4 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods

We all believe in maintaining a healthy nature and environment around us. Yet we do our best to contribute towards it. Today, almost everything available is in an eco-friendly way. For example- eco-cleaning, recycled fabrics and plastic, sustainable bags, steel containers and many more. Hence, saving the environment also keeps you away from the possible harsh chemicals. Pest control has become a rising industry. And various technologies have made huge contributions. And one of them is using eco-friendly pest control methods.

4 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods
4 Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods

Pests are found throughout the year. No matter what season it is. You’ll always come across them. Fortunately, instead of using highly toxic methods and chemicals. Eco-friendly pest control methods are the new trend. We have got some amazing Local Pest Controller  you can look into. Therefore, it’s time to replace all toxic pesticides with safer ones. And not cause any health treats around you anymore. Hence, here are the top 4 pest control eco-friendly measures anybody can adopt immediately.

Plant some eco-friendly pest control measures in your gardens or backyards

Many natural plants or herbs act as pest repellents. For example, mint, basil, lavender, rosemary, chrysanthemums, petunias, marigolds, eucalyptus and lemongrass. They are great natural Termite Pest Control Services methods. And every plant has medicinal benefits as well as works best for specific kinds of pests.

  • Basil keeps away flies and mosquitoes.
  • Lavender and lemongrass help to repel moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes as well.
  • Catnips repel insects like cockroaches and ticks.
  • Other herbs that can be used are – bay leaves, chives for beetles, dill for spiders and pitcher plants for wasps, bees, and ants.

Therefore, herbs have been termed – companion plants. They even attract beneficial insects and keep your garden area lively. Hence, you can either choose to have a herb garden or a simple plant garden. But it’s a great way to avoid frequent pests on your property.

Make window sills as barriers to pests 

Windows are like a common entrance spot for every type of pest. And one way to prevent this is seasoning the window sills. It’s a great way to keep those pests from entering your property again and again.

  • You can use spices like cinnamon, paprika, cayenne, black pepper, salt, turmeric, and other seasonings.
  • They work like great pest deterrents.
  • All you have to do is sprinkle the powder form of all these spices and seasonings. Put it in a line on the window sills.
  • Another way to do this is, to keep these whole spices in small bags. And place them in your cupboards, closets, bookshelves and other places.
  • The smell and fragrance of these spices will make your house unattractive to pests. But attractive enough for you and your family now.

Using vinegar and essential oils 

A clean house always keeps the pests away. It’s the first step to prevent pests. Many of us buy chemical cleaners from the market. But do you know, you can use household ingredients as well to clean your house. Firstly, using natural products to do daily cleaning is very beneficial. It keeps your home chemical and toxins free. And also keeps the pests far away from your property.

  • You can make homemade cleaning solutions. For example – take a half cup of vinegar, 2 cups of water, and use any essential oils you prefer. Preferred essential oils are lemongrass, peppermint or eucalyptus. Mix all these ingredients to make up a solution. Hence, you can use this to clean almost everything at your home. Tables, cupboards, shelves, kitchen areas and others.
  • Another simple solution idea is – to take one part of coconut oil and two parts of distilled vinegar. This is your quick way to make a cleaning spray.
  • Some might not have essential oils at their place. You can replace it with a citrus peel solution. Firstly, take a jar and add citrus peels to it. And cover it with vinegar. Just let it cool in a dry space for a few days. Secondly, strain out this solution. And now you can use it to make any natural DIY cleaning solutions. Just add some water before using it.
  • You can also try using garlic for spiders. Just blend a few garlic cloves with water. Strain the mixture and combine with lots of water. If you notice spiders around, just spray this solution in all the areas.

Using food waste to keep those pests away

Do you know that – citrus peels, coffee grounds and vegetable peels can also help you keep the pests away? We usually throw the peels away into the garbage. But now use them to keep your house pest-free.

  • You can use orange, banana, lime and lemon peels. Either make cleaning solutions out of it. Or you can even use them as a natural pesticide. And put them in the garden.
  • Also, leftover onions can be helpful for mosquitoes. Chop onions and add them to water. Keep it in an open area.
  • Ground coffee has a strong smell. They can repel ants, mosquitoes, wasps, bees and other pests.
  • You can also use cucumbers as well. They are good at keeping away ants. Just place the peels at the entry points.

Therefore, these are 4 eco-friendly pest control methods that are simple and effective. Importantly, if you have pets at your home. Then make sure your pet isn’t allergic to any of these natural methods.Our team offers high quality pest-control services to home.Or else it’s way better than the toxic harsh chemicals.

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