5 Creative DIY Gifts for Your Closest Friends

5 Creative DIY Gifts for Your Closest Friends

As the Christmas holiday steadily makes its way onto your doorstep, you might realize that you have yet to make a dent in your shopping list. But contemplating further, the idea of spending your evenings searching for the ideal gifts for friends is less than appealing. This year, take a crafty approach by exploring five creative DIY gifts for your closest friends that can save you time and money.

Homemade Doormat

Homemade doormats are incredibly versatile and offer various routes to play with to customize them. You can mention an inside joke exclusive to you and your best friend, quote one of their favorite movies, or incorporate imagery that fits with the theming of their home.

Winter Hat and Scarf Set

Winter is here and you want your friends to stay warm during the season. The fantastic aspect about this craft is that if you have people who still need a gift, you can put your sewing skills to the test and stitch multiple sets!

DIY Charm Necklace

The cost of jewelry depends on the piece you buy and how precious the stone is. While you can certainly purchase a charming adornment for a close friend, you can save money by creating a customized accessory to show how much they mean to you.

Watercolor Jewelry Dish

For the jewelry connoisseur in your life, you can create a custom accessory dish to hold their favorite rings and charms safely. You want to note that you’ll need oven-bake clay, gold markers, glitter, clear glaze, and a great deal of patience to accomplish this craft. However, your friend is worth it!

Photo Coasters

Photo coasters are a fantastic gift that forever memorializes your friends’ best moments. You can scout through their social media pages to gather the materials you need to complete this craft. All you’ll need are a few 4×4 photos, tiles of the same size, scissors, and adhesive to complete the project.

Showing your best pals that you care during the holidays doesn’t have to mean going out of your way to purchase lavish, elaborate items. The most meaningful gifts often come from the heart’s intention, and these five creative DIY gifts can help you display how you feel.

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