5 Best Online Auction Websites for Good Deals


If you are a fan of collectible items or love great deals for clothes, houses, cars, or jewelry then visiting an online auction site is your best option. You can also do bargain on these bidding sites. Due to the harsh impact of COVID-19, many businesses have shifted their position to the internet. DealDash is an online auction site that was released in 2009. The main headquarter of DealDash is situated in Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area, Great Lakes, Midwestern US.

Here are the 5 best online auction websites for good deals:


Most of you have already heard this name once in your life. eBay is one of the oldest auction sites on the internet and it offers a huge variety of options from clothes, diamonds, and even houses and properties. eBay allows the sellers to remove items that are useless and it offers the buyers the freedom to buy from anywhere in the world instantly. You can bid from your smartphone or from your laptop too.


“Auction houses run a rigged game. They know exactly how many people will be bidding on work and exactly who they are. In a gallery, works of art need only one person who wants to pay for them,” said Jerry Saltz, an American art critic. Since 2006, he has been senior art critic and columnist for New York magazine.

Unlike eBay, GoodWill is a non-profit organization that has the main focus on raising money for people who have disabilities and for those who are in deep need of help. GoodWill also includes a large variety of items on the site and mainly operates in the areas of the United States. The GoodWill auction site includes varieties like- books, houses, clothes, arts, tools, sports products, electronic products, and many more.


The auction process of Listia sites is a bit different from other online auction sites, as it offers credits to the customers. So, instead of using money to bid, users can use the credit to bid on any item. The process is simple when the user refers the site to their friends or sells their own products on the site, they receive credits for that. In the bidding process, the user who bids the highest credit wins the item. The site also offers free shipment of the products, if you purchased a high-value product from the site.


From the name, you will get the idea that GovDeals is a government-organized portal for auction. The site consists of dozens of categories of products to bid on like real estate, big industrial machines, janitorial equipment, exercise equipment, batteries, and many more items. You do not have to worry about the privacy and security of your data, as the site is fully controlled by the government.


PropertyRoom is the site where you will get seized items, found, and unclaimed property at a public forum. The site works with various law enforcement and municipal agencies and sells products like jewelry, art, coins, watches, etc.

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