4 Tips for Managing a Safe and Sanitary Restaurant

4 Tips for Managing a Safe and Sanitary Restaurant

Being a restaurant manager has its challenges, and maintaining the sanitation of the establishment is one of them. These tips for managing a safe and sanitary restaurant will help you provide a clean space for your guests to enjoy and a safe place for your employees to work in. You’ll also need to follow government guidelines stipulated for food service. Find out more about maintaining a quality facility.

Install Proper Plumbing

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or have been noticing issues with an older building, you’ll need to have proper plumbing. Since the kitchen and bar are the heart of any food facility, you’ll need to ensure that you have the correct piping systems to handle water usage and the proper drainage to remove standing water and debris.

Have Adequate Insurance

Having the right insurance is necessary to rectify any issues that happen structurally, but you’ll also need it for general liability like to replace large food contamination, provide financial support during business interruption, or protect a wine collection. You’ll need several policies to thoroughly protect your business.

Enforce Sanitation Policies

Working in food service means adhering to sanitation policies created by state and federal regulations. One of the most important responsibilities of a manager is to enforce these policies with your staff, both front and back of house, to protect them and guests. Some examples are making sure employees understand food safety protocol, wearing protective gear like gloves, and maintaining equipment.

Require Food Safety Courses

To work in a restaurant, all employees must undergo food safety courses. Depending on which state you reside in, the requirements might differ. But every employee needs to be well-versed in the safe preparation and handling of food. Whichever training, it must be certified through federal regulations.

Managing a safe and sanitary restaurant requires diligence. You’ll also need to enforce and follow all the guidelines set in place to ensure that your facility is safe for both guests and staff.

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