4 Preparatory Advice from a Surgeon Before Getting a Liposuction


Getting those perfect body curves and abs is a dream of many amongst us. While one may choose to make the necessary changes in diet plans and exercise regularly, there is another way out. And it’s surgical! Popularly known as liposuction, the demand for this procedure has significantly risen in the cosmetic marketplace of Dubai. This is primarily because people want to achieve their desired results. That too, without starving themselves and undergoing a gazillion crunches. With the deployment of a suction method, liposuction eliminates the fat deposits from areas like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips, and necks.

Nevertheless, liposuction is not an alternative treatment for weight loss. Rather it works to eliminate fat for a slim and contoured look. With that being said, here is a look at some of the advice that is coming straight from the surgeon’s office to help you achieve the desired results when going out for liposuction in Dubai:

This gets as real as one can imagine. Patients with adequate fitness levels tend to achieve the best results with little downtime. They turn out to become the perfect candidates for the procedure. BMI (Body Mass Index) calculates the fitness levels. Anyone who has a BMI level of more than 28* tends to have poor fitness history. This is specifically in line due to weight fluctuations, loose skin elasticity, and even visibly clear stretch marks on the skin and won’t give you the desired results.

Therefore, it is important to get back to a fit and healthy lifestyle before beginning with liposuction. Else you will have uneven fat as you gain weight following the liposuction treatment. Hence, make sure to understand the surgeon’s perspective loud and clear before proceeding with the treatment style. They do not want the client to run away, rather simply do it for the betterment.

  • Treatment Varies Across Patients and Anatomy Definition

Most of us have spent part of our childhood and teenage days, working alongside our mothers as they prepared the perfect food. The ones who share the same memory can pretty much relate to the experience of making the perfectly shaped cookies, cakes and brownies, and cupcakes. Along the way, they were able to add customizations according to their taste. While that might only be the case with cooking and baking. Fast forward towards the treatment style, one can surely anticipate the customized treatment, yet the likes are not the same as of a cookie-cutter.

Here’s why! As much as the treatment is customizable, it needs to be done per the anatomy structure, skin specifications, and other health-related factors of the client. Along with that, there are some limitations attached to it. For instance, men’s bone structure sometimes makes it impossible to achieve the V-shaped torso they are after. One can even work towards getting slim and fit, but still, they can do nothing about the wide bone structure. Therefore, it is important to communicate the natural boundaries of the body to the patient, which the surgeons cannot cross during the operation.

  • Midsection Should Complement the Rest of Body

To achieve the three-letter word abs, people go too far lengths to achieve it. However, to create a perfect balance, a 360-degree approach is required. This works to suck out the torso, all while maintaining a balance between the flanks, back, and front of the abdomen. Sometimes, there is a need to add and at others, subtract the fat presence. However, one can still graft fat into larger areas, thereby creating an entire body balance.

  • Greater Effectivity and A Higher Recovery Rate

Bodybuilders and gym conscious-people tend to receive the tougher side of the liposuction treatment. With the incorporation of certain devices, they can deliver more energy and increase downtime. This is because swelling increases and can take time to subside

Since both energy and trauma contribute to the formation of seromas—collections of fluid under the skin-high-definition liposuction tends to require drains. Moreover, to ensure that skin shrink-wraps nicely, once cleared of excess fat—and contour irregularities don’t complicate your outcome—compression garments are a must following surgery. Experts believe that the patient should wear the compression suit all the time for the first month, then 12 hours a day for another two months after that, thereby increasing effectiveness.

Therefore, make sure to discuss these factors before heading to any plastic surgery Dubai clinic for treatment. These serve as the prior information and advice for the patient, and incorporating this can do great fitness-related wonders.

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