of the palace. The suite offers you an experienced mix of modern amenities and at the same time takes you back in time with the beautifully designed 18th-century Ballrooms. You can also enjoy a treatment at the spa. This luxury hotel is a must-to-visit destination to savor royalty. 


These are our top five most expensive hotels in the world in which you will get a lifetime luxury experience. Tell us where you want to visit and what features of that place excite you the most. Hope you have a wonderful time there!

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