4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Iron Fence

4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Iron Fence

Beauty and function. That’s the dream team, right? Iron fences look stunning in any yard, park, or garden. But to keep them from rusting or corroding over time, there are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind. Explore these four helpful tips for maintaining your iron fence if you have one on a property that you own or manage.

Remove Overgrown Plants

Many homeowners love the look of vines stretching over a wall or fence. However, these plants can cause severe damage to whatever structure they’ve attached themselves to. The moisture from the vines can cause the fence to corrode rapidly. So, if you decide to go with that look, you’ll have to determine if you’re willing to sacrifice the iron’s integrity in the process.

Check for Corrosion

You should routinely check the fence for rust, and if you find corrosion on your wrought iron fence, you must fix it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the rust will spread through the metal like a virus, making the material inept. You can remove it with sandpaper or a wire brush, and you should pour some vinegar on the area to halt the rusting process from continuing.

Fresh Coat of Paint

After you clean the rust off your fence, you’ll want to add a fresh coat of paint. A coat of paint acts as a shield over the metal, insulating it from exposure to the outside world. Without oxygen and moisture being able to reach the fence, it won’t rust. Also, a fresh paint job makes for a nice aesthetic upgrade.

Clean It

It’s best if you regularly clean your fence. If not, dirt and debris will start to collect on the iron, which might wear away at the paint, causing corrosion. You should use a sponge and detergent to clean it because any chemicals could strip the metal of its protective coatings.

When you choose to install an iron fence, it’s because you’re willing to spend the extra dollar to get something that is reliable, beautiful, and long-lasting. By following these four helpful tips for maintaining your iron fence, you can stay true to that idea.

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