4 Things to Consider Before Terminating an Employee


Employees are a constituent part of running a business. Statistics and trends reflect that good employees contribute 21% of higher business profitability and drive the GDP of the country to go up. That similarity is quite visible in Dubai and Sharjah of UAE that emerged as metropolitan cities in a matter of decades.

However, there are times, when an employee may fall short of the performance or lack the desired levels of quality required. This can be related to work or the behavior showcased of such a drastic level, that termination comes into light. Just how difficult it is for any employee to read their termination note, it is equally important for the manager to initiate this action. While there continues to exist some tension and more downs than ups during the journey, it is still important to consider several aspects when filing under article 120 UAE Labour Law.

For that reason, here is a compilation of some of the important steps, before resorting towards termination that ensures cordial relationships with the employees. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

Make Notes and Write Down Everything

Manager’s primary duty is to oversee the tasks and employee performance as they move towards work completion. This ensures that they achieve everything according to the initial brief and set guidelines. From incorporating the positives and negatives to the ups and downs, they make notes of everything. This proves to be an important helping point for the training and evaluation of team performances.

It should be noted that the analysis takes time. During which managers keep on observing the behavior, and writing everything down. They cannot argue about any employee’s unprofessional behavior therein, and that’s where all these records come in. Along with that, electronic communications, screenshots of chats, fraudulent activities, unprofessional behavior, number of initial warnings, complaints, etc. also assist them in showcasing the proof and filing the termination letter.

Clear Communication of Expectations

At the beginning of any employment, a clear job description is given out. This gives the employee a clear expectation and solid understanding of their responsibilities and functions. For the employee, it’s imperative to ensure success in each category. Since these are clearly defined, the employees are already well-aware of all the do’s leading to bonuses and compensation. It also entails the don’ts that will land them with fines and even termination.

During employment, the reporting manager also signals them about the quality of their work. This encourages them to take the necessary steps in keeping up the good performance or amending the mistakes and behaviors that are highlighted in the warning letters while focussing on meeting the goal expectations.

Practice Being a Good Mentor

All the new and old employees need a mentor, on which they can rely and depend upon. Some queries and ambiguities need to be cleared out, so they can better focus on their goals and achieve them. And what else can be a better option than seeking help from the mentor? Nevertheless, these mentors are there for a reason. Coupled up with the knowledge, resources, and skillset, they are better able to devise strategies and an effective way out for their employees and team alike.

Moreover, these mentor figures encourage and appreciate the efforts of the employees to further motivate them. Along with that, they also point out the drawbacks and help them overcome them. This healthy approach builds the team together and helps eliminate their challenges. The company employees have a right to know their shortcomings to improve their quality work, before receiving a termination letter right away.

Conduct a Verbal and Written Counselling

No human is perfect. Yet, everyone makes an effort to become one. During this time, they evolve and progress to become better person. While self-assessment may be the best thing for them, they still require some help to speed to increase their output. For this, conducting verbal and even written counseling can work for them.

Businesses have seen all sorts of people who can do wonders. Take JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC, and even Jack Ma of Ali Baba for that matter. They were not successful people by birth. Yet with handwork and the right assistance, they were able to achieve wonders. You can do the same for your employees, rather than just turning them out. Their immediate, sustainable and marked improvement may surprise the entire team and become a valuable resource.

Nevertheless, team building is an art, and businesses cannot simply eliminate the employee for poor performance. The comprehensive UAE Labour Law works to assist the employees and employers clearly, thereby helping both sides for steady performances, and working towards success.

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